Out of control

How many married men out there that have been with there wife for 20 years + knowing your the only man they have ever been with , For some reason you start having thoughts of showing them off I can't be the only one . At this point ive not done anything really bad , It all started with a photo I was looking at of my wife dressed has a tart because we went to a Vickers and tarts party . There was a knock on the door it was are neighbour so I put the photo down , We got talcount when he noticed the photo picked it up and was looking and paying a lot of attention to it . Next thing he said your wife looks very sexy have you got anymore , I just laughed about it but him looking at her picture and wanting to see more got to me . The next time he popped around i showed him some more photos none was showing her rude bits , Then he said do you like showing me photos of your wife I said yes then he said does it turn you on I said no he asked again . I said a little bit I suppose then he said show me some rude ones I said like what he said you know I said no you tell me what you want to see . It was turning me on when he said show me some of her tits and cunt so I did we both loved it he said he couldn't look at her again in the same way . He said I'll imagine her naked at this point it was driving me mad I said what would you like to see again tell me . He said I want to see your wife's big firm tits and her tight bald pussy in reality it will happen somehow I'm sure

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  • I was working away on a job and the guy who I was working with who I thought I would never see again turned up at my house , The problem his i showed him some photos of my wife in various States of undress because I got off on it. I asked him what he was doing here he said he was passing this area and thought he would call in and see the real thing , my wife , I was horrified and said what do you have in mind he said I don't know you like showing her off you think of something . Fortunately for me my wife was working away he left and said he will be back and I had to think of a way to show her off to him , Any ideas only she would not go for it how can we get her to show her self ?

  • I show my wifes photos all the time. All the men that has seen the photos knows my wife so they wouldn’t tell her . I’m happy doing this. If I could I would show all the guys that wanted to see

  • Got drunk with the neighbour.Showed him nude pics of my wife.He said she was quite hot and would definitely smash her pussy in.The thought of this was going round my head for weeks.I asked my wife what she thought of him,she said he seemed like a nice guy and was good looking.I told her he said he thought she was hot and he'd love to fuck her.Oh really she said.She asked what did I say.I let slip that id be up for watching that.She had an open mouth shocked surprise expression on her face,which turned into a dirty grin.She asked if that's what id want.I said I wouldn't mind.Few weekends later we were at my neighbours having drinks.Sometime later I gave my wife a signal and she started things off.He had just came back from gettin drinks and she stopped him by putting a hand on his crotch.He was shocked but I gave him a thumbs up and said here's your chance.He dropped his pants and my wife went to work on his cock.I was shocked at how big he was when he got fully hard.She sucked him off real good,deep throating every inch.I watched and stroked,enjoyin the show.He soon had taken off all her clothes and she lay on her back so he could lick her out.She was really enjoyin it and I watched as she came twice on his tongue and mouth.She pulled him up towards her,hungry for dick.She sucked him some more as he plunged three fingers in her slippery slit.Then positioned himself over her and started sliding his swollen headed cock into her eager wet pussy.I watched as it slowly slid into her and almost blew my load.She gasped as his nearly 9 inches filled her tight hole.

  • He started thrusting into her slowly and then built up speed makin her moan wonderfully.Her moans were so erotic I thought that alone would make me jizz.The pussy slammin continued and she had another orgasm.He pulled out and she got on her knees for some doggy shots.He slipped in easily as she was so wet and wide.He pounded her really hard.Holdin onto her shoulders and shoving his dick hard all the way in.She moaned so loudly and said oh fuck alot.She had another orgasm and was so load that I shot my load all over myself.Then he groaned and rammed her harder and filled her deep with his seed.He stayed in her thrusting slowly and I could see the jizz seeping out around the sides of his cock and over her red well fucked pussy lips.He pulled out and was drippin cum over her tummy.She rubbed her pussy and spread his jizz over her cunt.They dressed and we went home soon after.While in bed my wife snuggled up to me and said thanks for that.I soon was hard and stripped our clothes off before going down on her and cleaning her out real good.Then we fucked for a little bit till I came.We snuggled and slept.

  • I paid for my wife to have a photo shoot done it was exciting seeing her pose for the photographer , She was wearing her best clothes the photographer said he had some outfits she could try on if she wanted to look more sexy . After some time and persuasion she agreed she put on a teddy stockings and high heeled slutty shoes she looked awesome , I think the photographer knew I liked it when he suggested that she should drop her straps she did this . Then he said pull your top down if that's alright with you I said why not , My wife looked nervous and said I'm to shy the photographer said let hubby do it .So I Stood behind her and slowly pulled it down until her tits was on full display after many photos she was relaxed , He asked me again if she would expose her bottom half this time again she said No she got dressed just before we left I said maybe next time . She said I'm not doing it again ok lets get it over with so she stood in front of the camera took her dress off then her bra , The photographer said to her take your knickers off she done what he said after many photos he said ok one real dirty one make it good .My wife looked at me I nodded she opened her legs he was snapping away then he said pull your lips apart she did this .Then went and got dressed we've never done it again and she won't talk about it but I have the photos so does the photographer ?

  • I know I married out of my league by a whole lot. Yes I'm very proud she is on my arm and I would love to show her hot body off but alas she is so very shy.
    I worked on her for a couple years to go with me to a nudist club. Finally she did I think to shut me up. She was very scared but we met some nice people and that made her feel ok about it. Then we visited a few more times and she loved it. I make every excuse in the world for us to have company at home since we are now nudist and I want to show her naked body off. Lots of pics of her naked body are around the house. I don't show the raw sex pics, I don't know if I want to go that far with people we know.

  • I want to show my wife off so bad

  • I would like to see her. Drrfiretto@gmale.com

  • Tell us about her it will turn you on , Describe her body tits and down below underwear shoes clothes secrets

  • She has a slim body and very nice curves! her nipples are small and has firm breasts. she works out so she has nice legs and an amazing ass. she also keeps her pussy bald. FUCK this is turning me on!! i want to show her off so fucking much!

  • How old is she what does she like sexually do you use toys describe anything that turns you on

  • She’s 27. she doesn’t like anything too kinky, but ever since she told me it excites her a little to not wear panties while she’s wearing a short skirt my mind has been fantasizing out of control.

    i’d love for someone to see her pussy, when she’s wearing a short skirt. i want her to walk around the house with clothes with the windows open. i want her to strip in front of a hotel window and for someone to see her. i want to show men online her nudes. i want her to strip for one of my friends and maybe do more!

    i’m extremely extremely tempted to show her off online without her face but i’m too nervous.

  • I'm sure you can.Go to thecuckoldconsultant.com you can show her off all you want.

  • It always is a turn on tell us her Christian names and age what she does for a living the town etc

  • I know how excited you must have felt to show your wife’s nudes to your friend. I know how badly you want her to strip completely naked for him... and maybe do more.

    If I could, I would seduce her and make her strip for me and definitely do more, as you watch.

  • Oh fuck! i would love for my wife to strip for you and for you to do more with her! tell me what you would do to her!

  • I would love to have your wife dress up in black thigh highs and high heels and nothing else. I would love to see her walk around the house like that as we watch. I would love to see her do a striptease for us bending over showing her ass and pussy. Then we take her to the bedroom and start watching porn about threesome. Then she pulls out are cocks and starts sucking them. I flipped her onto her stomach and start licking that got ass as she sucks your cock. Then she lifts her ass in the air and tells me to fuck her ass while u watch. U come over and spread her ass open as I slide my big hard click up her ass. She loves it and you start jerking off. U tell me to fuck her ass hard and to cum in her asshole. She's moaning for it she wants it harder and deeper. I pound her ass till I cum. Then she tell you to fuck her asshole while she sucks my cock. U cum up her ass and our cum is dripping out. Then she asked u if it's ok if I come over and fuck her when your at work. U said ok as long as you video it and no kissing. I said sure.

  • Rip her knickers off and her top and humiliate her by showing her off by a window

  • As long as she would agree to it, that would be fucking hot!!! it would be exciting if people see her!

  • Me and my friend one night started tickling my wife she was quite hysterical and out of control , Her skirt had ridden up showing her tiny thong and I noticed my friend was having a good look , He was touching her legs and her tits ad twice he had is hand on her crutch I loved it

  • Tell me what you would do to her ,And how can we get her to do it

  • Invite me over for dinner and drinks. Will get her drunk and start watching porn maybe about a threesome. Then tell her to put some sexy lingerie on. When she comes back she sits between us as we watch porn. Then you say to her I would like a threesome. And she says yes that is my fantasy. She starts rubbing our cocks and tells us to take them out. She tells us to stand up and starts sucking our cocks. If you want more e mail me at drrfiretto@gmail.com

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