Parade float

In high school i along with maybe 8 to 10 other people built our class' homecoming parade float. Some people just stood or sat around and watched. My friend was attaching some things underneath the truck which had the float but on it. He called me underneath to take a look at something. One of the cheerleaders was sitting on the curb next to the float with her legs spread . She was wearing a skirt. Her panties were small and revealed her pussy.

11 months ago

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    • I had a coworker who used to watch us playinng volleyball at lunch time. She wore very short nurses uniforms and had great legs! She was recently from England - and really short skirts were the norm there.
      One day, I noticed that all the guys seemed to be distracted on my team.
      Over coffee - She asked why we were playing so poorly that day.
      I said , "well, young lady - that was your fault. It doesn't matter why - just trust me."
      "What?!, what did I have to do with it?"
      "Never mind....just let it go."
      "No way - why are you blaming me?! TELL me!"
      "OK, but .....don't get mad."
      "Why the heck would I get mad?!"
      "OK, ....well you see...when you sit like that in those short uniforms of your's , umm, your panties are showing when you sit with your knees up."
      "My panties?!"
      "Yep - for 1/2 hr we were trying not to look at your crotch - but damn, girl - it was wonderful - you have great legs, a cute butt....and that lovely white crotch of yours staring at us!"
      "Ooops! I'm so all you guys were looking up my skirt - for 1/2 an hour. Watching me sit there with my panties showing?"
      "Why didn't you say something ....I was showing the crotch of my panties by accident. You didn't stop me. I don't understand men sometimes."
      I bumped shoulders with her and laughed, "Yes you do young lady - it's because you're pretty damn easy on the eyes! And here comes your husband, ask him that question - he'll explain it to you." He once told me it was looking between her legs in short minis in college in England that first drew his attention to this cute girl.

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