Can women get off while horseback riding

I was just reading a post about horse cock and it briefly mentioned girls riding and get stimulated as they did. Does that happen? I’m a guy buy very in touch with my feminine side and needs. It always looked to me like a woman riding a horse could just position to grind and bounce and rub on the saddle in such a way as to basically masturbate to orgasm. Maybe it doesn’t just naturally occur but if she positions right then it would? I fantasize about having a pussy and that’s one of the things I’d try. Can women who ride weigh in on this? Do you get off when riding. Or does it make you horny and want to fuck when you’re done?

27 days

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    • My girlfriend, now wife was always randy as fuck after doing covers, as they call horsey fucking. I don’t know about coming whilst horse riding but she certainly used to come riding me. Crikey!

    • Well I'm here to tell you, it doesn't happen quite the way you think. I'm a 26 year old mother of two, with a mom body. My parents raised horses, and my husband and I do now. Riding with a saddle can be comforting at times, but if you want to get some juices flowing you gotta ride bare back. But if you wanta have an earth shaking orgasim, you gotta ride naked at a good canter, (little faster then a trot).

    • I that’s a wonderful way mage. Thank you. So may I assume you’ve ridden bareback and naked and had an earth shaking orgasm?

    • Well, let me put it this way. My husband works a lot of long hours here on the farm. So there's those time when you just have to relieve some stress w I think a good orgasim that your fingers or a vibrating dildo can't fix. But going for a bare back horse ride does. We have a lot trails, my husband made in the our woods for riding. They're secluded and I can get naked and ride. But it doesn't always have to be naked, a nice sun dress with no panties works just as well.

    • Oh wow! A sundress with no panties on horse bareback is such an absolutely sexy thought!! Damn that is a hot picture in my mind... Cowgirl hat and boots on too I hope??

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