Should always knock first

My son kept disappear to his bedroom so i went to make sure he was ok and walked in on him wanking off,I quickly closed his door and apologized,when he finally came back down i told him it's natural to be doing that,I asked him what got him like that and he said seeing my cleavage,I was thinking what the fuck would he do if i showed him my tits.

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  • I am a man and speaking from in--st experiences, you said what if you showed him your tits, then show him and I guarantee he will want to suck them, let him suck on them as I did with my son and his hands will start to wander in places where they haven't been before and take it from there

  • My mom's tits are what started my thinking about her sexually. I found some photos her photographer boyfriend took of her. She had her sweater pulled up above her tits several poses. To me her tits were perfect. So round, so firm, that I wanted to hold them, fondle them, suck on her nipples, and lick her areolas. Now every girl I date I try to find tits like my mom has.

  • Have her catch you jerking off to her pics, leaving your door open so she can hear

  • You'll never find tits that compare to your mum's tits. You have to accept that nothing other than your mum's tits will do. It's time to try to get your mum in bed.

  • Only one way to find out.

  • Just admit that you want to have sex with your son.

  • If you show son your tits it would be sucky sucky, fucky, fucky.

  • Message me if you want your pussy licked at Snapchat account (hotboy14171)

  • Get lost loser.

  • You should have helped him jerk out his load.

  • Your son was jerking off thinking about your cleavage. If you showed him your tits, he'd want to suck your nipples, then fuck those tits of yours.

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