My GF just came out as Bisexual

I have been dating my girlfriend for nearly a year, and last night when drunk she admitted she was bisexual. I asked why she only just said and she said she thought I would think she was off chasing girls, needing a bit of both lol. Drunk I stupidly said I don't care if you wanna have sex with other women it's hot (I was thinking about lesbian porn not the real world)
This morning as we chatted she asked if she could invite someone for dinner tonight, fine I said, then she told me it was a girl she fancies at work.
I'm not sure what happened but I think I may have agreed for my girlfriend to have sex with someone else, albeit a girl.
Should I stop it, or hope for a threesome?

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  • I think if you stifle who she now that you know this it won't serve you well to impede her. If you think about it's her body and you don't own it. Who are you to say yes or no what she does. It's your choice to either accept it or leave her because you can't.

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