Is a small bikini ok on a family holiday

I came across this site by accident and found it interesting so thought I would try asking a question here.
Is it ok to wear a small bikini on a family holiday?
I am old enough that I might be able to go on holiday with friends but I couldn't afford it so I am stuck with the family. As with all girls my age my swimwear has progressed to bikinis and I am comfortable with my body and how I look in one (I'm pretty skinny so I look good in it). After pestering this year for Easter we are going somewhere warm and so I want to sunbathe and swim in my bikini, but here's the thing, my dad and brother will be right there, it will be like home but warmer.
I don't walk round the house in bra and panties so will a bikini be too much, will they feel awkward? Will they look? (They are men) is ok for me to wear it, should I care my family can see slot of my body they can't normally?

Please advise and fast!

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  • How's the holiday? Any fun been had? ;-)

  • Hey, just landed will tell all when I can. ;)

  • Something happened at the weekend.... I went out on sat night with friends, and came back after I was supposed to and very drunk (not allowed) I was hoping to sneak in and crawl in to bed without my parents noticing. Unfortunately my dad had stayed up to make sure I got back ok and was sat in the living room in his dressing gown waiting to go to bed, he was not impressed. I pleaded with him not to tell mum or she would ground me but he said she had to know. I threw my arms around him and really pleaded, I was very drunk and just didn't want to be in trouble, I was batting my eyelids looking up at him, he was still lecturing me, so I moved his hands to my bum. I was behaving like a girl with a crush, but I just didn't want to be grounded. I had a little dress on and his hand went up it, holding and caressing my bum. I thought I was off the hook but still no, so I said 'look dad my head hurts, and I really need to get ready for bed, can you lecture me whilst I remove my make up' so he followed me upstairs to me room.
    More to follow.....

  • In my room, he closed the door and kept on at me, I grabbed cleansing wipes and quickly removed my mascara. I then went back to him, arms around him again 'please please please, can you just tell mum I texted to say I would be late and was sober when I got in. His hands were all over me, and my dress was so thin he could feel everything, including that I had no bra on and just a thong for panties.
    I asked him to undo the dress, final push, I pulled the zip right down and I dropped the dress to the floor, presenting my back and bum. I couldn't go further so laid down on the bed and pretended to fall asleep. After a min or so I turned over, showing my naked front to him except for the small area the thong covered. I was aware the thong was wet, I had met a boy that night and we had kissed, I had got so horny my panties were wet the full length of the crotch and part way up the front. I had been buzzing and I guess stayed wet.
    With my eyes closed I had no idea what my dad was doing but I was sure he would be staring at my boobs, body and wet thong. I fake snored to convince him I was asleep, and soon later I heard this rythmic noise and I knew he was wanking. He had had a bulge in his dressing gown downstairs but I did not expect him to get it out.
    My heart was pounding as I laid there , but it wasn't long until I heard the noise of a tissue being pulled from a tissue box. I think I must have actually fallen asleep as he cleaned up and left.

    In the morning I came down and he was telling my mum that I was only a little late and I had texted, and that he did not think I had been drinking. I was off the hook, but omg at what cost?

  • Wow! You and your Dad definitely have "an understanding"! I think if you get the chance to be "let off the hook" next time, that you should do the same as you did this time....but open your eyes and play with yourself at the same time...for one thing he won't last half as long so it'll be over quickly! ;-)

  • I feel bad that I did what I did to avoid getting in trouble, and what makes it worse is that now I know it works. So instead of being a good girl and coming home on time and not drinking, I know that if it's getting late and I have had alcohol that I can stay later as long as I 'convince' my dad to let me off when I get home. And deep down I know already that when I am out enjoying myself that in that moment, given the choice, I will decide that I would prefer to be felt up by my dad than cut my fun short. I don't mind him touching me if that's the price of getting out of being grounded, as long as it does not escalate.
    Part of pretending to be asleep by the way is I am not sure I can look him in the eye while he is staring at me.
    I have been thinking about that boy I met, woke up horny, tried to ignore it, ended up quickly masterbating before school whilst eating breakfast. School uniform has a skirt so easy to slip a hand up and have a rub though my panties. My dad and brother were around but busy so not really aware. My dad saw me once and smiled, I wasn't sure he knew what I was up to. Had to finish quietly in the downstairs bathroom and nearly missed the bus.
    I'm sure your advice would be to let my dad give me the relief ha ha. My life if just wrong lol

  • Tbh, if you don't mind it, its a win-win situation for you both. You get to play out longer and have a few more drinks and he gets to have some fun with you...something I'm sure he's absolutely loving! Just remember, it will only go as far as you're in control...but nothing wrong with pushing boundaries as you seem to be happy doing sometimes. You're a stunning girl and I just wish I could see you like you described.....I'd certainly be wanking over you sexy naked body too! ;-)

  • Thanks, i'll take that you want to wank over my 'sexy naked body' as a compliment, I'm sure you do, I'm sure you are a very naughty man who would want to do a lot more as well. It is nice to be fancied though ;)
    I think you are right, maintaining control is key, and if I can justify it then yes it's a win win of sorts despite how wrong it is.
    We are going on holiday again next week, it seems a long time since I was debating if my bikini was too small for a family holiday. I wonder what this one will bring? The yellow bikini will be getting packed again, as we will have a villa with a private heated pool. Maybe I will finally get that tan!

  • Well let me know if you have any more "fun"....and enjoy your holiday! ;-)

  • I think the 'understanding' has changes a little as of last night. I wanted to buy some last min stuff for holiday but had no money, I asked my dad if I could borrow £20, I say 'borrow' let's be fair he was not getting it back lol. He asked him to follow him and I assumed he was going to get his wallet but we went to my room, and there he said he keeps giving me money and it has to stop. I pleaded with him and he said no, so I took his hand and placed it on my bum. He looked turned on, but his wallet stayed in his pocket. I unbuttoned my jeans and said he could briefly put his hand in if he gave me £30. His wallet came out, and I let him slide his hand inside my panties, he was gentle but reached right down, then curled his finger upwards till it got wet, before beginning to stroke me. He had a full erection in his trousers, I reached out and placed a hand on it and suggested he goes take care of it before anyone comes upstairs.
    I pulled his hand out of my panties, thanked me, apologised to me and scurried off to the bathroom.
    I got the money for very little to be fair, but I still feel like a prostitute, I should not have done it, but it's so easy. I slightly hate myself for doing it, I must stop it, but it just happens. What is happening to my life? Lol

  • Wow - now that has made me hard too reading that! I think you may well have just found how to get quick cash from your Dad! Offer to help him take care of it next time for a bit more! I think you need to negotiate spending money for holiday too! Btw I love hearing how you keep beating the last bit of naughtiness! ;-)

  • How's things been between you two? Have you had any more moments of fooling around and turning your Dad on? ;-)

  • On Saturday morning when I woke up I could hear my parents having sex again, they do not seem to be trying to hide it. I think you may be right about my dad's libido. I decided that instead of just sitting there hearing it I thought it would be good cover for myself. It had been a hot night so I had ditched my PJs in the night and so just had panties on. I have satin sheets and they feel lovely against my bare skin, and when I am horny I can't resist squirming about feeling them on my skin. I had woken up very horny, and sex noises were the final straw. I whipped my panties off and squirmed around getting more and more aroused. I couldn't hold back I had to touch myself, but at least it didn't matter about noise. I fantasised about what sex might be like as I fingered myself listening to actual sex just through the wall. I had quite a big orgasm that left me breathless. I had convinced myself no one could hear me as I was masterbating, but as soon as my orgasm subsided I realised I was probability louder than I thought I was and got paranoid my parents must have heard.
    I know I orgasmed after my mum, but I could hear my dad as I was recovering from my orgasm, and worried that firstly my mum had heard me and secondly my dad came listening to me. I got freaked out and vowed to try to be silent in the future, too much worry otherwise.
    More to follow....

  • Following on.....
    I knew it was going to be a hot day and I had nothing much to do, so I hoped to pick up a bit of a tan in the garden. I went down to breakfast in my small yellow bikini but with a sarong wrapped around me like a towel. When I got downstairs my mum was getting ready to go out, it seems she had a shopping trip with a friend, so with my brother away it was just me and my dad.
    It was a little cool in the garden at first, so I hopped in the hot tub and relaxed. My dad came over and chatted to me, his eyes occasionally flicking downwards to my body, but in general we just chatted. He went off to do gardening, I stayed in the tub, turning down the heat to stay longer. The sun began to warm up so I headed to the sun beds we have in the garden and laid back. My dad was marching up and down with the lawnmower, and on every pass he looked over at me relaxing in my bikini.
    The sun kept getting hotter and I was getting tired of reading my book so wanted to relax and tan, turning over also to be even and let my front cool. Only issue is I can't put suncream on my own back, so I had to ask my dad..... More to follow

  • Following on again..... I called my dad over and asked him to apply the sun cream, and then turned over he started applying it to my lower back, It felt like he was trying to give me a massage but it was nice so carry on. He got to my bikini strap, I didn't want a tan line so I undid it, much to my dad's suprise. I was in the same situation when he got to the shoulder straps, so I carefully slipped them off without exposing myself, but I could tell he was still rather enjoying it. He rubbed all over my back very thoroughly, a bit too much, but it was like a nice massage so I didn't mind. I asked him to do the backs of my legs. Conscious I didn't want any visible tan line I pulled the bikini bottoms up a little over my bum, basically giving myself a wedgie, making them thing back and accidentally giving myself a toe. I had turned my head as I reached back and was surprised to see a full erection in by dad's shorts, I just turned away and pretended I hadn't seen it. He rubbed sun cream up the backs of my legs, all the way up to and on my bum cheeks. Once he had rubbed enough sun cream in to my bum lol I went to turn to thank him, he bolted up, said he needed to wash his hands and rapidly headed for the house, hoping I guess that I had not seen his erection.
    He was a while washing his hands before returning to stare at my bum and body while pretending to do gardening, I think I can guess what took him so long ha ha ha.

  • ...why not help finish him off next time and ask him to help you scrub the cream off your back with the shower...or ask him if he'd like to look at something while he "gets rid" of his erection...! He'll be getting so horny and frustrated with your recent teasing! ;-)

  • I really don't think I could mention his erection, I mean how would you do it, 'hey dad, remember how rubbing suncream in to me gave you an erection, want to chat about it?'
    I think I have made him horny, him and mum were at it again this morning. Problem is I don't notice I am teasing him. So this morning i saw him on the stairs, I think him and mum were finished and he had gone for a glass of water and I was heading down. Both of us had dressing gowns on, I only had panties on underneath as it had been hot again. I never fully tie my dressing gown and as we chatted I could feel it slipped open, but didn't think to cover up. It opened top to bottom but not very wide, my nipples were covered but he will have been able to see my chest and tummy and pink panties. His was slipping too and I could see his chest, but it was tied tighter lower down. I only realised my partial flash as I headed passed him and it came fully open. He won't have been able to see, but would have seen it was open and know all was on show from a different angle. He went back to er bed, probably revived.
    I am a bad person, but I don't think I am as bad as you think I am or want me to be

  • I don't think you're a bad person at all - just love hearing how you're having some naughty fun!
    I also don't think you'd need to be so direct if the opportunity arose....just maybe something more along the lines of a wink, smile and "do you need a hand with that?" if you make him hard again...

    Or simply, if you were a little on show like before, a smile and asking him "Do you like looking at me..?"
    Would love to hear what his reaction would be to either question! ;-)

  • It was father's Day on Sunday and despite suggestions I should flash my dad as a present I was not intending to, but he got something anyway. He was on his way out somewhere but I was still in bed, I heard him say he wanted a different coat and come up stairs. He knocked on my door presumably to give me chance to wish him happy father's Day. I invited him in but I was in bed. I jumped out of bed to get him his card, but I wasn't wearing much, I had a crop top best and thong back panties, it was just what I slept in. I had to bend over to grab his card so he will have had a good view of my bare bum cheeks. I gave him the card and went to give him a big hug, he is quite tall so I reached up on my toes and put my arms round his neck, giving him a kiss on the cheek. His hands were round my bare waist, which he seemed to like. I then lost my balance and slipped, I caught me but one hand went under my bum. He apologized, but for some reason I don't know why I wispered in his ear it's ok I don't mind. I meant it was ok because I slipped. Both his hands were on my bum cheeks for a couple of seconds, before I wished him happy father's Day again and returned to bed for a bit.
    He looked shocked but happy, and dare I say maybe aroused. Ewwww. Lol

  • I think you just gave him an amazing Father's Day! Good on you....even if it wasn't exactly planned! ;-)

  • I'm sure he liked it, though I feel a little conflicted in letting my dad hold my bum, it felt really wrong, but also nothing, you know, so what he touched my bum, but why does he want to. Life is confusing.
    If he was happy I can live with it! Ha ha

  • Any little bit you let him have he'll love and appreciate more than you'll ever know! Why does he want to? OK, you're his daughter and it'll feel weird on that level, but, by all accounts and descriptions, you're also a stunning teenage girl with a gorgeous any guy will be grateful, and lucky, to get their hands anywhere near you! ;-)

  • Thanks for the flattering comment, always welcome ha ha. I know I am a bit pretty and men seem to be attracted to younger girls, I'm not naive, but it still feels weird.
    He had a bit of a feel yesterday evening actually. I was in the kitchen, I wanted something from the back of a top cupboard and clearly couldn't reach. He should have reached it for me but instead he lifted me up. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms round my waist and lifted me right up. I grabbed what I was after and then he sort of dropped / lowered me through his arms, as my feet touched the ground his hands were under my breasts, he let go but there was brief contact.
    Also on the way down my skirt had caught on his trousers and was pulled up, as his hands moved from my boobs, they pushed the skirt back down, brushing my bum. I just said thanks and left. I think he got what he wanted

  • You're both clearly loving what's happening... There's absolutely no harm in it, it's just love and desire being given a careful airing! Tell him next time you don't mind him touching you occasionally...;-)

  • I'm not sure that I love what's happening, it's inappropriate, he should stop. But, how much does it bother me, not a lot really, so yes I am guilty of letting it happen, but not sure I should encourage him or he might go too far. It up to him to find my limits, and my right to change them on a whim lol.

    This weekend I have 'booked' the hot tub for me and a few friends, my brother is away and mum and dad are meant to be going out.
    My dad was really good actually, he has even put a big bottle of prosecco in the fridge for us, yay.

    Can't help but feel that he won't be able to turn down the opportunity to see 4 or 5 teenage girls in bikinis in the garden, and may be back early or something, wait and see. So long as he doesn't scare my friends by being too pervy lol.

  • It's maybe not "normal" but then who's to say what is getting harmed and as long as you both end up with a smile all's good!

    I'd definitely love to see you lot in the hot tub that's for sure! Enjoy the prosecco! ;-)

  • It was really good to have my friends over this weekend, I am officially the coolest person ever now I have a hot tub, let alone prosecco as well. It was pretty warn so really nice outside, we even did some sunbathing. It was bikini Central and we got a little bit tipsy, and naughty. My friend Emily has huge boobs and they were bouncing in the bubbles and came out of her bikini, we all laughed and then compared how much we all jiggled up and down. (It was a lot of fun at the time when we were a little tipsy) basically we all had our boobs out for a while. (Hopefully no neighbors watching)
    We were all in the hot tub when my parents returned and my dad did come say hi. It felt like the right time to get out and none of my friends were shy, they all got out and walked about in little wet bikinis with my dad there. I guess they didn't suspect he was sneaking a peek. I tried to be a human shield in case they saw him looking so I drew my dad's attention by bending over etc, but talked to him to justify his looking at me......

  • .....We went upstairs in towels to change. In my room my friends seemed really comfortable naked and slow to dress, I was worried my dad might find an excuse to come up then find 4 naked girls. I dressed quickly just throwing on a dress and went down. My friend had bemoaned the prosecco running out so I went to beg for more, expecting to be told I was under age and tipsy so no, but I got my dad alone. I asked, and he said no, as predicted, so I did something I am not proud of... I put my arms round him, pressed myself up against him and fluttered my eyelids, still a no. His hands were round my waist, I grabbed a hand and slid it down to my bum, and begged, 'pleeeeease', he was silent perhaps in shock, I grabbed his had again and slipped it up my skirt. 'pleeeease'. He had a firm hold on my bum cheek, with my mum in the other room, he looked nervous. 'ok ok ok' he said and so another bottle appeared.
    I ran off upstairs ashamed at what I had done, but a hero to my friends who did not know what I had just done. Predictably we got very drunk all the girls stayed the night, one was sick, but we had so much fun. Also not sure why but Amelia kissed Charlotte, like properly, when we were all in bed, I was like OMG. Ha ha, what a laugh. Head still hurts ha ha

  • Wow! That's awesome....on two levels! One, your Dad now has some major horny replays in his head, and will definitely have a few moments alone with those, and two, you now know you can play him and occasionally get what you want in exchange for a little bit of naughty play with him! How was he with you the next morning?

  • It was awkward in the morning, my mum knew we had been drinking under age, and too much, we were hung over. My dad stood up for me saying it was better I did it at home, and my mum relented.
    A bit later I saw my dad and thanked him with a hug, I had shorts and vest top PJ's on, and as I gave him the hug he cupped his hand on my bum. I removed it, it was way to casually done, can't let him know it's fine all the time, even if just so I can use it to get what I want.
    He apologized over and over, I think I worried him. I wont tell mum of course.
    Like you say he has a little more to think about, and he probably does secretly have wanks over me, ewwww. Lol. I did wonder actually if instead of playing with himself he instead had sex with mum, if they even still have sex ha ha, god knows, not sure I want to think about it. Maybe he thinks of me as he has sex with mum, that would be weird shit lol

  • Well don't be too hard on him - tell him you don't mind at all sometimes, you were just feeling a bit rough that time. Don't let him be getting paranoid and worrying he's overstepped the mark. Say it with a cheeky smile and he'll breath easier! I'm sure too that you probably pop into his head while he's having step-daughter pops into mine sometimes lol

  • I don't want to encourage him but I understand his urges and don't mind the odd thing I guess, just don't want him to overstep the mark as you put it.
    I don't know if he has ever thought of me while having sex but as of this morning I know they definitely still do. I woke up this morning and could hear a thud thud thud noise, I thought at first it was the washing machine untill I realised it was coming from upstairs and there was a bit of squeaking too then I realised they were at it. Urgh I wanted to block it out, it made me cringe, but I listening, I told myself to stop listening but I couldn't. I grabbed my headphones but I couldn't put them on, I was still listening, even worse I was trying hard to hear. Why? Why was I listening? Urgh stupid brain. I could make out panting or grunting, and then something higher pitched which I think was my mum having an orgasm. After it went quiet, then the headphones went on. Why did I listen, I couldn't look at them at breakfast.

    I am pleased they still have sex at least it means my dad still fancies my mum and not just me lol.
    I have a couple of male friends who call my mum a milf in front of me, which I hate, as they are implying they would have sex with her omg urgh
    My point is my mum looks very good for her age which is good as she is still attractive to my dad and so he is not just focused on

    Sorry if I went off one one, disturbing morning ha ha

    P.s. I hope you only think of your step daughter and at least she is not related to you ;)

  • I think you may well have refreshed his libido somewhat! Just enjoy the moments you get chance to be naughty with him, let him know it's OK sometimes and give him the occasional treat as you have been - the odd touch or flash hurts no-one and brings a lot of smiles! Sounds like you both enjoy those moments... And yeah, as for my step-daughter....I've only thought about far lol But if she got naughty and playful as you have I may well grab the opportunity! ;-)

  • I gave my brother a boner in the hot tub lol.
    I was sat in it, legs stretched out to other side, then in gets my brother. Naturally being an idiot he pushes my feet out the way and sits directly opposite, so I put my feet on him, he didn't like it, pushed them off but I put them back telling him I was comfortable before he arrived. So he parted his legs a little and put my feet back down on the ledge between his legs. I asked him to massage my feet but he said no, so I started nudging him with my foot, I think my foot was a bit high on his leg and he got arroused. I hadn't noticed but he tried to hide it and I was like 'omg have you got a boner?', he denied it and tried to hide it. I told him he best give me a foot massage or I would tell mum he had a boner in the hot tub, so I got a nice foot massage.
    When it was time to get out he delayed and I realised he still had the boner. I laughed but he said it wasn't funny. I didn't think about the fact that me in the bikini may have stopped it going down.
    I made loads of references to things being hard all evening to wind him up, so funny.

    Going for that run with my dad, need some running gear though I think.

  • I bought some running gear btw to go with my dad this sat, don't feel ready though. Kinda worried my running gear may be a bit small for the weather, I got a running crop top and what turned out to be very tight shorts when they arrived. Not sure about having my tummy out, kinda different from pool or beach. I must have been in a sexy mood buying the gear. Probably rain and I will look like a fool lol

  • First time in the hot tub last night, I felt a whole family trial would be wired, so I jumped in first with my mum while my dad was busy. I worle the yellow bikini, but wore my dressing gown through the house.
    It was amazing, I love hot tubs, and they are best outside with a cool breeze, my dad brought my mum prosecco and then offered me one, which was a surprise, but I accepted. Me and my mum relaxed for a bit then my mum had to get out as she had something in the oven.
    My dad then got in, brother didn't seem interested. I chatted to my dad, my bikini top was above the water and I saw his eyes glance down pretty often, whatever.
    I stayed in for maybe 40 min then went to get out. He was opposite the step, so basically a perfect view of my bum as I got out, and then watched me towel off while chatting to me.
    I'm sure that refreshed his image, urgh.
    Have a feeling the hot tub will be a regular feature.
    Hope I can get the house to myself soon and invite some friends over

  • Glad you enjoyed it and also glad you picked the right outfit! ;-) Can't blame him for glancing down, by the sounds of it you're a beautiful girl and your glistening boobs and the bubbling water would be impossible to ignore! I hope you have many more hot tub sessions....and you never know...maybe a prosecco dip with your Dad when the others are out could even happen...and you could even make his year if your hand "slipped"! I ;-)

  • There is a point if I sink in to the water that the bubbles make my boobs jiggle about, so I have to be all in or sat up on the seat, otherwise they jiggle lol.
    I went in last night I got my robe off then wanted a drink and went to the kitchen in my bikini, dad was there, he started chatting to me. He had a shirt and tie on I have a small yellow bikini on, felt a bit weird. He was talking about a run he wanted to do and how I should join him, do it together, started telling me I looked really fit and so it would be easy etc, whilst looking me up and down. I guess assessing my fitness.

  • He's lucky he didn't "show" how much he was assessing....I would def have "reacted" so to speak! ;-) A run would be nice....and after a hot tub relaxing dip and you can both give each other's tired muscles a rub down! ;-)

  • …and tbh...I think you know, at the back of your mind, as you keep hinting and enjoying the tease, that you fancy something naughty and filthy happening with your Dad at some point, however slight, and we both know that he'd in all likelihood go with whatever you offered as it's forbidden fruit and you seem/sound like one hell of a good treat! ;-)

  • I really wouldn't, I think he would, and thanks for the 'hell of a good treat' 😀

  • ...well.....maybe on his birthday, or Father's Day, you may be willing to offer a treat lol...and no problem - you sound amazing and I only wish you were here to show me that bikini in person! ;-)

  • I assume you saw the picture further down of my tanned double. She really does look very like me, so just pretend it is me and you won't be missing much, (just that tan lol).

    Dare I ask what do you mean 'treat'?

  • Yeah - love that pic! Pretty girl and if that looks like you then you're pretty damn hot! ;-) Well, if touching you wasn't on the menu, I think a little bit more flashing of your sexy body would be a nice treat for him to see... whatever you felt like showing...accidentally of course! ;-)

  • She really does look like me, very close its freaky. I'm glad you think I'm 'pretty damn hot' I think lol ;-)
    I'm glad treat means him just seeing me, I might be able to cope with that, I thought you were going to say something sexual and I was gonna freak out.
    It's father's Day soon right?
    Ha ha not gonna do it tho!

  • you were practically all on show last time with that tiny towel....I think it'd be a dream come true for him, especially on Father's Day, if your towel accidentally fell off for a second or two! Just relooked at that photo and, my god, I think I'd cum on the spot! ;-)

  • So it was Father's Day on Sunday. I didn't intend on flashing him, but something did happen...

  • Hi, I'm really not sure flashing my dad is a good idea, but my naughty side can picture something small. Then my sensible side stops me ha ha.
    Glad you like the pic, I don't think I'm that attractive that you would 'cum on the spot'.
    I know you are exaggerating of course to pay me a compliment, so thank you.
    I have this image of a guy seeing me in my bikini and cumming in his pants lol, kinda funny.
    Seriously though have I made you cum? Multiple times? Really interested in what you do?

  • I think a safe, and believable, small flash you could do would be in the hot tub. Next time it's just you and your Dad, whilst under the bubbles, subtly let one nipple escape out the side of your top... Then casually sit up a bit more and see how long it takes him to notice and let you know! Treat it like a little naughty fun game in your head. He's already had a quick view on the beach so a 2nd wouldn't hurt! ;-)

    As for what you've done...I've imagined helping you out of that bikini a few times, or the other night fantasised about once you'd shut your room door in that small towel, grabbing hold of you, pulling the towel off you and letting my hands loose all over you, kissing you deep then picking you up, taking you to your bed, lying you down, licking your pussy and then sliding my cock inside you and fucking you! That def did make me cum! ;-) did ask lol

  • Ha ha it's ok, I don't mind, no point in talking about it if I am going to suddenly get shy lol. Glad I made you cum, hope I was good ha ha.
    I have to confess that after reading what you said, I had a shower this morning and went to me room in the towel, I imagined someone behind me then accidentally on purpose dropped my towel before picking it up, don't know why just felt sexy. I laid on my bed naked for a while thinking about things. I ended up stroking my skin all over, it was relaxing and sensual. I had shaved in the shower and my legs and pubic area felt so sensitive to touch, the feeling was great. I realised I made my self really quite wet and my finger slid so beautifully up and down my slippy wet lips, I went so slowly up and down their full length for a few minutes before curling my finger inside my vagina, I gasped as my finger slid in, it felt amazing and sensual, a couple of minutes later I had a small but long orgasm, it was so good. I laid on the bed afterwards just enjoying the feeling. I was so late for school
    Hope you don't mind me describing masterbation i just thought you would want to know that my reality wasn't that far from your fantasy.

    Not sure about letting my dad see my nipple, but as you said he has had a momentary flash before. But an accident is very different.

  • Well next time you lie in bed, imagine the door opens and I walk over to you, climb in bed with you and just use your sexy body for my own gratification...;-)

  • I am imagining it

  • What would you like me to do...?

  • Ha ha I don't know you, I don't know your name or age or anything like that, but, like I'm sure other girls do, I fantasize about sex some times, I want to feel what it's like to have a hard cock slide in to me.
    As a stranger you are like a mystery man, so you can be whoever or whatever you like.
    I'm just a girl, growing up, with hormones and ideas, just like the next girl. Sigh
    Only difference is we seem to think my dad is sexually attracted to me and I can't share a hot tub with my brother without giving him a boner lol

  • It's been delivered, just being fitted.
    I'm sure I will be encouraged to test it, but should I wear the little yellow bikini, or a full swimsuit and wrap a towel round me? It depends what message I want to put out there

  • You know what will be appreciated just go for it...yellow all the way! ;-)

  • I like the yellow bikini, and there is not much point in hiding now is there. Will hang on to the dressing gown for now though

  • My dad ordered the hot tub yesterday, getting delivered on Tuesday 🤨

  • You should definitely help test it out with him then when it's set up!

  • I have to admit, the idea of getting a hot tub excites me, they are awesome, I will be in it all the time, so will my friends, it's gonna be ace. Just not sure about dad and bro lol

  • I think you should have some quality time with your Dad in the tub when it's working, maybe a glass of wine, cuddle up and see what happens... Hot tubs always give me a boner so with the water sloshing around and legs and arms being moved about who knows what may get touched...! I think your Dad has made it clear he wouldn't be averse to seeing you naked so I'm sure he wouldn't complain if your hand touched anywhere! ;-)

  • Ew he better not get a boner, but that does remind me that I enjoyed sitting on those bubble jets, very arousing. The question is, is it possible to have an orgasm from a jacuzzi, without anyone noticing? Looking forward to trying it, but a bit worried about boners urgh

  • I'd say mention it with a giggle....tell him how the bubble jets make you feel!

  • I could let out an 'ooh' but don't want to encourage him lol

  • Perhaps the next thing will be my dad wanting a security camera pointing at the hot tub to keep it safe lol. Live streaming to his study. Oh god I hope not.
    A visit to the hot tub centre to look at options has been arranged for tomorrow btw, he was not joking. 🤨

  • Interesting news, we have just had our house extended and a new deck built. Last night my dad asked us all how we feel about buying a hot tub for the deck?
    My first thought was let's do it, a hot tub would be awesome.
    I now worry it may just be a way of my dad getting me back in the bikini, could it be?
    Be honest how many men would spend thousands on a hot tub just to get to see a girl in a bikini? Surely not???

  • I definitely would!

  • Ha ha Men!

  • No that won't be the reason....but it'll be an added bonus! ;-)

  • I'm a bonus, lol, good to know

  • Sorry for not replying, actually on holiday now have been for a week. Spent a lot of time on the beach and on sun bed, all good. Have had a lot of men looking at me, more than expected, including brother and dad!
    What should I do, help

  • I'd say make it a holiday to remember for them. Let the bikini top or bottom slip a little and give them a sight to remember...and wank to! Or let your towel accidentally fall as you come from the shower back at the hotel after the beach when you know one of the boys can see... Use your feminine power and tease them! ;-)

  • So it's happened accidentally. I was sun bathing lying face down, and as my parents had gone for a walk and I thought I was alone I undid my bikini strap so I didn't get a tan line across my back. My parents returned, with my brother, as I turned over my boobs came uncovered, full exposure. So embarrassing.

  • That's awesome! There'll be some re-playing of that tonight in the boys' heads! Seeing as you're on here you have to enjoyed it a bit didn't you! ;-)

  • I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, but I feel that I am being treated more as a woman than a girl now. I wore a figure hugging dress for a family meal and got comments from my dad about how good I looked, rather than the usual criticism, that felt good

  • Well then it sounds like he's definitely enjoying the sight of you! I'll bet he's mentally undressing you and imagining you sliding gently up and down his cock and adding in the image of your sexy naked boobs that he saw! I'm sure he'd be more than happy to treat you like a "woman" and have some fun with you! ;-)

  • Do you mean dad or brother?
    Since we got back I have had a thought about what you and others said and remembered my dad taking holiday snaps of me in my bikini. He does not lock his phone so I looked and he has a couple of posed picks of me in the yellow bikini but also some I didn't know about. An ass shot of me bending over, with the bikini riding up my crack, showing alot of bum cheek and you can see my gap and a good view of what's at the top.
    There is also a pic of me bent over forwards with a lot of cleavage on show.
    I also checked my brother's phone, harder as he has a password, less obvious intent but pics of me mixed in with others.
    I think these pics may be used for wanking, I'm so freaked

  • Nothing to get freaked about - its all perfectly natural hot blooded males seeing a beautiful and sexy girl and enjoying the sight. OK, they probably will have already had, and will have more wanks over the sight of you but to be fair I'm sure you looked stunning!

    Take it as a compliment from them both.

    They will probably have a few fantasy mind-wanderings about you and your sexy body so try and be nice to them and give them the occasional extra sexy sight ;-)

  • ...and I've just seen the pic you linked below...if you look anything like that I don't blame them at all and would probably be having the same thoughts! Would definitely love to see you in (or preferably out of!) the bikini! ;-)

  • Thanks, I think, the girl in the pic does look a lot like me, and her body is very close, except she has an awesome tan and I don't. Can I ask, and please be honest I won't be offended, did you have a wank over the picture thinking it's me?
    I'm trying to understand how men think.
    Also are you likely to be similar age to my dad, again want to know how likely it is my dad has wanked over my pics. Thanks

  • Hi - yes and yes - no offense meant and I hope none taken! ;-) It's just red-blooded males doing what red-blooded males do... I have a very hot step-daughter and whilst I'd never touch her I'll be honest and say I have had a few plays imagining what it'd be like to! ;-)

  • It's ok, I am not offended and thanks for being really honest, and I understand that men can't help themselves. I am aware that there is a lot of sexual chat on here among men and some is really inappropriate, but I have been really happy to hear how men think even if I am shocked some times. I would have posted my own holiday pic but I know someone would do something inappropriate and I don't want to be 'on the internet'.
    I have to ask this, having seen the pic, if I was your daughter, what would you do, or want to do with me?
    I need to know how my dad might think of me

  • Well if you look anything near as cute as that pic and I was your Dad I'd have definitely had a few wanks over you and fantasised about fucking you! I'd never physically do anything though unless you'd made it clear you wanted to play too. If I'm honest, I get turned on by the thought of doing things that are seen as typically wrong as long as no-one is doing anything they don't want to. The thought of a willing daughter's pussy gripping my throbbing cock gets me hard in seconds! ;-)

  • Wow that was quite graphic, and kinda sexy. I know you are a stranger but I like being admired, and as I am not sexual hearing that stuff about me is a bit scary but also wow. Glad I made you hard lol. Also glad this is anonymous in case you tried to stalk me ha ha ha

  • Haha no - no worries needed about stalking - am just enjoying the chat with you! Would also be very happy to help you get into the horny and sexy sure you look stunning and you sound like a great and fun person! Someone will one day be very lucky to get to play with you! ;-) x

  • Thanks, you are very kind. I have been enjoying chatting too. you wanna 'get me in a sexy mood' what did you have in mind, it's ok to be honest, this is really fascinating

  • teasing is always a nice way to about holding you close, gently kissing along your neck and just behind your ear, lying you down, kissing you all over while slowly removing your clothes....then, when you're completely naked, lying you on your front and, after warming some massage oil up, gently but firmly massaging your back in a slowly ever growing pattern, starting off just up and down your back but gradually moving wider so my hands explore your sides, then round a little further so I gently stroke your boobs, and down so I start taking in your cute little bum, and then further still so that, at the end of each stroke, my fingers start to run along your pussy feeling it get wetter each time it gets touched. How's that for starters? ;-)

  • Wow, I wasn't expecting so much detail. I'm reading this on the way to school which is exciting, no one knows what I am reading or that reading it makes me want to touch myself. I have never been touched as you describe, but it sounds so good!
    Can I ask a bit more about you, like your age? I know older guys like younger girls, but it's fascinating to hear how they think, I want to know more. Please always tell me the truth, I want to know

  • Well...I'm mid-forties, in good shape, have a high sex drive and love being naughty! Glad you liked the details! Did you touch yourself when you got home? Some guy will be very lucky one all day to do that for you! ;-)

  • I touched myself at school, I couldn't help it.

    I think it's quite cool you fancy me, I'm totally ok with that, and I am glad you are honest.

    I still feel weird about the idea of my dad or bro masterbating thinking of me, but I don't mind if you do.

  • Glad you like the idea...and don't worry...I have def had a few thinking of helping you out of that bikini and letting my hands wander and then playing with you! ;-)

  • How many times, do you fun quick thinking of me? Is there anything I could do to help out?

  • Auto correct lol, wank off, not fun quick (although maybe an accurate description lol)

  • It pops into my head usually once a day at least and every other day you're the focus of a play! You could tell me what you'd like to do if I was there alone with you if you'd like! ;-)

  • This feels weird now. It started that I was worried my dad and brother were wanking off over pictures of me in my holiday bikini, and now someone nearly my dad's age wants to know what I would have him do to me in the bedroom.
    So as with many girls my age I do have fantasies involving older men, mainly celebs though.
    I have learned that I seem to be quite sexually attractive and that some or many older men seem comfortable telling me despite the big age gap.
    I honestly don't know what I want, and maybe I am not ready for sex, but it is something that has been on my mind a lot, and I can picture it, but not imagine what it is like to experience.
    I think it's very different to masterbation as someone is actually inside you, and I don't know how I feel about a guy who could nearly be my dad being that person, exciting but weird.
    I think as a first step I want to be loved, caressed and touched. Most other things sound a bit daunting when I think about them.

  • Yeah this has kind of come full circle hasn't it! Well by the sounds of it you're a little more open minded about playing and if you came here I'd be more than happy to admire you, gently caress every inch of your naked body and make sure you enjoyed it enough to be lovingly and tenderly (was a healthy dose of passion!) brought to an amazing orgasm! ;-)

  • Oh it sounds so good, I think sex scares me a little, and I understand now why so many people get drunk first lol.
    I have felt a lot more sexual having had this discussion since before I went on holiday, and even though it freaks me out I am so glad you masterbate thinking of me, it makes me feel special in a weird way. I don't know if I care in the end if a family member does the same, I have so many different thoughts from day to day.

  • Well some honest advice then....don't get "drunk" before you have to steady the nerves is fine but if you need any more you're with the wrong person...
    It should be a fun and sexy experience for you both not one where you're oblivious to what's going on...and I wouldn't want that to be what you had...

    I'm glad you're opening up to your feelings and feeling OK now (sometimes lol!) about a family member imagining you and wanking to pics of you to get off on...there's really no harm in it and is a compliment really!

    I think you should maybe one day soon "accidentally" flash a little something to one of the boys...just to keep the images going in their minds - a new image for wanking to is never a bad thing! ;-)

  • I think I have accidentally refreshed the image for them anyway. Our house has been so warm lately so I have been sleeping in summer pjs, I hadn't really thought about it but they are a little revealingly. They are Hello Kitty so I thought they were quite innocent, but the best top is quite low cut and I don't sleep in a bra, so when I walk around the house in them my nipples show through and my boobs wobble a bit, also the top is very loose so if I bend or just lean forward you can see right down it seems, so they have probably seen glimpses of nipple or had hope of seeing it lol
    Also the bottom are short shorts and quite figure hugging front and back, so everything is quite clear, and my legs and feet are bare.
    The top rides up quite a lot too so my tummy flashes, but I am proud of my flat tummy so I don't care about that.
    So anyway perhaps I have been putting on a bit of a show unknowingly recently

  • ...and you've just refreshed the image for me too! Those two are lucky guys to have you walking round looking so sexy. I'm sure there's been one or two times they've shut their doors and wanked over the sight of your amazing body! I'm sure you've been mentally fucked many times! ;-)

  • 'mentally fucked' ? I understand that they may have had a wank after seeing a bit more of a girl than normal, even if it's sister or daughter, but surely my dad and brother don't think about actual sex with me???

  • Well, being realistic, by the sounds of it you're a very cute and sexy looking girl and your Dad and Bro have been lucky enough to see you in some wonderfully skimpy outfits. If they've enjoyed a wank over pics of you I'm sure their minds have momentarily wandered to the thought of enjoying your sexy young body! Mine certainly has...and I'm only imagining seeing you! You have nothing to worry about though, it's just horny guys being horny guys...

  • :Nothing to worry about'. I hope so, I had a bit of an event with my dad last night. After a shower I normally return to my room just with a towel around me, normally no one around and I use huge towel that covers everything. Last night I forgot my towel, I found a clean towel stored in the bathroom and used that but it was a bit small. I wrapped it round me and it wasn't really enough. To cover my boobs my bum was on show, so I went for a compromise. The towel was just over my nipples and just covering my essentials lower down. I hear no one so open the door, and my dad suspiciously appears and starts talking to me. He keeps me talking for at least 5 mins as I try to keep my nipples covered and keep his eyes from looking down. My chest is on show and what cleavage I have. I was conscious the towel was opening at the side so I had to get in my room. I turned and walked in to my room I felt the towel ride up enough to expose my bum cheeks. I wanted to use my hand to cover them but I needed one to hold the towel up and another to shut the door. So dad has a pretty refreshed image of me, and he went straight in the bathroom, odd given he has an en suite! I'm sure you can suggest why.
    Oh well, whoops lol

  • That's awesome - I think it's only fair you let the towel "slip" and give him a proper view one time know you'd both enjoy it! ;-)

  • 'only fair' do you think it's his right to see me naked? Lol. More seriously though it does make me think slot about bikinis. They are so revealing, sexy but slot is on show. I guess by wearing the bikini I have opened that box and can't put it back. He has seen me in that bikini all holiday, now it's gone. If we assume that you are right that it is ok that he looks as it's a natural male thing (dad or brother) then it like showing someone something fun then putting it out of reach. It would make sense that they would be looking forward to the next family holiday. I'm not sure it means I should show them my body, but it makes it understandable and maybe I shouldn't have let them see what they saw in the first place. But do I mind or care I don't know.

  • Are you afraid to be naked in front of your immediate family? You shouldn't be, its totally normal.

  • It's not though is it! I'm not afraid, but it seems inappropriate. That said they will have seen me in less than most do

  • I walk around naked at home alot and i know of others that do the same. It definitely isn't inappropriate. We have been programmed into thinking its wrong when its not. It really is ok.

  • I think you like your dad seeing your body ;)

  • I may not mind or care but not sure I like. I have understood over the last year the power girls hold with their bodies and I like that I have the power, be it a potential boyfriend or dad or brother at home.

  • I'd also love to see that pic of you bending over in your bikini too! Would love to know I'm actually wanking over you! And once I'd focussed on you cumming, as above, I'd love you to start stroking my cock and make me cum while you watch... ;-)

  • I don't have it, it's on my dad's phone and I'm sure you understand that I did not send it to him. I don't think I could get it off his phone without leaving evidence.
    He has a few pics, but two views if you like. Pics of my bum when I am bending over in the bikini and pics of my boobs as I bend over forward.
    In the pics of my bum in one as the bikini has pulled inwards you can see both my bum cheeks in full, in another the bikini is bunched between my legs in the 'gap' so you can see the outline of my ahem 'lower lips'. I recall feeling confident in the bikini but in the pics I look almost naked.
    To be straight up with you, even if I had them I would not send them too you due to the risk of them getting on the internet, I don't want to be recognised. Sorry. Happy to help but have to stay safe

  • You're absolutely right not to even consider posting it anywhere - they're just for your Dad and Bro! I really appreciate the descriptions though...feel like I've seen them myself now....and will definitely be picturing them later when I'm able to "enjoy them"! Can I ask you a question just so I can picture you more..? Are you the same body size as that girl? And do you shave beneath the bikini? ;-)

  • Yes we are the same size, shape etc, she even looks like me. We could be cousins, sisters even! I trawled a lot of pictures of girls in bikinis looking for someone that looked like me. If anyone looked at my search history they would think I was in to girls lol
    The big difference is her amazing tan, I am very white lol.
    I actually asked a friend if the girl looked like me, and my friend replied 'totally' and asked who she was. I did not tell her why I wanted the pic lol
    Regards the other thing, that seems a really personal question, but I guess it's ok. Yes I shave down there. I go for all off. I think all girls do now.
    I have a shower every morning and do it in the shower, have done it for about a year. I think my hair is pretty slow growing as I don't get stubbly (sorry too much detail maybe) so the razor glides over smoothly. (I have a friend who talks to me about razor burn urgh) sorry if I made that unsexy lol

    Is hair or lack of it a big thing for men, I heard men like girls smooth down there, but that may be a rumour?? I went for all off because once you need to do the bikini line it's as easy to do the lot lol

  • Shaved or not is a personal thing but I love it all off and nice and smooth...looks amazing and is much nicer to go down on! I'd love to help you out next time...soaping you up, carefully shaving your pussy hair and checking it's all smooth with my tongue....paying close attention to your slit and letting my tongue slide along and inside tasting you...! ;-)

  • I can imagine what a tongue feels like down there and it sounds so good, I wish I could try on myself. I'm pretty bendy but not sure if I could do it.
    I was very nervous first time I did it in case I was judged. Afterwards I couldn't decide if it made me look more grown up or younger. It was more sensitive and I could feel my underwear all day, I was kinda horny when I got home. I can't see me ever going back to hair, but it seems unfair girls get hair, I wish I was naturally smooth from the neck down. Lol

  • Well don't ever stop - there definitely is nothing nicer than a smooth freshly shaved pussy!!

  • Thanks, I won't stop, but I don't think men ever understand how much effort we put in to looking good. I couldn't cope with a bush lol but always being super smooth is a lot of work.
    Can I ask, do you get pleasure from licking pussy (is that the preferred word with men btw?) I had assumed it was just for giving pleasure to the girl?
    (Also doesn't the word pussy mean hair, like pussycat? Can you have a bald pussy?)

  • Again, a personal thing I guess but I love licking and tasting pussy and preferably a nice smooth shaved one!

  • I thought about this in bed last night

  • Well....i'd be more than happy to gently lick you as you lie in bed, tasting your pussy, gently fingering you, before moving you down so my cock slips into your mouth and you suck me till I'm nice and hard and then....I'd love to gently slide my cock inside you kissing you passionately!

  • Hi, i'm the 18 year old who is sexually involved with her brother. I would worry yourself too much about your dad and brother finding you sexually attractive. Alot of men will find you attractive because you are a very pretty girl. Sex is great with someone you LOVE and TRUST. Thats why some people choose to lose their virginity to a family member and its a great way and probably the best way to learn about sex.

  • Hi thanks for joining, I get that it's hard to not find someone attractive when you find them attractive, so I don't hold it against my dad and brother but its still weird. I am not thinking of anything sexual with them at all, omg no.

  • Hi, hope you don't mind i'm just joining in on your conversation. I'm a daughter and some experience in this, so feel free to ask any questions :) wise not to post any photographs of yourself and don't give out any personal details.

  • Hi, and welcome!
    Can I ask what your experience is and your age?
    I think this is something a lot of girls experience and have to work through. Nice to hear others with similar experience, I'm sure I will have lots of questions once I hear your story.

  • Hi, i'm 18 and i am currently having a sexual relationship with my brother who is 21. I've always been aware of his attraction towards me and its ok. It is normal for male members of your family to be attracted to you and to take notice of you and from the photo you left a link to, you must be very pretty. I'm so glad you didn't post a photo of yourself. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for letting me join on your conversation :)

  • Very surprised to hear you have a sexual relationship with your brother, and you are so open about talking about it, I was a little shocked.
    I think I am still in denial about how my dad and brother may see me. I understand they are probably wanking over my pics a lot but it hasn't sunk in. I'm not sure what else they may be doing, or want to, but I am curious to know.
    Thank you for complimenting on my picture, I know it's not me but it is freakishly close, almost twins (except her amazing tan), so I take it as a compliment to me.
    How did you get from thinking your brother was admiring your body to having sex with him?

  • Hi, hope i didn't surprise or shock you too much lol. I've always been close to my brother and affectionate towards each other, also a little flirtatious. We always hug and kiss and we go out and do stuff together but we do have our own friends as well. Sometimes we would crash in the same bed and talk about stuff thats going on in our lifes. One night we were talking about crap ex boyfriends and girlfriends and i said i wish i had a boyfriend like you then i kissed him properly. We had sex for the first that night. This started about 3 months ago and i've got no regrets. In regards to your situation, i've got no doubt that your dad and brother think about you sexually and thats ok. If everyone is completely honest i'm sure most people have thought that way about a relative at one time or another.

  • I can't imagine that happening with me, and I don't want it to, but very interesting to hear

  • Hi, you should never anything you're not comfortable with. I didn't see the point in suppressing natural urges and i'm so glad i initiated it.

  • That sounds really horny! Have you ever flirted with or had thoughts about your Dad? ;-)

  • I have had thoughts about my dad but never flirted with him.

  • Like you say though, if your brother obviously fancies you, I'm sure your Dad has similar thoughts and fantasies... If you flirted and it was reciprocated you could end up with the full at each end lol ;-)

  • Hi, i would definitely be open to idea.

  • Well maybe have a little fun flirting with your Dad and see if he reciprocates... You could end up making his dreams come true! And from your side imagine how horny and naughty it'd feel to have the cock that made you thrusting inside your pussy! ;-)

  • Perhaps i'll try over the weekend. I'll let you know what happens.

  • Did you ever get anywhere with your Dad?

  • I tried but the furthest i've got with him is a longer kiss than usual, with a little bit of tongue. ;)

  • Lol - good effort though - maybe lock eyes next time and keep the kiss going. Wearing a loose fitting top would give his eyes a treat as he looked down! ;-)

  • Thank you for the advice. I 've asked my dad if i can sleep in his bed tonight and he has said yes! So tonight i'm going to try my luck. Wish me luck. ;)

  • Awesome! How old are you btw? Even if nothing happens to start with...he'll fall asleep at some point....a wandering hand or mouth to wake up to is never a bad thing! Have fun.... ;-)

  • Great night last night! My dad went to bed first and i joined him 10 minutes later. I took all my clothes off and got in bed with him, not something i would normally do, but i wanted to make sure he got the right signal. I cuddled up to him straight away, he was laying on his back and i got in along side. I was so nervous my heart was pounding out of my chest and i nearly chickened out. After a few minutes of deciding whether to go through with it or not i took a deep breath and I pulled my dad's face towards me and started kissing him again, only this time alot more tongue! That was enough to get things started before i knew it he was on top after taking his boxers off and we were having sex! It only lasted for about 5 minutes but it was great. Hope it doesn't sound too much like a porn movie lol but i've tried to explain it the way i can.

  • That's amazing - well done! How old are you btw? Did he cum? Think you'll do it again?

  • It was amazing! I'm 18, sorry you asked me before didn't you? Lol My dad did cum and luckily i'm on the contraceptive pill ;) Spoke about it this morning, it was a little awkward and my dad looked worried but i told him that i enjoyed last night and was happy to make it a regular thing. He agreed, luckily.

  • He's one lucky Dad then! I hope the next time lasts longer than 5 mins! What do you look like btw? Would love to be able to picture you!

  • I think we are both lucky! I'm sure it will last longer next time lol I'm 5'7, slim with long dark brown hair and pale skin.

  • Make sure you let me know how the next time goes! Do you have a shaved pussy? What size tits? You sound stunning btw!

  • I'll definitely let you know! I have small boobs i would roughly a handful lol and i have a hairy pussy but its neat and tidy. I going to my dad's room again tonight. I'll give you an update on Monday.

  • Hi just thought i would let you know what's happening between me and my dad. We have had sex three more times over the weekend and its been great! We are really enjoying ourselves and i feel more connected to my dad. Sex is lasting longer now lol.

  • Awesome! Has he cum in you again? I can only imagine how amazing it would be to cum inside your own daughter! I bet it feels so naught and horny to have the cock that made you thrusting and exploding inside you! ;-)

  • He did cum each time and i think the taboo nature of sex with family member makes it very intense and exciting. Totally recommend it. It is the best sex i've had! I'm going away with some friends tomorrow until the weekend, i'm really going to miss him. Can't wait to get back!

  • Well I hope it continues being as much fun for you both! ;-)

  • Thank you, i'm sure it will

  • You sound so hot girl! Do you look like anyone I can pull up on the web? Other than 32b bikini

  • Https://
    I looked for ages, this girl looks the closest to me I think, but my bikini is bright yellow, I look a little younger and a lot less tanned lol

  • You can wear or not wear as much or as little as you like in front of your family.

  • Thanks

  • I'd ask your parents about this one. They probably have an opinion. My wife and I have 2 daughters, but we did not let them wear two-piece bikinis until they were 16. And that was mostly my wife's call, and she wears bikinis all of the time.

  • What did you think of your daughters assets when you saw them in their bikini's?

  • They have good DNA. My wife and I did well.

  • My mum is ok with whatever I choose, it was an argument last year, she doesn't want to argue again

  • If you don't mind me asking, what size breasts does your wife have?

  • 40C

  • Wear a white bikini that you can see through when it gets wet.

  • I have my bikini already thanks, it's bright yellow

  • My daughter wears bikinis but they are full coverage ones, this is not an issue for me because she does not wear the one that leave little to the imagination. Just be mindful of what your exposing and go with large coverage and you should be fine. If you have larger breasts go for something with some support because water will push the fabric around a lot.

  • Strangely, thinking about the scene playing out at the beach has made me horny.

  • Ha ha sorry

  • Of course it's fine. You don't want to be naked in front of them, so wear your tiny bikini. If they don't like, they don't have to look. If they do, let them look.

    Enjoy yourself!

  • I think enjoying myself is the key thing, but how ok is it if they look?, Should I have to accept them looking?

  • If you're enjoying yourself, and you sound like you're confident in your body, wear it. And if they look and like what they see, what's the harm in that?

  • Hopefully no harm at all, I hope

  • That will be so great darling nothing to worry about, ensure you show off quite a lot

  • It's not to show off it's about tan and confidence

  • So do you fill out your bikini top enough that your brother might start getting ideas??

  • By fill do you mean boob size? If so I am a 32b, yes I fill it.

  • They sound just beautiful. I'm sure they are very firm too. I wish I could be there to see.(chuckle)

  • Ha ha I bet. Yes I think they are pretty firm, in comparison to friends at least. They tend to stay where they are without a bra at least

  • It's a vacation, and you want to get tan lines to show your friends don't you? I'd wear a bikini. Yes your dad and brother may look, along with a lot of other guys. You will need to get used to it sometime. Might as well be now.

  • Thanks for the positive response. I have become used to men looking at me for a couple of years now, I guess my brother and dad are no different to any other guys and once it's done it's done. Thank you

  • Just make sure you give your Dad and brother a cheeky smile when you catch them having a sneaky peek....that'll add greatly to their pleasure later while they stroke their cocks thinking about you! ;-)

  • We I don't want to think about that

  • I have a very cute step-daughter and whilst I'd never touch her, the occasional wank over seeing her in something tiny does harm done, just playful fantasy! How old are you btw? And how small is the yellow bikini? ;-)

  • I'm 16, not sure how to describe a bikini size. The part round my waist is just string so I don't get a tan line, also string round my back, halter is a little wider. Main bit covers what you would expect, hope that clarifies.

  • Sounds like it's a nice normal bikini but with enough to make you look great. Do you mind the idea of guys having a "play" at the sight/thought of you? ;-)

  • I guess when you first realise men look at you, you realise you are sexually attractive and you have this realisation that you are a sexual being, and it makes you think alot about sex. Then you think about what men want to do with you and then all guys seem creepy. Then you get used to the idea that a guy may have a 'play' thinking of you, and accept it will happen. So i guess I don't mind

  • It's all only ever through loving feelings, it's just society has a problem when it comes to family. Let a little flash "accidentally" happen, enjoy the power you have and give the boys (incl. your Dad!) something to "play" over...

  • Ha ha flashing them is maybe a bit far

  • I'm a 16 year old girl and I love when I am at the beach or pool and I can see guys (including my dad) staring at me in my bikini , knowing that they will touch themselves thinking of latee

  • Well make sure you give them a nice view to wank over then! Maybe a little flash for your Dad when you put your top on then! Am sure he won't mind! ;-)

  • I love the idea of getting them all excited at the thought of me and them thinking about me while they cum

  • If you love the idea of getting them excited you need to let your towel accidentally drop as you come back from the shower when you know your Dad or brother is watching and let them see it all!

  • Its been a few weeks and i have been flirting with my dad and brother a lot wearing provocative clothes etc. and last night I lost my virginity to my 19 year old brother.

  • Awesome! How did that happen?

  • Men look dad and brother too it's a natural reaction to admire a sexy young shapely girl be brave be confident and do it

  • I can be brave, it's my body just don't want to be suggestive

  • Girls are meant to be sexy and a bit suggestive trust me x

  • Despite my age, I get that. I have dresses that are very short, I'm not naive about the attraction it gets. I know how to dress suggestively, even if there is nothing on offer, and I have been brave to do dress that way for parties, but not family holidays

  • You sound a very level headed young lady dress in what makes you happy a good body is a gift x

  • Thanks, I am aware that I have been blessed with the body I have, and I could use it to manipulate men. I don't want my achievements in life to all be because I am pretty, I am intelligent and hope to go to uni. I believe in feminism and as such no man should tell me what I should wear, I should be free to wear anything or even nothing. I also believe I am entitled to feel sexy if I want and accept that sexy is sexual and whilst my body is all mine I have no right to judge someone looking at me, they are using their eyes.

  • Well said and you do sound happy where you are a real breath of fresh air xx

  • Thank you

  • ..well after all this I'd definitely like to be on that beach and be admiring your wardrobe choice...and would obviously be happy to help you shower the sand off afterwards lol! 😉

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