What should i get my sub-m to do?

I have a submissive male that i talk to and he enjoys submitting to md. I however I'm not much of a dominant and need ideas for what i can have him do.

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  • So what progress Honey ?

  • None, he went away over the holidays with his family. Only got back late last night

  • Nothing, because you do not describe yourself as his owner, nor he as your slave, or even that you are in a relationship with this person. By your own admission, you do not consider yourself to be dominant. You cannot pretend or fake this, because the manner of delivery is as important as the command which is given. So in terms of what you can usually have him do, is to find someone else.

  • Honey I am a great believer in getting them into panties 24/7 as the very first thing in being dominant/controlling, I have had two husbands subservient to me and that is clearly the easiest way to start, there are quite a few good tips here but slowly getting them into feminization is the way to go, could be hard doing it via online talk but try anyhow.
    Wishing you all the best xx

  • Currently my husband is cleaning the house wearing his clear plastic panties, stockings attached to suspenders, heels, plastic full maids outfit with wig and makeup he looks so cute, we have been discussing having him locked in chastity and he has agreed all I need is some study on the type of cages available, I want one that is comfortable for long term use and affords no chance at all of escape.
    My husband has quite a small penis and balls that really has never satisfied me so for the last eighteen months I have been having regular sex with a young well hung stud from work, my husband goes out when he comes over however we are having a granny flat erected in our backyard and when complete my stud will live there and we can shag whenever we like.
    How good will that be stud on hand 100% of the time and sissy hubby doing all the work around the house, yard and cleaning the cars while doing plenty of overtime.
    What a princess I will be xxxx

  • I think there may be a good chance that you can have him lock himself in chastity and send you the keys, just start off mentioning chastity to gauge his thoughts but keep saying you would really like him to try don't give up and he should eventually agree, let him think he will be in control and you will return the keys whenever he wants, once you have the keys and he shows you he is locked OH girl what a feeling you will have then he will do anything you demand, you will be the perfect Mistress with a very sub slave, you are going to keep him locked for such a long time.
    Please let me know what you think ? Paula xxxxx

  • You could get him to purchase a cock cage, lock it on and send you the keys.
    How good would that be, you would be in total control.
    Please let me know.

  • Op here: sorry that i didn't clarify but we talk online

  • So you want to fake being dominant, have a lack of imagination, are too lazy to search google and want others to do the hard work for you? Who are you ? fucking Cyrano de Bergerac?

  • OH that makes things quite difficult darling, not sure what you can do there but try getting him into panties eh ?

  • And im female

  • I am in to bondage playing the dominant role with both men and women. What I like to do to the men is multiple orgasms, drives them crazy. I have only had one not use his safe signal to stop. I play with their cocks until they cannot take it anymore stimulating the hell out of them.
    If he loves to suck cock then put him into a ring gag that just fits your hard cock so that you get some sucking action but still beyond his control. Tell him he cannot stop sucking on you until two orgasms have been swallowed.

  • The best way to get him subordinate is to peg him first purchase a harness with a smaller dildo but be prepared to move up in size, lube his arse well then initially mount him in the missionary position with his legs high, it will not take long and you will be able to give it to him Doggie that should ensure you are the most dominant partner then you can go from there.
    Pegging them doggie is so great and they do quieten down and become obedient.

  • The information below is really very good, I had the same type of programme for my husband but until a friend advised I should put him in chastity he was a bit sloppy, not putting his matching bra on immediately he walked in, not wearing his nightie to bed, not doing his wig and makeup well, after the cage went on he really changed so much for the better and became excellent in every way.
    For further humiliation I had my girlfriend come over sometimes to clean, shave and bring him to precum while he was cuffed behind she would stain his prick and balls a bright pink, about three thick coats of indelible ink would last at least a month, on other occasion's I would have him fully femme in his Maids outfit serving a couple of my friends then as we made him bend for a spanking when we felt like it we would drop his panties so everybody could view his locked cock.
    All the best sweetie Robin xxx

  • I am certain you would love having him as an obedient sissy so first have him wear only female panties the sexier the better also when he enters the house he has to put on a matching bra, for evenings he has to wear a nice lace nightie, start having him refer to you as Mistress.
    After about three weeks introduce him to a suspender belt, stockings and high heels to wear whenever he is inside, then get a female wig and start making him up, you will notice both you and he really start to like his new feminine look and he will be most cooperative and obedient, then purchase for him a French Maids outfit to ensure he wears it while doing the housework.
    The next important thing is to have him locked in chastity so you need to check out a nice cock cage, you will always hold the keys and only release him when you want.
    The main thing is humility at every opportunity humiliate him.
    Let me know how you progress and I will help you further.

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