Pee Fetish

I get off on drinking not just my own pee, but anyone's pee.
I first discovered this when I was 14. I used to camp out in the back yard a lot in summer. Sometimes with a tent, but mostly just sleep in a lawn chair under the stars. Well woke up early one morning having to pee really bad. I had my normal morning wood. I figured what the heck, I threw the blanket off me, I did have a shirt on. So I just my pee fly on my chest and face. I opened my mouth to taste it, and I loved the taste. I tried to hit my mouth with as much of it as I could. I got so turned on I started jerking off afterwards, and came in seconds.
After that I started peeing in to empty pop and dad's beer bottles, and then drinking. However I found I like it fresh, better then if it's sat for a few hours.
One day my sister were playing our own version of truth or dare, I dared her to pee into a glass in front of me, and she did it. Then I asked her if she dared me to drink it. She said that was nasty and I wouldn't do. I took the glass and drank every drop. My sister just looked at me with her mouth wide open, and the look of disbelief on her face. So after that day, since we shared a bathroom, my sister would bring me a nice warm glass of pee every morning. I found that the pee, either hers or mine, first thing in the morning tasted better then pee from during the day. It was a lot stronger and more pungent.
But I also tasted pee from som of our animals on the farm. Now our dog pee, is a very strong tasting pee but I like it. Now the pee, from one of our horses actually tastes like fresh cut grass or hay smells. Now the cows pee also had a grassy taste to it.
Now I'd have to say my most favorite tasting pee, is from my sister when she's on her period.
I'd love to be able to taste my mother's pee, or even my dad's, but I'm not sure how to get some from them. I know if I just ask either one of them I'd probably get my ass beat
Is there any others out there that enjoy drinking, other people's pee, or animals? Let me know would you.

Jun 28
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    • I love drinking my dog's pee! Best and I do mean
      B E S T after he's just fucked me. Unfortunately it's apparently not true that they "mark" their bitch post-coitus, but sticking my smiling face under his belly when I know he's got a full bladder is such a wonderful feeling!


    • I’m a married women and I have the desire to let my German Shepard fuck me do you let him knot inside of you I have tasted his pee and cum I’ve only sucked him any advice welcome


    • Put some peanut butter on your pussy and Asshole and let your dog lick it off.

    • Apparently that's different for everyone, but it's a lot easier in my experience if you start them off as a puppy. Assuming you didn't however, try just playing with your pussy and letting him eat you. He'll probably figure shit out. Unless he's been fixed, then they can get a little slow on the uptake.

    • Thinks for the advice and no his not fixed I did suck him off last night as he licked my pussy and his cum taste good to me I think I’ll try snd let him knot my pussy tonight

    • I'll lick your pussy afterwards

    • Not my thing. But each to his own. Love from Australia

    • Scat play is fun too. Not eating it, but smearing it all over my GF face and then washing it off with piss.

    • I started eating mine. Fantasize it's coming out of a woman.

    • Yes, that steaming log sliding out is soooo tasty

    • I point my cock towards my face and piss in my mouth. I have also let other guys piss on me

    • Just like my woman's, I think that's fetish enough fro me. But if it's good to you by all means enjoy.

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