Women. What is the average for you?

So my husband and I have been married for just over five years and he seems to think that we do not have sex often enough. I thought things were pretty great myself so I started keeping track about six months ago and came up with these three monthly averages.
Sex type
Blow or hand job 12
Intercourse 7
Him only going down on me 0

So according to a few searches 26% of couples are having intercourse 4 times a month but the majority report 1 or 2 times a month. 21% of married women report giving blow jobs more than 4 per month then the average drops quickly down to 12% doing it 1 or 2 times a month.
So we are well ahead of the average couple and I know if it were up to the guy those averages would be 30 times per month.

What do you think? Does he need more blow job action and intercourse?

I mean I love having sex and I try to always make love or get him off when he hints at it but daily would be way to much for me to have intercourse. I could step up giving him blow jobs because it only takes like ten minutes at most and it makes him pretty happy.

Your input is appreciated.

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  • I’ll be honest. As long as your clean and shaved down there I’d eat you out anytime you wanted it. I love the feeling of those thighs squeezing my head as you cum. The feeling of a female buckling as she cums!!

  • So how about telling us if you take it up the arse or not

  • If I had my way I’d be going down on you tons more than what your getting.
    Seems like everything is about his lazy ass. Probably has a little cock too.. Like under 4-5 inches am I right ?

  • Honey do you do anal sex ?
    My husband and I started anal about 4 years ago it took a while to get used to it but now anal is virtually the only sex we have, my husband purchased a leather dog mask and a thick collar with "My Bitch" printed on it, so often when I hear his car come in the drive I prepare, get nude on with the mask, collar a little lube and butt plug with attached tail in then on all fours on the fluffy mat in the lounge, he really goes sexy, undresses on the spot and removes the plug so he can mount, I feel so subordinate but just love it so much

  • Hold on here now!!!! There needs to be more pussy eating going on in your sex life. Do to an accident a couple of years ago. My husband and I haven't had actual Intercourse in over two years. He is unable to get an erection or even ejaculate. However ever he still eats my pussy out at least once a day. He will also use play toys and a strapon on me. These this get me off just fine. And he is perfectly fine with this.

  • First off, cease with the "hint" bullshit, be direct and the ways of saying what you want, or, would like to do, can be major turn-ons in themselves. Not knowing your ages, but, assuming you're in your late 20's or early 30's, you both need more of everything, even after five years of wedded bliss. But, for simplicity's sake, step up the hand jobs by changing it up, making it more playful and erotic with : Jerking him off through a pair of silk boxers ; the introduction of a rubber cock ring ; cock and ball torture with clamps, vises, Gates of Hell, etc. ; have him use toys on you, negotiate oral on a 69-only basis; have outercourse ( tit-fucking or have him rub his erection over your clit without insertion, aka, ditch-digging ). Be careful and have fun !

  • Sounds like you need to give him more bjs.

    Been married 11 years. My husband and I usually fuck twice a week. It used to be a lot more, but we have busy lives, raising a kid, etc. I give my husband bjs, but normally just to get him in the mood for fucking. We do have "69 time" every Saturday morning. Everyone's different. Other than that, I'm okay with my husband stroking it to porn if he needs more.

  • Darling you sound so very nice, I think you should probably have at least another fuck and if he likes it probably another couple of blow jobs or hand jobs and you should be right on course, I am concerned that he will not give you tongue you should discuss that he also needs to satisfy you

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