Saw daughter and her friends naked on camping trip

My daughter and her friends wanted to go on a camping trip, stay by a lake in the middle of know where, have fun whatever. As parents we all agreed that they shouldn't be in the middle of know where unsupervised so me and another dad went along and camped further round the lake and gave them a walkie-talkie in case they needed us. I told my daughter I was not their to police them I was for safety, but keep it simple. I even bought them alcohol, Coll dad huh. Anyway first night, bit of noise, I said I would go investigate, when I got to their camp they had been skinny dipping. They didn't see me but I saw them, all of them, fully naked going from lake to tent. As a dad I wanted to cover my daughter up but thought it might look bad if I waded in to a group of naked girls, so I stayed hidden and watched till they were all in tents.

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  • How old were they?

  • Did you wank thinking of what you saw?

  • Maybe

  • Wife and I are active nudist at a local club. I see many of our friends daughters naked all summer. We were all just raised openly like that. It's not a big deal.

  • Do use have sex in front of them at all or watch others having sex out in the open

  • It is very hard not to look I'll give you that

  • Very hard

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