Naughty wife

My drunk wife confessed to having slept with over 100 men and now it’s the only thing I think about when I masturbate.

3 months ago

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    • I masturbate thinking about my wife being fucked by a 16 year old when she was 23.
      Two years later he was still spunking her.

    • You're sooooo lucky to have such an untamed and unashamed whore for a wife!! A hundred guys!! She really MUST have amazing skills!! Does she still occasionally date any of them? Do any of them ever drop by the house to "visit" her? Damn she hot AF!!

    • Very lucky

    • I knew about my hot older sister's slutty past, but one night when we were having more than a few drinks and a few shots, she let loose on details I didn't know. I'd guessed she did some things in exchange for other things, like car repairs, and was correct. She told me about one mechanic in town who'd fix whatever her car needed, and at that time, the car she had needed constant work, for weekly sex and back of bar blow jobs. Then she said how she and her one college roommate really paid their overpriced rent for the house they had one Summer. They took turns letting the owner and his son fuck them whenever they wanted. All Summer, into Fall. They paid practically no rent other than with their legs wide open.

      After she broke up with one asshole guy, his friends were all after her, so she fucked them all, one by one, and told them make sure he knows. I know he had a group of 5 guys he hung out with, so, she fucked at least 5. The stuff she did with me and let me do to her was our thing, but she also admitted to telling her one coworker at a part-time job she had, trying to get her into a threesome with us that didn't materialize. Not due to the coworker's lack of interest, but, her leaving the job. Sister cock teased me with "It would have been you, me, and Janna, who I know you had a thing for". And I did, big time. Sister loved talking about how slutty she was in the past, and knowing she could easily be again, for me.

    • Yeah mine fucked around and mine was kicked out and divorced ... no whore makes a wife. A whores a whore .. skanky used

    • You wife was a whore! Did she get to keep the money or have to give it to her pimp?

    • I must of fucked at least that many women in my life so far. My new lady toy is 10 years younger than me. Loves my cock, its above average in size. Loves to suck her lolly pop. She is a keeper, best piece of ass ever. Then funny as hell to be with

    • Yeh right keep dreaming virgin boy

    • As the virgin said

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