Monica again

Hi everyone since I posted my first post I have been thinking .
It made me feel good posting my first extramarital sex but of course since it was with a dog I cant really count it LOL.
I know now that even if you lived in the came state as we do that we will probably never meet so I hope you don't mind if I post more of our experiences .
Well after Charlie went home to his owners Mike and I have been talking about me with other men but I couldn't do it but again every time we had sex he would bring it up and I would get so excited when he did that I actually looked forward to listening to him whisper in my ear as we fucked how much he wanted to watch my get fucked by another guy and watch him as he came in me and my defenses were weakening rapidly until we began to plan on how it would happen.
I finally told him I would do it one night when he had me on my belly fucking me from behind as he fucked me he was telling me he wanted to blindfold me face down on the bed and tie me spread eagle to the bed and let some complete stranger fuck me and I got really excited listening to his fantasy so I agreed to it insisting that he was clean and the next day he told me he had a man lined up for me I was both excited and scared shitless knowing that in only three more days I would actually cuckold my husband with his approval and I couldn't stop thinking about it .
I masturbated several times every day looking at well hung guys on the internet that had adds out and I decided right then that some of these guys were going to get fucked by me in the future it was such a powerful feeling knowing that I could fuck any guy I wanted with my husbands approval and my mind was filled with the possibility's.
Well maybe I should tell you a little about myself I am a mix between Irish American and Italian My father mostly Irish and my mother Italian .
I am 5 foot 1 inches tall and weigh 103 pounds I have 34 B-cop breasts that are still firm and I have a broad ass as my husband likes to point out but he seams to like it as much attention he gives it and although I am not what you might call pretty I have been told many times that I am attractive and I sometimes catch men checking me out .
Mike told me his name is Steve and he would come over Saturday evening and fuck me then leave and Mike would take my blindfold off and fuck me still tied up so he could find out how it felt with another mans sperm in me.
I was nervous all day wondering just what I was supposed to say to a complete stranger that was going to fuck me but Mike told me not to worry because he would probably just undress and nail me to the bed.
It was getting close to 7:30 and I was pacing the floor when Mike got his call Steve was asking how to find our house he was a couple blocks away and Mike said turn on the next block and we are the third house on the right wait outside while I tie my wife to the bed I will open the door for you.
He hurried me into our bedroom and I hurriedly undressed then I realized that I had to pee and I went into the bathroom as Mike kept telling me to hurry then Mike has me get up onto the bed and lay down on my tummy as he took the cotton ropes and tied my arms and legs to the bed I was spread eagle on the bed and my heart was hammering in my chest Christ in just a few minutes a guy would have his cock in me.
I was very excited now and I could feel the wetness in my pubic hair as Mike secured the blindfold in place and time was going so fast now I wanted to remember everything but my mind betrayed me and I couldn't concentrate then Mike patted me on the ass and said I will be right back with Steve.
My heart was working overtime and I heard Mike and Steve talking as they approached the bedroom I felt exposed to the world but that to excited me then I heard Steve enter our room and say MY god she is beautiful and I felt a burst of pride at his compliment hen in a couple steps he laid his hands on my ass and I felt his hands travel across my ass cheeks I wanted to say something but my throat was tight and I was afraid that it would sound weird then his fingers moved between my ass cheeks and I felt him finger my slit and his finger slipped into me then a second finger and Steve his voice now a little tight and his breathing a little irregular said she is ready man boy is she ready .
Then he stopped to my disappointment until I heard the rustle of his clothes as he hurriedly undressed.
I was holding my breath now trying to hear everything but Mike and Steve were silent as he stripped nude then I felt his hand slip under me and cup my breast and his exhale as he said O yea pinching my nipple as the bed gave way as he moved into position I felt the bed give as his hands were on the bed on each side of my pillow and I could feel his body heat against mine as his legs forced my legs farther apart I felt his body against my ass and I was still holding my breath his cock was between my ass cheeks now and I felt his pubic hair against my ass then his cock head was moving up and down my slit and I heard his soft moan of pleasure then his right hand was between us and Steve moved his cock around until he found my wet spot and he moaned again in pleasure as he slowly sank his cock into me and my held breath exploded out of me as my body was invaded by another mans cock.
I went wild my body even constrained like it was tried to respond to his movements and his cock felt huge inside of me as he gasped for breath his head on the pillow beside mine.
I heard the slap slapping sounds and his body slammed against my ass cheeks and his grunts of pleasure my ass was being driven deep into our mattress every time he stroked into me and I was also grunting his thrusts felt fantastic and I was filled with pride as he took his pleasure from my body and gave me pleasure in return .
I came very quickly but Steve would stop every time he was close to Cumming to enjoy the sensations of his cock inside of me but I can cum many times so I just let go and enjoyed our coupling I cant remember how many times I did cum that night but it was a lot.
Finally though after a long time Steve groaned and drove himself deep nto me and I could feel his cock pulse as he came in me then when I thought he was through just laying on top of me he began to thrust into me again and he came again.
I felt very proud of myself for giving him this much pleasure and I began to laugh in relief .
He laid there on top of me gasping for breath until his cock went soft and slipped out of me then he thanked Mike and gave my ass an affectionate pat saying thank you Monica and I heard him dress.
Mike walmed him out and then he came back in and I wanted to talk now but Mike silently untied my feet then for some strange reason got my knees under me and told me to raise up because he wanted to look at my cum filled pussy and I laughed but I raised up as far as I could and I felt the bed give and Mike slid under me I was a little surprised at that but then he stuck his finger into me and I heard his say O YEA he filled you up baby then his hands were on my ass and I felt his hot breath on my exposed pussy I asked what are you doing Mike he just came in me but Mike didn't answer then I felt his tongue lick me I shrieked Mike stop it but he said lower your pussy to my mouth .
I was shocked and asked are you sure and he said yes so I did and he began to lick me and his tongue began to dig inside of me it was so strange but his tongue dug inside of me and my body began to respond until I came then Mike licked up my cum and he crawled out from under me and he began to wildly fuck me and he came in seconds.

I think about this a lot now and have overcome the forbidden ness of what we are doing and now out life has changed for the better I hope.


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  • Monica u can dominate me and just torment me. Just want to be included in something g

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  • M is beautiful. Just for fun for L. M is in control. Take pity

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  • She’s just a fantasy but she is hot. Wish her the best.

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  • Smell her dirty pussy

  • Now honestly this didn't really happen did it ?

  • Yes it did and has happened several times since then.

  • Would you like to talk more I would be open to talking with any women who do similar things at drangonriderwill@ protonmail. com

  • Sure what would you like to know.?

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