I raped my ex-wife.

My ex and I have been divorced for over two years, and really don't get along well since we broke up. I ran into her last week at the grocery store and she told me that she had a box full of my stuff that she had found after I moved out and wanted me to come by and pick it up. I asked her when was a good time to come by and get it and she asked if I could follow her home after we both finished shopping, and so I did.
We got to her house and she unlocked the front door and said that her husband was at work for the next few hours, so I followed her inside. She told me to wait by the door and she would be right back with my stuff. As I stood waiting, in what used to be my house, I was suddenly filled with strong emotions I hadn't felt in over a year. The fact that this cheating whore had taken my house and half of my money, and left me with nearly nothing after the divorce, left me full of anger and rage, which suddenly burst forth like a backed up toilet. After about a minute, she came back with a box full of stuff and bent over to set it down on the table in the hallway. As she bent over, her short dress hiked up near her sexy ass cheeks, and I remembered why I had married her hot ass in the first place. I immediately grabbed her dress and lifted it up, then yanked her panties down around her ankles. As she screamed and slapped at me, I was able to get her bent over in front of me. Her panties ripped in two as I forced her legs apart. I whipped out my rock hard cock and tried to ram it up her ass, but she managed to spin around, facing me, and tried to hit me in the face again, so I pushed her down on the floor. I jumped on top of her and held her arms down to the floor. I used my legs to force her legs apart, then rammed my cock up her pussy. After a few deep strokes, she started to get really wet and her pussy was dripping all over my cock. She stopped screaming and cussing and started moaning in pleasure. I blew my load in her after about three minutes, then got up without saying a word, grabbed my box of stuff then left. I spent the next two days waiting for the cops to show up and arrest me, but so far They haven't.


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  • You are going to jail, asshole.

  • Bitch had it coming.

  • Your really in the shit buddy, she does not have to go straight to the police she can hold onto it for a while till your confident your off scot free then knock,knock on your door, oh crap !!!

  • You are not out of the dark yet. Very common for prosecutors to take their sweet ass time putting the paperwork through the channels. If you live in a heavily populated area could be the back log but they will get to it. I get what your saying I lost to my ex large in divorce court plus I had to buy my own business back from her.

  • And so you post it on a public form for a public confession?

  • If she invited you over ,told you her husband wouldn't be home for hours she was probably looking to get fucked. If you played it right you probably could have spent a few hours in bed getting your dick sucked and fucking her. The route you took explains why you are divorced dumb ass.

  • This is exactly what my ex wife started doing two years after she got remarried. She would call me because she found something of mine that she wanted me to come get. It was always when her husband wasn't around and she always made sure she was half dressed when I got there. Even though we would agree on a time to meet she would always tell me she didn't expect me to be there that early. After the second time she asked me over and she was in a wife beater with out a bra and tiny little shorts while mentioning her husband was gone for the day about three times I figured she was looking to get fucked. It started out with me giving her a little slap on the ass and her responding by shaking it while coyly looking back at me. Ten minutes later we are fucking like animals in her bed. We have carried this on for the last three years, I get the coded call that she found this or that and wants me to come over then we spend a few hours fucking.

  • Reporting fest..,who's with me?

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