Hilda German Wench

I just graduated at 18 from a small farming community. I wanted to earn some money that summer for college. When my folks owned a small farm, I use to do chores that my parents expected out of me. At a cattle auction, a mature German woman came up to me and asked if I was interested to do farm work for the summer. "My husband and I pay good." she told me in a German accent. "You come here in three days very early morning to help milk cows." and on a piece of paper that she handed me was the direction to the farm. I didn't want to lose this job ,so I worked my ass off.

She came into the barn with two mugs of beer shortly I started working for them. "You take a break, you good hard worker.This original German beer, keeps you going." she said. As I sat on the milking stool holding that beer I didn't realized how buxom she was and strong. " You German? German boys are strong and have stamina." "No," I told her. Then I told her I was the first born of my family in the USA. My parents are from the old country of Poland. "Polish people are hard workers too", she answered. She told me things about the old country in Europe.

Then one day in the barn I had to pee badly. As I was pissing into the manure gutter, she came in with the usual beers. "Nice schlong! big as one of our ponies." she said. I was so embarrassed. "I do same at times". I watched her straddle the manure gutter and pee into it. I never saw a woman pee. Something about it stirred me up seeing it come out between her strong thighs.

A few days later I went in the horse barn. I caught her in a horse stall nude under a horse getting peed on. It was so crazy! Never new how big her cup size was until I saw her bare breasts. "You go work, husband and I pay you good for farm work!" she snapped at me.

The next day around the time we usually sipped beer and chat, instead a mug of beer, she brought our several bottles of beer. "Drink," it seemed like an order from her. She moved her milking stool closer to me. "Very nice schlong from Polish person" and she started stroking the buldge that I have in my pants that I usually have have face to face wit her. "Husband pay you extra for this." She ordered me to stand up and she pulled my pants down. "Balls like bull, nice!" She then squeezed my sack. "You're not ready !" she shouted and stood up and pissed on my penis. "Drink!" she said. I had to pee badly I said to her. "Good!" she sad as she removed her top. I got the message and peed over her breasts and and into her mouth.

She told me to put my schlong in her and pull it out so she could lick the pee.
I was so embarrassed in doing this, That I wanted no more of it. She offered me a better wage for next year if her husband was allowed to watch.

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  • Can I get the address please

  • Now really, come, come, come you don't expect anyone to believe this do you ?

  • You know how those Germans are !

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