Mom next door

After I got out of school, i took a job in southern Ohio. I moved into a duplex.apartment. First weekend there,I met the woman next door. She was a stay at home mom of a 1 year old girl. Her husband owned an independent furniture store. He worked 7 days a week,12 or more hours a day. She was bored.Southern Ohio was not like New Jersey.She wanted excitement in her life. It wasn't long before we were having sex. We did a lot of things together.We spent a lot of time at the community pool. People we met at the pool thought we were a married couple. Over the next 4 years she had three babies. She told me they were mine and her husband has no clue. Soon afterwards, they divorced and she moved back to New Jersey. He is paying child support for all four of her children

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  • I live in New Jersey and I'm fucking her now. Nice pussy!

  • Young couple moved into next door.They had a little kid about 2 years old.The guy worked alot,sometimes night shifts too.I was 35 and enjoying the single life.Got friendly with the young mum who was 21.Then we began fucking.She loved the casual sex,just popping over for quick fuck when her bf went to work.Or I would go round to see her.She was a kinky horny slut.Sucking me off when her kid was playing in the living room.Then a quick bend over the table to fuck her.We had some fun for quite a few months.Then she told me she was pregnant but we both agreed that she had to get rid of it.That promptly put an end to the sex.

  • I'm a little sceptical, my husband and I raised 6 children. There is 16 years between our oldest and our youngest. I know it's possible, to have 3 children in 4 years, but I know that's not something I would want to go through. You figure 6 weeks to heal after giving birth, which I needed, my babies were over 9 pounds, with the last two over 10 pounds. Nurse each one for at least two years. I know while I was nursing I didn't get pregnant. It's when I stopped nursing I got pregnant. Which I didn't mind because we wanted a big family.
    However stranger things have been known to happen.

  • Twins?

  • So a man working his ass off to provide for his family, is now impoverished to pay for his tramp wife’s misdeeds. Did you know, in many states, it’s not legal for him to get dna tests in those kids without her permission? Furthermore, in several of those states, even if she agreed to one, and if the test proved they aren’t his, it’d still be to the judge’s discretion whether or not that stopped his bleeding? Another example of how our patriarchal system favors women.

  • You speak truth. Personally if I knew I was getting hosed like that by some dick head I know I wouldn't take it sitting down. I am the type to get medieval.

  • Favors women. And who, pray tell, is raising those kids? The woman, I guess.

  • Yes because the courts default setting is she gets custody (if she wants it). Getting his visitation revoked is not difficult nor uncommon, and he’ll still have to pay. 85% of divorces are filed by women. A large majority are “no fault”.

  • Stop crying you sound like a hurt bitch.

  • There it is. A man points out inequalities men genuinely suffer and he’s told to sit down and shut up. He’s a pussy, a baby.

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