Christine Receives Her Punishment (Part 1 of 2)

I used to date a girl named Christine. At the time, she was 18 and I was 25. She was very experienced and responsive sexually. She would take as much sex as I would give her, and enjoyed doing just about anything. She was a very pretty girl. She was “medium” in height and build, had long black hair and brown eyes, and had full B-cup breasts. She was Korean.
She would get so wet when you touched her and could go for a long, long time – usually having multiple orgasms. She loved to be fingered and eaten. She also loved it when I was in her mouth. Sometimes while she was lying on her back and I was eating her, I’d turn around and start to 69 her. She loved it!
We mostly had a “long distance” relationship and were apart a lot. We’d talk on the phone all the time and often have “phone sex.” A “phone sex” session would continue until we both came. One thing I’ll never forget about Christine, in addition to how “willing” and “responsive” she was, is that she was so, so tight! She was horny all the time and I know she touched herself a lot when we were apart (beyond the “phone sex” sessions we had). She seemed to get turned on by being “controlled” (told what to do) sexually. I was clearly “in charge” in bed and she’d do the things I’d tell her to do and move how I told her to move – on her back, on her side, on her stomach, doggie style, her on top facing me, her on top facing away from me, standing up, bent over.
After spending a long weekend with her and thoroughly “wearing her out” (leaving her sore) I told her “Christine, your body, your pussy, is mine. From now on, you need permission to touch it. If we are not together and you want to touch yourself, you have to call me to get permission. If I give it to you, you can touch yourself, just on the outside, not the inside. I want my pussy nice and tight the next time we are together. Remember, you have to work hard on your ‘special exercises’ every day to make yourself nice and tight for me! If I find out you are touching yourself without permission, or touching yourself on the inside, I’ll have to punish you. Do you agree?” She reluctantly agreed, but I could tell it turned her on to have to follow these new rules.
A few days later we were talking on the phone and she told me she was very, very horny and she wanted permission to touch her pussy. I told her she was a “good girl” for asking me first and said she had permission to touch herself on the “outside” (touch her clit). She proceeded to do so while I was on the phone with her. She liked to lie in bed with just her panties on, roll over onto her stomach, and rub up against a pillow until she came. I stayed on the phone with her, listening to her getting off. This type of thing would happen several times a week.
A few weeks went by and we were planning to see each other again. When we got together, and were in her dorm room at college (her roommate was gone for the weekend). I asked Christine if she had truly been a “good girl” while we had been apart. She sheepishly said “Yes,” but looked away from me when she did. Right away, I knew she was lying. I was sitting on her bed and she was standing in front of me. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her toward me. I raised her chin up so she was looking me in the eye. “Christine, have you been a good girl while we were apart?” She paused, “Well, not always.” “What do you mean ‘Not always?’” “Well, I touched myself a few times without asking you first.” “Really, how many times?” “At least 5 times.” “At least five times! What a naughty girl! Did you ever put your fingers inside your pussy when you touched yourself without permission.” “Uhh . . . well . . . a few of the times.” “That’s so naughty Christine! I am so disappointed in you! I think the only way you are going to learn your lesson is if I punish you when you are naughty.” “Punish me? What do you mean punish me?” I asked her to turn around and face away from me. She was wearing a pretty little short skirt, a blouse, and flats. I then said “Naughty girls get spankings!” I held onto her left arm and proceeded to spank her bottom with my right hand, playfully. I started to spank her just a little harder. After a few minutes I said “I don’t think you are learning your lesson at all Christine. I want to you to lie across my lap.” I moved back so I was fully sitting on her bed, my feet still on the floor, and she kicked off her shoes and laid face down across my lap. I continued to playfully spank her bottom. I could tell she was enjoying this and could feel her pressing into my lap – just like she presses herself against a pillow when she gets off alone. After a few minutes I told her I still didn’t think she has learned her lesson and I lifted her skirt up above her waist, revealing her pretty little panties. I spanked her bottom some more and she continued to press into my lap. She was getting very turned on at this point. I said to her “You have been very, very naughty Christine. You know you are not supposed to touch your pussy unless you have my permission and you are NEVER to touch your pussy on the inside! Have you been doing your ‘special exercises’ every day like you’ve been told?” She replied, “I’m sorry for touching myself. I couldn’t help it. I’ve been doing my exercises every day, I swear I have!” I told her, “I still don’t think you have learned your lesson,” and I pulled her panties down around her knees, revealing her bare bottom. The playful spanking continued, this time with the palm of my hand contacting her bare bottom. She continued to press into my lap, now more aggressively, and I could hear her breathing harder than before. This continued for a few minutes and I said “I need to know you have learned your lesson Christine or your punishment will get worse. Whose pussy is this?” “Yours, it’s your pussy!” “Good girl, that’s right. Are you allowed to touch my pussy without asking first?” “No, I’m not. I have to ask first!” “Are you ever allowed to touch the inside of my pussy?” “No, I can never touch the inside!” “What’s the only thing, besides me, that’s allowed inside your pussy?” “Tampons! I am only allowed to put tampons in your pussy!” One month I told Christine she was not allowed to put tampons in my pussy anymore and she used pads that month. I gave her permission to go back to using tampons the next month. “What did you do that was naughty?” “I touched my, your, pussy without asking first and I put my fingers inside your pussy.” “What happened when you did that?” “I came when I touched myself.” With each question I am spanking her just a little harder and she is pressing into me a little faster and a little harder.
“I really don’t think you have learned your lesson Christine. As a matter of fact, I think you are enjoying your punishment. Is your pussy wet right now Christine? Is it?” She paused for a few seconds and then said “I may be a little wet, I don’t know.” I stopped spanking her and looked down at her bottom to see the moist lips of her vagina from behind. I knew she was wet and probably close to cumming. “I am going to check and see if you are wet young lady. If you are, I am afraid I am going to have to punish you more severely.” I slowly touched the lips of her pussy with my index finger and found them sloppy wet. She inhaled quickly and moaned when I touched her. As my finger parted her pussy lips, I felt her hips press hard into my lap. I slowly inserted my index finger all the way into her pussy. She was so tight, warm, and wet! “You are wet young lady! You are enjoying your punishment and not learning your lesson.” I am fingering her faster and more deeply while I hear her saying, “I’m sorry! I have learned my lesson. Please don’t punish me more.” “I am so upset with you young lady. You have not learned your lesson and you are forcing me to punish you more harshly. I want you to get up and kneel on the bed right now!” She briefly stood up, took her panties the rest of the way off, and kneeled on the bed, her head facing the headboard and her bottom facing the end of the bed.
I stepped behind her and raised her skirt up above her waist. I told her I wanted her forehead down on the mattress and her bottom up in the air. I opened my pants and revealed a huge, glistening, erection. She said “What are you going to do? What’s my new punishment?” I told her that her new punishment was that I’m going to put my cock as deep into her as I can and that I’m going to push it in and out over and over again. BUT, she is NOT allowed to enjoy it and she is NOT allowed to cum. “If you cum before I give you permission to cum, your punishment will get worse again.” “Please don’t! I can’t! If you are in me I’ll cum! Please don’t!” Before her words had fully left her mouth I pushed my full length into her. She was amazingly tight and oh so wet! I had to stretch her open to get in. She screamed as I gave her my full length. I fully penetrated her and pulled her hips back into me. “Don’t you dare cum young lady. If you do, you’ll be sorry.” “Please let me cum! Please!” I started thrusting in and out of her. I could feel her body respond and I could feel her winding herself up for an orgasm. “Don’t you dare cum you naughty girl! This is your punshinment! You are not allowed to enjoy it!” I kept thrusting and she kept begging for permission to cum. “Please. I’m so close. I can’t hold back. Please!” “You are NOT allowed to cum on my hard dick young lady” I said as I picked up the pace. Then it happened, she came. I could feel her body tense up, she started thrusting backwards into my cock, her wetness increased, and she cried out! As she came on my cock I thrust harder and harder, reaching around to massage her clit and said “Naughty girl! You are such a bad girl! You’ll be punished for this!”

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  • Christine sounds like such a naughty young slut. She deserves more punishment.

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