How's this for funny

I swear this really happened.

When I was 15 my dad, step mom and I moved to a new house. Everything was going great till I got sick at school and had to leave.

When I got home I went up to my room and took a nap. About an hour later I woke up not only feeling better but horny to. I got online and found my favorite site , found a movie then began to masturbate. About ten minutes in a scene came on that showed a man that could suck his own dick. I was really turned on and thought "I could do that" Well turns out I could get the head in my mouth . So I played with my cock while licking head. I just pulled my cock out and started squirting cum allover my lips and face when all of a sudden my bedroom door swings open and my stepmom was giving her church group a tour of the new house. They stood and stared a few seconds before stepmom slammed the door.
15 minutes later stepmom knocks this time. I tell her to come in and when she does the only thing she said was "Idle hands are the devil's workshop"
Damn it was classic8


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  • I used to suck my dick too. Had a hard time doing it when I turned 18. 10 yrs later I can rub it against my lips, but that’s it. My back hurts too much to wrap my lips around it. I do cum on my face every once in awhile, but I’m not into cum. Unless it’s from a cute tgirl or a guy with a mushroom cock.

  • That is too funny.... I was flexiable enough at that age to suck my own cock. I did it once to see if I could. Then again to enjoy it, not gay or even thought about being bi. I just have no issues licking a lover after cumming in her pussy.

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