Well, it happened ...

Well, it happened ...
First a surprising warm Summer’s night and some Back Deck Action where a good friend and I both engaged my wife. What started off as just caressing her ended up with her blowing me while being finger fucked by my buddy and while I came in her mouth he jacked off onto her tits. We thought it was a one of but put that to the test some weeks later and while I watched secretly in a View from the Closet (at least unknown to him) he fucked my wife hard and fast doggy style while I watched and masturbated. It was so achingly hot to watch her being fucked I jizzed all over my hand before he shot a big load deep into her as she rubbed her clit bringing herself to orgasm.

We talked about it afterwards and it had been exciting for us both. Yes, I had twinges of jealousy and angst but not nearly as much as of arousal at sharing a beautiful, sensual and sexual woman. For her was the thrill of knowing I was so turned on and I expect she had a realization she was desired by another man. That and as he was substantially endowed I think she enjoyed the sensation of being filled with a good sized cock that had given her a great pussy pounding in a way she really liked.

So where did it go from there? I suppose it was almost natural if not inevitable. It started with a casual supper and conversation over a hot Italian meal and wine. It ended up with after dinner chocolate edibles and a move to the living room for conversation.

It didn’t seem very long before we were all buzzed and feeling pretty good and in an almost perfect moment we were both beside her on the couch and he and I started to caress and touch her almost simultaneously through her clothes. Both our hands stroked her skin and she kissed me first, long and deep and then turned to kiss him. I began unbuttoning her white cotton shirt and groping at her tits under her bra. Josh soon broke his kiss and her shirt was wide open from neck to waist and we lifted her bra cups up over her tits and each of us cradled one and bent down to suck a nipple into our mouths. We almost banged heads. She raised her arms and we tugged her shirt off over her head and unclasped her bra. Her big boobs dropped down and as I sucked and rolled the nipple of the one close to me Josh was swirling his tongue around the aureola of the other and in gentle playful biting fashion tugging It with his teeth until it was erect and stretched rigid. It only took a moment before we’d hauled down her form fitting yoga pants along with her panties and now she sort of slid off the couch onto the carpet naked.

In a scramble both of us shed our own clothes and were now naked beside her. Caressing her arm pits as she folded her arms over her head, cupping and suckling her breasts and running our hands over her body.

She responded in kind by laying down on her back her head towards me and took my hard cock into one hand the fingers of her other gently playing with my balls. Josh at her feet parted her legs which she opened wide and laid down on his belly and buried his face into her pussy. I watched him spread her thighs and part her lips then begin lapping and tonguing her labia separating them with his fingertips to delve into her and lash at her clit.

As for me she moaned and began to lick at my cock head giving the underside a tongue lashing with a fast flickering motion as the pre-cum spilled out onto her cheek.

I felt her start and looked over to see my buddy had slipped a finger in her ass and he began moving it slowly in and out teasing her and then it disappeared from sight as he clamped his mouth down onto her pussy. She began tilting her pelvis thrusting it up against his mouth and tongue. At the same time she took my drizzling cock into her mouth bobbing her head and sucking hard and fast.

My wife started bucking as she took a pussy munching and clit licking at the same time as she gave an amazing blow job to me. I moved to her side and as she continued her mouth magic I was able to fondle her tits. I didn’t want to make her gag but slowly began to move my cock in and out of her mouth and she was able to handle that controlling the depth with her hand.

My buddy looked up at me his face glazed with her pussy juice and came up for air scrambling to his knees and in a smoothly executed motion manoeuvre pressed the swollen head of his cock into her. She was so wet by this point his full shaft slid right up inside her balls deep and he began to fuck her.

I’d never imagined this in anything more than a wild fantasy but here she was sucking my cock as my buddy fucked her the same time.
The faster and harder he thrust into her the more aggressively she sucked my cock. Here she was humping and bobbing and taking a pounding with a big cock pistoning into her soaked cunt the sound of its sticky wetness and the sound of her mouth sucking. All three of us panting and gasping as the rhythm picked up towards climax.

She pulled out of her mouth and jacked me in the curl of her soft fingers my cock lubed with her saliva and my pre-cum. Her free hand went down to rub her clit frantically as she got the fucking of her life. Her eyes closed and she stiffened and arched and tensed with a grimace on her face and a short sharp series of grunts and moans. Her hand was gripping hard on my cock and I pulled it free and took over jacking it. A bolt of hot cum flew out the end and laced through the air to splash down across her tits. The next spurt onto her neck.

Josh pulled out of her suddenly leaving her pussy pink and swollen and gaping open. Two huge strings of cum jetted onto her bush and belly almost to her tits.

It was incredible. The three of us spent. My wife practically coated in cum and all three of us having cum within minutes of each other. Never in a million years had I envisioned that to occur. It was a monumental moment and three fully sated bodies hit the showers and collapsed into beds.

Well, it happened but I have no idea where it’ll lead to ...


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  • Good Story. I hope its a true story, if it is more of the same will happen, perhaps your wife will find she has desires for more men and more affairs than just the two of you, and you will help her.

  • It was a big step having a MMF experience and in particular a DP one. Up until that point the only way’d we’d explored that was with the use of toys.
    At the times when we were both a little playful and exploratory we’d create a scene were my wife would cock suck while I’d fuck her with a dildo at the same time. She’d be amazing in these sessions and it was exciting for me to see her being entered sliding a big cock in and out of her.
    I gathered it worked for her, too as she’d become really wet and get so into her cock sucking as she’d be fucked by the dildo at the same time. I’d either cum hard first or when she’d be getting close she’d have me pull out the dildo and mount her to fuck her hard.

    It was a different experience to introduce a real person into the equation because it involves feelings and emotions. So far it’s gone well but time will tell. Not sure when or what exactly will happen next. It’s just been a one time event so far. My interest is in a FFM event and she knows I’d love to watch a FF encounter. Just haven’t figured out who’d be involved. It’s not like you just mail out an invite or text a friend. LOL.

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