My mom wants me to be Slutty at 13, Should I?

I am 13 and my mom started buying me skimpy bikini panties to wear when I was around 8, got my bras at 11 and tinyer and racy bikini panties at 12. At my 13th birthday party a week ago I had a few boys attending. When it came time to open gifts my best friend says Ashlee let me open this one for you it says to you from your special someone. I knew it was from my mom but they didn't. When she removed the wrapping away from the box it reveal a black box with the words "adore me". Amanda continues to open the box and a she pulls out a sexy thong with a matching lacy bra and then a tinyer set that was a G-string panty with a matching lacy bra as well. All the girls just say whooooooo!!! And I quickly reach for the items in Amanda's hand and put them back in the box. The few boys who where there never said anything. Later that night a boy who was at the party text me and says if I tried on my new underwear yet. I just replied no. Then He says when ? I respond IDK. And he says ok to let him know. I want to wear them and does anyone think for me not to? I want to tell this boy when I do. Should I do this? ----- Eager

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  • Yes wear them with a dress and let the boy know.

  • I did

  • Start giving blow jobs.

  • What you should do is stop lying.

  • Cool mom!!! Wear them!! Tell the boy when you do. Dress or skirt with them on underneath.

  • Your mom approves. Wear them, tell the boy when you do. And yes wear them with a dress.

  • Yes, wear them, your mom approves reason she gave them 2 you. I am 16 and wear them since 13 akso. You will be fine. Wear them with a dress, if you like the boy tell him when you do. If you don't like him, don't tell him when you wear them.

  • What age you start wear sexy panties and bra

  • I was 12 when mom started buying me sexy things

  • Yes

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