Girls who like speculums

Hi I am
Wanting to hear from any women/ladies/girls who like playing or using specilums, or women who get sexually excited about going for a gyno exam and having this tool inserted.

I’m sorry to sound rude here but I don’t want to here from guys who think they fall into this category unless you use it on a female/wife/girlfriend/ sub or slave.



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  • I’m a Gyno, and yes some women will orgasm as I take the device and slowly open it up, slowly so that they feel the warm steel on the Labia as my gloved fingers feel the edges. Then at last the vsgina is speed open and the clit is there naked to see.

  • Stop your smut dr mac beff! you are as dirty as a motzfart.

  • Macbeth of scotland stop abusing women you distuging fool and go home to your foul bomb car ride anita.

  • As if....

  • For a doctor, you could use some spelling and anatomy lessons.

  • Yeah if you’re going to say you’re a gyno, at least google where the clit is!

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