Suggestions wanted on how best to use my niece-in-law

I'm 61 years old. Married for 35 years. Sex life non-existent. Never cheated, but always looking. Always fantasizing. Beating off a lot. Cruising porn on-line and checking out Naughty Posts daily.

My confession? I've recently started beating off to thoughts of fucking my niece-in-law, Melanie, who recently got married. Youngest daughter of my wife's brother and sister-in-law. She's a gorgeous brunette and I've always had a thing for brunettes (my wife is one). Plus she's got an incredible body.

I'd love to hear your suggestions re: the types of things that you would be doing to her if she were your niece-in-law.

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  • At the first opportunity, I'd peep on her. Soak in her naked body, unobserved, as I stroked my cock. Then, like you, the sweat dripping off my balls is what's known as "relative humidity".

  • Leave her alone you filthy beast, you need a giant kick in the nuts every morning and afternoon you arsehole

  • I would never do anything...just enjoy masturbating over thoughts of her servicing her filthy uncle.

  • Shut your stupid fucking mouth you cuck

  • Fuck her up the ass then shove the dirty cock in her mouth.

  • Yes

  • Great idea. Love the thought of forcing her to clean her shit off my cock.

  • Would love to fuck a nice young ass. Is her ass nice

  • She's got a gorgeous figure which includes an incredible ass.

  • Eat her ass like groceries.

  • Really chow down on her. Like this suggestion, too.

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