Is it bad that I fantasize about being abused?


I was never abused, but I have always dreamed about it, even when I was a little girl. I liked to think about my neighbors touching me, or teachers or older relatives. And I still do. Now I sometimes role play being a little girl with my husband. Thinking about it gets me off almost instantly. It’s almost like I wish I had been abused. What is wrong with me?

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  • I was abused when I was 11 off my mother and have masturbated over it many of times, she sucked my cock, and now I'm 37 she's 63 and we've never spoke of it since

  • I love having my wife in tight leather harnesses, particularly with a ball gag in so she can't complain, often I will leave her alone for hours with a butt plug and vibrating dildo in.

  • The first time my wife brought up bondage I was quite shocked. I was thinking, wow, where did this come from, was she having some kind of fantasy and wanted to live it?
    She told me she just wanted to feel what it was like to be totally controlled by someone and how it would make her feel. I have done mild to wild with her and she has always loved it, never told me to stop or anything. We have ropes, saw horses, vibrators, nipple clamps, gags, blindfolds, sound cancelling headphones and body suspension harnesses.
    I have given her pleasure for the better part of a Friday night or Saturday afternoon for hours. She loves it all and most of the time it is her bringing it up, she will just look at me and ask me to pleasure her, I am yours to do with as you please is another line of hers.
    So have fun with it because if you met my wife in public or worked in the cubicle next to her you would have no idea that last night she was tied up for a few hours and forced to suck cock while a vibe gave her several orgasms.

  • I want my wife to dress up in a school uniform with white ankle socks and white panties and a shirt with no bra. I want her to knock on my door and say she's locked out of her apartment and if she could stay with me till her mom comes home. Use your imagination from there. Lol

  • Nothing it's just a fantasy. If your husband doesn't have a problem with it enjoy. My wife likes it rough so I do it. Have fun don't analysis your self.

  • Probably the most common fantasy for women is rape / bondage. You're pretty normal, don't stress.

  • wife has always told me she thinks it would be pretty hot to get raped 🤷‍♂️ At least in her mind 🤣

  • My new girlfriend wants me to tie her up. Something I did a few times but if that's what turns her on I will do it.

  • There’s nothing wrong, and plenty of us fantasize about when we were molested. It was wonderful for me.

  • Your comment is interesting. Molestation is taboo and discouraged but still happens. Societies cannot set levels. But your note “It was wonderful for me” suggests like everything in life, it all depends. In the safeness of fantasy we can remember or imagine sexual childhood situations that arouse us now. Sometimes intensely. It’s a tricky subject and your response and the original poster’s comment raise interesting questions. There’s nothing wrong with your or her pleasures.

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