Mothers love 😍

When I was 11 I was asleep in bed and I was woken by a wet warm feeling, I now know was a blowjob, and as I opened my eyes I saw my mother leaving my room in a hurry, ever since I've always thought of having sex with her, knowing she's sucked my cock when I was young is fucked up but turns me on... anyone else have feelings of sex towards a parent.

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  • I turned 18 yesterday, back on 13th birthday, my mom, then 41, was pregnant, that day she was nearing 5 months pregnant, she was in her bikini, we were ready to settle at a secluded part of the beach that day. My cock got super hard in my speedo, when she took off her teeshirt. Her bikini bottoms were the over the belly kind. Her almost basketball sized belly hidden under her bikini bottoms is what made my cock so hard, just by looking at the nearly flat part of her belly, cum just erupted in huge amounts all inside my speedo, my mom just scooped up all that cum soaked through my speedocrotch, just rubbed it across the front of her bikini bottoms. She just let me feel her baby. We were like a frolicking couple on the beach that day.

  • I turned 18 last December, 2 days after Christmas, my mom turned 34 exactly a month later. Her baby's due late this July, cuz her inside pussy is backwards, my mom's tummy didn't fill out until around Mothers day. The only thing notable about her pregnancy was her boobs grew some, and though her tummy was still flat, she started wearing maternity outfits around March. Btw, my late dad's still around older brother's the baby's daddy. I graduated high school last night, when we got home, the fun began, I put on my speedo, my mom put on her over the belly maternity bikini, she looked 5 months pregnant in that bikini even though she's 7 and a half mobths pregnant. My cock got super hard. We spent time in our hot tub, she sat in my lap facing me, the look of her little bit of bare midriff between her bikini bottoms and bra made me hard, especially when I stroked my mom's tummy.

  • My mom started getting intimate with me, when we were in the fitting room at a walmart. she was trying on new dresses, she bought just one that day. my dick got hard in my speedo at 7yo, my mom was 29 yo then, she smiled and noticed how my dick bulged out in my speedo, it was all i had on that day, as it was a hot day too, especially as she was stripped to her panties and bra, her panties were higher waisted, with a round tummy panel, that tummy panel made me hard. when we got home that day, that was when i found out she was pregnant, a little over 3 months, she was barely starting to show as i'd just noticed too. my mom stripped back to her panties, and bra, let me feel her slightly there baby bump, i went up and down, in circles across the front of her panties. she was tickling my bulge too. my mom loved being pregnant so much, when i was 11, she was 33, when my dad was on a long term business trip, she and me slept together. then more than 4 months after we'd first slept together, my mom just got home, i was in my speedo about ready to go to swim team practice, she pulled me aside, smiled, took off her top, oh wow! with her skirt stretched over her then newly happening baby bump, at almost 3 months pregnant, she reached down for my speedo bulge with her hands, i stared at what little she revealed of her almost flat tummy, when i stoked the front of her skirt, i was so sexually aroused by my getting my mom pregnant, i erupted huge amounts of cum all down my speedo. i missed swim practice that day, then just a few weeks later, when my mom's baby bump grew just a little, i had to quit the swim team, i couldn't wear my speedo without my dick throbbing hard all the time, especially cuz of my mom's then growing baby bump at the time.

  • The night my dad was murdered, my mom invited me to start sleeping with her, I was just 10 then, reason she, then 31, took the news so good, she wanted to absolutely divorce him anyway, she'd started flirting with me anyway since I was 9. It started on a hot summer day, she was ironing, decided to take off her blouse, so she was in her just her short shorts and bra, it felt so good to look at her tummy, when she saw me looking, she wanted me to hang out with her, my dad was on a 2 week business trip anyway. I was wearing my nylon shorts, and got to take off my shirt, my mom was turned on by how hard my dick looked in them. Then almost 4 months after my dad died, my mom came home from work, invited me to open her blouse up, and what a surprise, her matching skirt was worn almost up to her bra, that was when I knew she was a little over 3 months pregnant with our baby. Our baby happened somehow on the day on my dad's funeral. When my mom's pregnancy first showed for reals, she had on over the baby bump yoga short shorts, and yoga sports bra, her little swath of bare tummy made my dick noticably hard in my gym shorts, especially since I was shirtless that day. Looking at her tummy that day turned me on, especially as it was my seed making our baby in her tummy.

  • I was just 12, very nearly 13, I was in my corderoy short shorts, and wearing them, and any short shorts made my dick throb nice, and hard ever since I was 9. I went in my room, took off my shirt to enjoy my throbbing hard dick. It started when I heard my mom say to her friend "Wow look, my tummy's starting to get big" When her friend asked "How far are you?" And my mom said "Nearly 4 and a half mnths, now I'm just starting to show." My heart raced big time, then I went on line, looked at pictures of pregnant women in their bras and big over the tummy panties, something I started doing since I was 9, then I layed there on my bed, rubbed myself in my shorts, fell asleep, then I woke up barely to something rubbing the crotch of my shorts, then I heard a soft whisper "Wanna look sweety?" I was like "Huh?" She said "Mommy's going to have a baby, here, look." When I came to, my mom was in big high waist short shorts, teeshirt lifted up over her bra, and what a bra! She wanted me to feel her tummy, and asked "You love doing this don't you sweety?" I said "I do." She said "I thought so." The time before that, I felt turned on by my swimming teacher, when I was first 9, she was pregnant, she would willingly show me her tummy too, she wore her bathing suit bottoms over her tummy. My mom reminded me of that memory, especially when she remembered my dick getting nice, and big in my speedo, even for age 9, my mom knew that was when it all started. The next day at the beach, my mom, then 29, was in her over the tummy bikini, I was in my speedo, it felt so good watching other guys in their speedos, getting nice and hard in them too, just staring at my mom's then growing tummy.

  • After my mom and dad divorced, I was kind of jealous when I'd hear my mom moaning when her boyfriend was fucking her. My mom has a great body, and when I hear her getting fucked, I'd always imagine I was fucking my mom until I came. After she and her boyfriend broke up, I came downstairs finding my mom with her hand down her pants fingering her pussy. When she saw me, she quickly pulled out her hand, but she looked flustered. I told her I'd always wanted to fuck her and if she wanted, I'd be more than happy to finish her off. She took off her pants and panties thinking I was going to eat her, when I dropped my shorts and underwear, and pushing my hard cock into her pussy. Instead of stopping me, she began moaning. Just like I used to hear her sound. I fucked her hard, and I knew how she sounded when she was ready to have and orgasm. and when that time came, I pounded her pussy like only a young man can. Hearing my mom's orgasm brought back all those memories of my mom getting fucked, that I started shooting sperm deep into my mom's pussy for what seem like five minutes. We quickly decided this wasn't going to be a one time thing.

  • When I was 17, I woke up on a Sunday morning to my mom giving me a blowjob. I was kind of shocked, but my eyes quickly focused on my mom's great tits. Her eyes were looking at me as she sucked me off swallowing all my cum. We kissed, I felt her tits up good, and then I was hard again. I got on top of my mom, rubbing my hard cock on her pubic hair. Her pussy was wet so I entered her warm pussy quickly. Mom's pussy felt better than I ever imagined it would, even better than my sister's pussy. We fucked off and on all day that Sunday. We having stopped fucking for two years now.

  • When i was younger around 14 my aunt would wait till she thought i was asleep and she would rub my dick until i cum one night she came to our house my mom and dad left so i went to bed with no underwear on and she sucked me off i told her a few days later i was awake and that it was ok she made me promise to keep quiet and until i was 19 i got unlimited bjs

  • I did, I was 11 when my mom was pregnant, my dick throbbed in my speedo, all I had on, it was hot that night, the minute she announced it at dinner, I sat there barely eating, not saying much, trying not to let my dick get the better of me. Then after dinner, I went to my room, rubbed my dick, it felt good in my speedo, especially because of my mom's baby announcement. After that I fell asleep, then I felt my ass being rubbed, it was my mom asking "Honey is something bothering you?" I said "This might be embarasing, but it's my penis." She said "I thought so, is it because you wanna look at my tummy? I know you want to" I said "sure." When I got up, she had her top lifted up only to her bra, and there was her tummy, just barely swollen under neath the front panel of her tight fitting shorts, that teeny little bit of bare midriff had made my dick throb nice and hard in my speedo. When I felt her baby, she started moaning "Rub me more! come on honey! mommy loves it when you do it!"

  • Hi, i've had sex with my mum quite alot before leaving home and it was great, so you're not alone. The best thing to do is approach her and talk about what happened and what you want to happen. How old are you now?

  • Incest is very common here.

  • Incest is common everywhere.

  • I'm 37 she's 63

  • Are you sexually active with your mother?

  • I wanna fuck her to get her bk for sucking my 11yr cock, bend her over and rape her

  • Hi found it fairly easy to seduce my mum into bed better than fucking my wife I was 27 mum 54 best sex ever and so horny x

  • It is easier than people think to seduce your mum.

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