Can't stand my Sister in Law, But let her have me one night.

Uptight Rich bitch of a sister in Law, Getting home after midnight and 2 lady out cold drunk on the couch from the church, I new there was a potluck dinner at my house. Got undressed and got in bed and the Bitch was next to me in a a granny panties & bra, Well we sleep nude and my wife was half dressed and out drunk. Fuck it she is going to wake up with me next to her nude. Sometime in the night the bitch was just holding my cock and asleep, so I started playing with her pussy getting her wet, then she got on my cock and fucked me until I cummed deep inside her and she keeps going an I filled her up a 2nd time. Now I can't stand her at all then she hot but a real Bitch. Couldn't fall back to sleep and got dressed and sleeped in my work clothing, when she left all she said was "you sleeped in your work clothes and all I said was you where in my bed and she left. Now when I see her I can't think is I went there and never would I do it again even if she was sober. Thinking about it she is the last pussy I would ever fuck and I let it happen but I did it and now I have a hard time looking at her when I see her.

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  • Oh I wish it never happened, and I think she know what she did and wants more.

  • Nothing wrong that your sister in law wants more

  • I couldn't stand my sister-in-law she is always prim and proper got two kids she's 52 and I'm 48 we've had the old argument until one night at a party she was hosting she's nothing special but late night changed everything between us two now we just can't get enough of each other

  • Last time I saw her, ran her hand up my leg and I stopped her. Then she told me what she wanted more. Told her loss the panties & keep her pussy clean shaved never let me fill hair on her! Then we can hook up. Then I haven't answered her calls making her work for it when I'm ready ok when I'm home alone drunk. Oh there is nothing good out of this, oh Honey your sister wants to Fuck Me. Now we are swingers but we never mix friends with swinger, Her Sister I'm Fucked.

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