My cousin

When I was about 9-10 my cousin and I had an interest in sex we would often listen to her parents have sex and we would hide and read sex books together we would usually hide under a blanket and kiss some one day she got creative and I fingered her ass and she did the same to me another time I needed a pee and she said to pee on her pussy but when we were about 11 we realised what intercourse was and we tried it and it was actually pretty damn good and we’ve never spoke of it since but I want to fuck her again and try some anal or something what do you think

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  • Oh so hot

  • I do same too my daughter....

  • Yeah, I do that to your daughter too. She says you have a real tiny cock and are a pathetic fuck.

  • How old is she? Wish my daddy would fuck me

  • Yeah, you definitely need to try it. By the way, how old are you now?

  • I think you need to learn how to write a sentence and use proper punctuation.

  • You fucking moronn. Spelll suck your dead dads cock....

  • I'm sure you do

  • Souds nice...

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