Lovely feet

A few years there was a certain bank branch I always used to go to. The branch manager was young, beautiful, sweet , and very friendly, She always used to wear nylons with low quarter inch heels. I have always kept my foot fetish and my desire to be hurt a secret. I used to sit in her office and wish I could lay down on the floor and have her walk all over me with them. I know it would hurt like hell, but I still wanted it.
Sometimes she would kick her shoes off. I wanted to smell her feet so bad, I wanted to kiss them and I would have loved for her to step on my face. I know her feet would smell sweet. I thought about picking up one of her shoes and sticking my nose in it, but what would she think of me? Would she be mad? suddenly I got this vision of her kicking my face in with those heels. Then I started thinking what she could do to a rapist of child molester with those heels and it wasnt pretty. I was turned on by it and afraid of her at the same time. the strange thing is I wanted her to do that to me and the more I became afraid of it, the more of a turn on it became.

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  • What is it with hot banks girls and their pretty petite feet in nylons. I once dated hot woman named Rachel who was a busy loan manager. I used to pick her up from work in a her cute work uniform and drive out to the countryside. Where she would lean over and give me a blowjob while I rummaged in her knickers and fingered her arsehole. She would often finish me off with a nylon footjob while I came all over her feet

  • Eleven years ago I asked out the pretty assistant branch manager with beautiful feet at my credit union. That first date I could hardly take my eyes off her beach tanned feet and red painted toes. I told her that night how pretty her feet were. It caught her off guard because no one had told her that before and she had never dated someone with a foot fetish. Thankfully she wasn't freaked out by it and we've been married for the past nine years. She still gets shivers up her spine when I touch her feet. She loves to masturbate while thinking of me touching her feet. And she LOVES when I suck her toes and kiss her feet and ankles while we're fucking.

  • I worked with a woman and we are about the same age in our thirties, married to other people. She would always kick off her shoes in the afternoon claiming that her feet needed a break, we flirted now and then but one day when she kicked of her shoes and made a comment about her feet I told her I could massage them. She turned around and put them right in my lap and told me I thought you would never ask, she was wearing a skirt and did not care that I could see right up to her panties. She kept telling me how damn good this felt then she just started asking for them in the afternoon and would always just slide down in her chair and give me a great view of her.
    She came in one day and told me that she wanted to go out to lunch tomorrow and did I want to go with her, I told her yes. We got back to her car which was a mini van and she asked me if I wanted to make love in the back, she folded down the rear seats and in minutes she was naked and I was licking and kissing every inch of her. She pulled her legs up and put her feet right in my face, I massaged them and sucked on her toes while she played with herself. She was moaning out and had an orgasm in just a few minutes, I kissed my way down to her pussy and gave her another orgasm. When I started entering her she pulled her legs back up and asked me to suck her toes again while I was making love to her. She has been by far the hottest woman I have made love to in my life.

  • Has anyone else noticed their gmail account losing emails and then they turn up 5 months later or never and you know you wrote them and sent them but can't find them? does anyone else feel like people are hacking into their gmail accounts at all?

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