Do all wives lie

I used to feel guilty about cheating on my wife. I justified my actions by thinking that my wife was a cold hearted, sexless cunt who made sex seem like an old worn out chore.
Well I found this on her hard drive. Seems like she was in contact with an old boyfriend.
How's it going today? I wish I could pick you up after work, have a few laughs, a little conversation, and a lot of tender loving care that would take a very long time
You are so hot!! My God, do you think we'd ever tire of having too much sex? I don't think turn me on
You yearning, me yearning, makes the fire in me burn so deep, I feel at times I'll burst into flames. You bring out this passionate side of me, where somehow I just know, that I'd be caressing you, to be under you (or on you) and whispering lovely things to you. Of course your lips, tongue and mouth are an added bonus
Hmmmm, I love it, it just feels so good, and your hands are free to clutch me or roam over my body, to feel your hot breath on my neck, it is perfect........My body tells your body in every way
Oh I'd unwrap my pussy for you in an instant; it would be dripping waiting for it to be attacked with your big hot dick, over, and over, and over again!
Naked, wrapped together, nice and warm, comfy, sexy. Feeling your seed drip out of me, as our spasms drift off

I work away all week. guess that she wasn't being lonely. she in for a real big surprise

Apr 3

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    • Kick that dirty cunt to the curb. Her pussy is oozing with his jizz and you won’t be getting near that hole again. Find a nice girl and settle down.

    • Get in touch with him and arrange a 3some as a surprise. Then suck his cock in front of her

    • They all lie they will swear on there kids . They are the biggest liars and cheaters

    • All women are whores who have a backup man. Don't feel bad about fucking who you want. Get a sissy lover, they're the best.

    • Do you think she wants to get back together with him and ditch you? Or do you think she just wants to fuck him. If all she want’s to do is fuck him, let her fuck him. My wife fucks her ex any time he comes to town. She told me all she wants from him is sex and I’m ok with that. I love getting sloppy seconds.

    • Nothing wrong with that! My wife's been getting other dick ever since we were dating. Pussy's not made to be monogamous.

    • I agree with other poster. Get a divorce or both of you enjoy. Do a couple of 3somes or 4somes together lol

    • Lol. What a total dick. You’re mad at her because you were cheating but then found out she is too? Oh boo hoo. So what’s the problem? Stay married and cheat or get a divorce. But either way, grow up.

    • What a fucking jerk. What you Dr. Phil ?

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