Wife’s pee fetish

My wife recently got into pee as her new fetish. I’m not into it but whatever makes her happy. We drink significantly more water which is great health wise but otherwise messy. Her favorite is to pee during sex when she cums and for me to cum directly on her clit. She says the force of my pee is strong and she cums from it. It’s very weird but she’s satisfied and happy, I just have to clean the tile floors a lot.

24 days ago

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    • My wife is almost the same way the only thing she has me do to her is when we are in the shower together but before we go inside the shower she makes me drink almost a gallon of water . What she makes me do is bend her in the shower and fuck her from behind in her pussy and just as she’s having her Orgasm she will tell me to pee inside of her pussy while she’s hitting her Orgasm she will reach around behind me and grab my ass and pull me tight against her so can I fill up her pussy with my piss and her juices mixed together makes me want to Cumm inside her so bad but I try to hold back as long as possible. So what I make her do before I pull out of her I make her bend completely over and touch her toes so I can get down on my knees and put my mouth over her pussy hole and start to swallow all of the both of our juices mixed together. And I will keep some in my mouth so we can swap our juices from my mouth into her mouth that makes the both of us get really horny and she will get down on her knees and start sucking on my cock like a real pro . She really knows how to make me Cumm really fast . She’s the best cock sucker I’ve ever seen with . That’s fathers reason I married her in the first place . From the first time we had sex I knew that she’s the one that I need to marry .

    • So, you're coming and going at the same time ? That's funny !

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