Friends wife

My best friend has the hottest wife , I have been infatuated with her for so long it isn't funny. We had a small get together in our back yard and were drinking hot buttered rums with ice cream in them. I went into the house to make everyone some more and watching her outside with my friend and wife I lost it. She's so beautiful I started masturbating as I was looking then I got off into her cup made the drinks and went out and handed them out. Watching her drink it and then turning to me and telling me I make a great drink was over stimulating I instantly was hard again. All I could do was sit there watching her enjoy a cup with my cum in it.

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  • Every morning, my long-legged brunette wife pours herself a cup of coffee and puts cream in it. She takes just a few sips to get her "caffeine jolt" and then hops into the shower. I have my "morning wood" from watching her parade around the kitchen in her t-shirt and skimpy panties, so I drop my drawers and proceed to ejaculate my always-massive morning load into the cup of coffee she's left for herself on the kitchen table. The coffee is still piping hot, so my cum stirs in easily (which I do with her spoon). Then I watch her drink every last drop and get hard again. She's clueless!

    She rarely gives me blow jobs and when she does refuses to swallow. This is my way of making sure she gets some extra "daily protein."

  • My friend left his phone in my truck, I was just looking at all the pictures he has of her. Damn she's so hot

  • Im the cook in the family. My wife and daughters friends have gotten a little something extra more than they will ever know.

  • I also have swallowed plenty of cum, but this is gross, and yet hot. I AM CONFLICTED!!!

  • Well thank you I think

  • I think it hinges on this for me: If I was into the guy I'd be turned on. If he disgusted me I'd be disgusted.

  • I don't know if she is into me or not

  • Not that I haven't swallowed my share of semen, but what you did was kinda disgusting.

  • I know I just couldn't help myself

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