Desire humiliation

Im a man who secretly wants to be humiliated and dominated by a woman or a group of women. I want to be made to wear humiliating clothes, my orgasms denied or controlled, and body used for my mistresses pleasure. The thought of one or more women forcing me to cum by pounding me with a strap on makes me really hard.

But I’m not submissive. How can I be trained to submit and obey and be dominated?

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  • The uk queen elizabeth is a complete slut and bitch. if only people knew!

  • OK Sweetie time to update Mistress on your progress I hope you are not pulling the head off MY fantastic cock, I just can't stop thinking of it and what fun I could have.
    First, what contents do you have within the bottle so far ?
    Second are those contents nice, creamy and thick ?
    Third have you purchased a blender for making your milkshakes ?
    Fourth are you enjoying being my slave ?
    It will only be three days now for my inspection but I am certain there are no problems with my piercing and I am getting very excited about Bev fingering me and maybe even squirting, hubby had to have his cage reinstated because he was getting too horny but he gets heaps of blow jobs and I tug him often.
    Mistress Sue had him for a couple of days and really gave him a sexual workout advising that he is not yet quite up to her expectations, I am sure he can improve.
    Bev is going to replace my current barbells with ones twice the thickness so when Mistress Sue decides to lock me with the thick hanging padlocks there will be no problems or discomfort so it will be a while before I experience being locked xxxxx

  • Mistress my cock is hard and and ready and my balls are full and ready to shoot a huge load.

    I have not been masturbating very much recently to allow my cock to recover and rest from all of the cumming I have done. I am enjoying our play though and thinking about your pussy being locked away makes me horny.

  • Sweetie how about answering Mistresses question's ?
    You need to pay a lot more attention to my posts OK
    Mistress Sue has received the double ended dildo, she showed me this morning when I called to pick her up for work oh darling it is so great looks like a replica of your wonderful penis even a skin tone, she is going to do anal with me this afternoon on the way home can't wait

  • We call those like you freaks. Worthless and a detriment to the rest of society.

  • "We"? Who are "we"?

    I prefer a non-judgemental, live and let live approach towards consenting adults.

  • Eh, everyone is into something different. I wouldn’t hold the OP desires against him.

  • Dominant women make me rock hard.

  • Go on the net and look for a slave training academy in your area, they are expensive but well worth it, I entered my husband for a 10 day course, he does not want to go back but I have a guarantee that if I am not happy they will pick him up again just that threat makes him cringe and do as I want

  • What do you do with him now that he’s your obedient slave?

  • Exactly as I want, everything I want whenever I want, he calls me Mistress,
    The biggest deterent to misbehaving was while he was there they had to observe a patient that had returned for not being up to standard having a Prince Albert piercing.
    They have made him an excellent lover and partner he even walks slightly behind me when out to show I am the dominant one, I have him in a cock cage quite a lot now

  • So what does everything you want entail? And how was he trained?

  • Just that he is my slave he does all of the housework, yard work, cleaning our cars, cloths washing, ironing etc. I punish him for the slightest indiscretion.
    He was kept naked all the time and caged had a lot of humiliating medical examination's and was constantly taught to treat his Mistress with respect and hold her in awe, they taught him how to clean everything in the house plus washing, ironing the correct way to fold my cloth's, cooking etc. you should be able to think up most of his treatment especially how to please me sexually, before he left I stayed for a day learning how to punish him and treat him like a slave.
    It was expensive but really value for money in the end, if you are male why not sign in for a beginners course if female put hubby in you will never regret it, all you do is make prior arrangements pay and get him to the front door, I said we were going to visit an Auntie I have not seen for years.

  • Humiliating medical examinations? And do you make him wear panties or humiliate him with clothing?

  • Surely you can guess most of what what happened there
    When cleaning, washing, ironing, making the beds etc and cooking he wears panties, bras, suspenders, stockings and heels along with a sexy French Maids outfit I also make him up and have him don a wig.
    Please advise if you are male or female and if the OP maybe you would like me to make a post about it, you appear to be very interested.

  • I’m male and am curious about the whole female dominance thing. I’m dominant myself typically but I’m curious as to to how a dominant woman would train that kind of man to submit.

  • Darling just book yourself in to your nearest slave training academy for an initial short course maybe 5 days would get you really interested you can sort of decide the treatment you are given but certainly take a couple of medical examination's, I think you could well be the sub after that and love it. The facilities have on record Dom's that will take you on after the training.
    Best of luck love xxx

  • Can you share more about these examinations? As mentioned in the original post, submission is a secret desire of mine and i want to know how training would happen. Also is there anything that can be done to prepare for training?

  • No, please stop pestering, just find an institution near you and sign in for a start up initial package you need to experience all the surprises so you can totally enjoy, I bet 100% you will go back.
    Darling please get on with it and let us know when you have returned xxx

  • You’re right somethings are better just experienced. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • So are you going to do it or are you a chicken ?

  • Haven’t found one near me that looks good yet.

  • I hope you do

  • I caught my husband cheating and he had a Prince Albert it took quite a while before he could pee without pain, he wears a cock cage now that is specifically designed to suit the piercing a daily reminder to him, he is very obedient and thoughtful does whatever I want because if not the keys might go down the toilet HaHaHa

  • A Prince Albert sounds incredible painful. Why do you make him wear a cage?

  • The piercing was very painful for quite a while plus he got a couple of infection's to boot, I have him wear a cock cage so he cannot go shagging any women at work like he used to, I control his orgasms and to be honest he does not get a lot however he satisfies me with tongue, fingers and toys whenever I want, I release him for shaving and cleaning every Sunday and give him a nice tease to precum but not cum till I decide he only gets one root every two months that is of course if he's a nice boy.
    He accepted his treatment otherwise he was going to be taken to the cleaners in a messy divorce.
    He is really sorry about cheating now but the piercing plus cock cage are a constant reminder also of who is in total control.

  • That’s awful. I guess the moral of the story is don’t cheat.

  • Dead right he is reminded of it all day each and every day, just thinking next week is his next time for sex or masturbation but I am not going to let him, I will decide later when he can might make him start extending time without orgasm.
    How about you choose how long, that will give you a bit of power let me know how it feels ?

  • What about other forms of humiliation besides a cock cage? Do you make him wear embarrassing underwear or clothes?

  • I stain his prick and balls bright hot pink with indelible ink when required after I shave him I put on three thick coat's and that lasts for three weeks.

  • That’s pretty humiliating.

  • So put a cock cage on myself you mean?

  • No just advise me a time limit to refrain his next orgasm (a number of weeks) that way you can feel in total control if you like you could also advise if for that time you would like his ring removed and replaced with a padlock or anything else you can think of to humiliate him, please realise he still has to go to work.
    Sweetie I hope you like our little game it is exciting me.

  • Do you think he has learned his lesson and is genuinely sorry about his cheating? If he is, maybe he’s earned a shorter time locked up. If not, then he may need more time. Tell me more about how this game excites you.

  • I want you to decide his next denial period and any further humiliation you would like, just think of the game as having your very own slave I am only the instrument of your wishes as long as you are not too extreme I am sure anything you would like done to him can be accommodated, I am getting horny thinking of carrying out your wishes please don't be shy.
    He is very sorry about his cheating but maybe that is because he got caught, whatever his cock is staying caged for quite some time yet.
    Sweetie would you like to be refered to as Master ?
    Your slave awaits your command does that sound good ?

  • What about it makes you horny?

    I’m also not sure I will come up with a good idea. I’m sure someone on this site can give you better suggestions than I can.

  • Let me help you Master, while reading your replies, administering your instructions and when replying I will be naked to show some servitude towards you, slave will be naked obviously with his cock cage and piercing ring I will also cuff him behind and place his leg spreader on.
    First maybe you could suggest a new staining colour for his prick and balls that helps making him your slave, maybe you would like him to wear lingerie and be made up with wig while at home even a collar with chain or you might like to punish him let me know and it will be done, I particularly love releasing him blindfolded and placing his dick onto the kitchen table then bring down hard and flat a wooden ruler wait a while then do it again his dick pains for a day at least, I also punish by way of cane and paddle his arse gets very red and sore plus clamping his nipples with very tight cloths pegs.
    OH I am so horny just thinking about your future instructions I am very wet so with your permission I will have your slave satisfy me with tongue and finger for an hour or so I really need to orgasm quite a bit.
    I certainly hope you love our game and want to participate please don't be submissive be dominant make some tough demands, he cheated not just once but many times till I caught him six weeks ago mostly with girls from his work he needs to learn a very severe lesson.
    Master I am begining to really like you.

  • How many orgasms would you need to have before you let him have one? And what is it like for you when you have an orgasm?

  • I ensure I have plenty by his tongue, fingers and toys and enjoy every time, he only gets release orgasm currently once every two months for sex or masturbation and I am thinking of increasing his denial, I really need to know if you are prepared to play my game being his Master or not, he has had admitted three cheats so he is being an encased slave for three years with his cock cage on I think there may be one other so that would add a year.
    No more stuffing around Master or are you a wimp ? get back with his extended cage period and what punishment you would like or piss off OK ?
    I got naked and prepared your slave as previously advised for this, I am very disappointed but I still like you xx

  • I like that you’re naked. But as I said before I’m not good at the whole punishment thing. How long have past extended denials been and what are your favorite punishments to give him? You’re clearly a strong dominant woman who really controls her husband so I’m sure you know what is appropriate. You’re his mistress. Why do you want someone else in control?

  • I want you to play may game so he is controlled by more than just his Mistress and I would like you to be his Master for a while someone that I also can answer to please start playing my game with me I am really starting to like you, I think you need to be trained in being a Dominant male, do you like Master ?
    As promised I have answered naked and your slave is as previously trussed and in the prone position.
    I had your slave service me and I orgasmed at least four times, great fun for me I really seek your approval please advise if I can continue .
    Master please advise your wants from your slave, I really would love you deciding his new staining colour and extended period of orgasm denial plus anything else you require
    He is at your command, I have given you a few thoughts but you can choose or request your own

  • Yes, continue to orgasm and describe what it feels like when you do. What goes through your mind and body when you cum? Ensure they are all as good as you want them to be, what do you think of extending denial for each orgasm that isn’t amazing?

    And why do you want to train someone to be dominant rather than trying to dominate them?

  • Master I really need you to take some control here, I am starting to love you, while I dominate my man I have kind of liked us both being under your influence, I need you to advise me of his treatment, punishment etc. particularly his time without orgasm . Please advise how many weeks you want YOUR slave to be denied, I had heaps of orgasms this afternoon and he only got to precum. Master I am naked and your slave is in the prone position with everything as I promised.
    I would just love you to give some instructions your Dom xxxx

  • How much do you enjoy being naked and controlled? Does it make you wet and horny?Thinking about all of the orgasms you’ve had during your game makes me hard.

    I still do not think I am very good at this game and still think you are the only one in charge of him since you are his wife and dominant mistress but here are some ideas that you could choose to do. How about starting with a week of denial then make him watch you make yourself cum and if gets aroused before you cum you add a week? Repeat until he learns that you cum first.

  • I really love being naked with your slave in his position while reading your instruction;s I am very horny and wet for you Master and pleased that you get hard thinking of me I hope you have a very nice wank, your command will be carried out I am going to stain his prick and balls a very bright gold in your honour and paint his toenails in bright pink.
    It certainly looks like you are not the one to properly play my game so I will start searching for another Master.
    I am quite upset so as a punishment he will have his prick smashed three times on the table today and after his duties are completed I will put his lockable collar on and chain him to the dogs kennel for the afternoon while I watch porn and masturbate thinking of how things could have been between us.
    He will certainly become aroused while using his tongue and fingers on me this evening because if he does not he will be caned till he gets hard even in his cage.

  • I’m glad that I make you horny and wet. My cock is as hard as steel right now from thoughts about you reading this naked and your tight wetness dripping from your arousal. What would you do with my big hard cock?

    I do agree though that I’m probably not the one you seek for this game. As much as I tried to get into it, dominating another man just doesn’t arouse me. Perhaps we can play another game at some point.

    One other suggestion. Have you done any role reversal with him or fucked him in the ass with a strap on?

  • Your not getting any sexy stuff from me any more you don't want to play my game so that's it Buddy you can pull yourself off thinking of me
    Incidently no I have not pegged him but if you wanted that then it would have been done maybe his next Master might make that request and I would certainly carry it out enthusiastically

  • I’m sorry I’m not the master you were looking for. I hope you find someone who will play your game and give you what you’re looking for.

  • You sound like quite a nice guy so I will give you a little update
    This morning he was stained a bright gold and his toenails painted after having his prick slapped on the table very, very painful.
    I have been discussing the situation with my elder divorced sister who lives near by and she suggested that she would really love being his second Mistress her first duty to instil obedience would be the ultimate humiliation as you suggested pegging him while I looked on then canning his arse.
    This is going to be such fun, I am certain he will be treated reasonably harshly by both of us, he only has 2 years 10 months to complete his sentence unless I find out about other girls he played with.
    I hope you had a nice pull thinking of me xxx

  • Thank you and yes I did. As I mentioned thinking of you naked and aroused made me as hard as steel and I masturbated to a very strong orgasm. I like a woman who takes charge sexually like you do. And even though I’m not the master you seek hopefully I’ve also provided you with some material to think about when you rub one out as well. I like to give as well as receive pleasure.

    It also sounds like you really humiliated him by painting him and slapping his cock. And having your sister join you in dominating him im sure will be quite fun for you and quite rough for him. Getting dominated by two women at once will surely mean it will be doubly as difficult for him. Are you going to make him wear lingerie when you peg him to increase the role reversal humiliation? And would you and your sister ever want to both peg him at the same time, one in his mouth and the other in the ass?

    Either way I hope you will continue to post updates. I’d definitely like to read more about how you dominate your man.

  • I am very happy that you had a nice pull thinking of me, I am naked answering you and funny I really like you and get very horny and wet when doing so, slave is chained to the kennel in the back yard so I will let him think of things for a while because he was also shaved and teased this morning then bring him in and shower him then have him service me with tongue and finger till I have some nice orgasms, he is getting very good.
    He used to wear lingerie and liked the sexy feel and look before I found out he was cheating so that has ceased.
    My sister is out purchasing a strap on and some other Dom gear slave does not know yet what is being prepared but when it is due to happen I will cuff him behind put on his ankle restraints blindfold him in the doggie position, he might gain some idea when I lube his hole, I don't think I will peg him though, leave that to sis.
    I am really happy with his gold staining and toenail painting both look outstanding and even he likes them I gave the bright gold an additional coat.
    My sister is so excited about humiliating him because her husband gave her a very hard time so I am sure he is going to know about it.
    You sound quite submissive maybe like to be in my husbands situation some times, I would like you to refer to me as Mistress when answering and also be naked, every time start with the condition of your cock, that's the Dom coming out in me I am sure you don't mind xxx

  • Yes mistress I have gotten naked for you, and my cock is still hard after I masturbated both thinking about making you wet and from the horniness from being ordered to get naked by a dominant woman. It was a great orgasm, my cock felt incredibly tight just before I went off and then I shot my load really hard. What are your orgasms like?

    It sounds like you and your sister are about to turn everything up to 11 on him. I hope he’s ready for everything that you’re going to do. Since you painted him gold, can you get a gold strap on to use on him?

    I wouldn’t say I’m fully dominant or submissive and can enjoy either role when I’m with a woman, though you’re right that I do find submission arousing. The thought of being blindfolded and pegged by a woman does make me horny and I would enjoy it if you suggested other things for me to do to myself. Do you enjoy being dominant more than submissive?

  • I am so glad you got back to your Mistress so quickly you really want to be dominated I can tell and I love it, I will not have too many demands but I like us both being naked and horny when on the site. I have slave in the shower currently and am ready for my sexual service I will think of you while being eaten out I adore the thought of you pulling yourself off and spunking while thinking of me, slave will be with tongue in me in exactly half an hour maybe you can have a wank and we might cum at the same time, I think that would be nice. I really like you but please don't think of meeting, my husband is in his situation because he cheated and I will never do that he is a partner in a large legal firm in a big city and the girls just threw themselves at him for promotion and bonuses, two have been sacked the other a single mum told me all about it and I forgave her, she is now his secretary I can trust her and he know's it.
    Your Mistress demands you wank in half an hour, this must be the new game you wanted ?

  • Mistress as soon as I read your latest message my cock sprang to hardness and I came all over myself thinking about you being serviced. I’m glad that you think of me masturbating while he eats you out. How was your oral service? Do you ever squirt when you cum?

    And yes, mistress please dominate me. I enjoy being naked and horny for you, please tell me what you would do to myself sexually or if there is any underwear you would like me to wear. I think that would be a fun game for us both. Hopefully we will both gain lots of new material to masturbate to from this.

    Stepping away from our naked and horny exchange of messages and any kind of domination I really respect that you want to be faithful and not cheat. I haven’t ever cheated on any of the women I’ve been with either and I totally understand that this can’t ever be more than naked and horny online posts.

  • Your Mistress is again naked horny and really wet for you your replies are so nice and just so fantastic, you are playing a really nice new game with me I love you so much for pulling yourself off for me and advising to start replies with Mistress and your cock condition that is what is required I get satisfaction from my husband whenever I demand and this evening was thinking of you as I was serviced, I came four times so great I was cumming so much while thinking of you.
    I am starting to think that my sister may get a bit severe with my husband, I am not sure about his pegging but it is going to happen, I am thinking that I might let him off the hook in about 3 months after that, he is really being done over,he is a great provider and I do love him. I would like some assistance what do you advise maybe I will remove his cage after he is pegged the piecing will always be there but I could remove his ring with the threat that it may go back on if he plays up but I am starting to think he will never ever want to root around again.
    I really hope you have great masturbation's and like I am naked and horny when on the post, I am going to get slave to give me another service now xxxx

  • Mistress I am naked with my hard cock dripping with pre cum as I masturbate while reading your latest post. I also keep my cock and balls shaved, do you like that on a man and do you shave your pussy? I’m glad that I make you so wet and horny and that you think of me when you cum.

    I think if he is genuinely sorry and won’t cheat again that he shouldn’t be overly punished and should have the chance to eventually have everything removed. Something like taking off the cage and ring while he is being pegged seems like a good compromise to start. You’re a good woman for continuing to love him even after what he did.

    He also may find he enjoys being pegged. It would really make me horny if a woman told me she was going to bend me over and peg me and apparently prostate orgasms are incredible. Supposedly they make a man cum a massive amount.

  • You are very obedient and I love that, really like you masturbating for me, I am naked but very horny and getting wet reading your reply still well satisfied from slaves attention, he has not been pegged yet but he will be my sister has gone to too much trouble and is so excited that I certainly could not refuse her that enjoyment, I am not too sure he will like it but it is going to happen while I watch proceeding's I may even finger myself, I will advise his pleasure or displeasure to you after the event you may then change your mind about having it done to you, I feel a lot more horny now imagining seeing sis peg you and will fantasise about you when it happens, I am sure she will want to continue his humiliation for some time, maybe he will get to like it but I am sure he will not go shagging around ever again, I am kind of thinking I would not mind my old man back again remainding on his best behaviour.
    I do shave my pussy it is very neat and tidy, I sometimes stain my outer lips a nice light red, I kind of wish I could show you.
    Sweetie I am off to bed now but will masturbate by fingers thinking of you xxx

  • My shaved cock starts twitching with excitement every time I see a new message from my mistress. As I get naked before reading and replying my cock stiffens and reaches full length. I kind of wish I could show you my 7 and a half cock like you wish you could show me your pussy. I’m ready for another orgasm thinking about my mistress and her horny wet pussy with red lips. How do you stain your lips red? I hope you had a great orgasm before bed. Do you ever squirt when you orgasm from masturbating?

    This time as I pulled on my cock I fantasized about being bent over and done with a strap on while being made to lick my mistress’s pussy to orgasm at the same time. Would you ever do that to your husband? Thinking about it made me have a great orgasm.

    Hopefully at some point you will feel ready to release him entirely. I’m sure he will never cheat again and will likely become a better lover for you now that he has all of this experience pleasuring you without the use of his cock and I’m sure he will enjoy your sexual dominance. Many men with high powered jobs do since we have to be in charge at work all the time it feels great to let go of control during sex play. Do you think if you set goals for him to meet to earn removal of the cage and ring he would be excited? And would you put him back in lingerie like you used to?

  • When replying Mistress first then the condition of your cock then the latest masturbation while reading my reply or thinking of me OK ?
    I did have a nice cum thank you.
    I just got up for a glass of water and checked the post I am happy you are obedient and reply quickly, you have made me very horny and wet thinking of your cock it obviously is wonderful, slave is 6 1/2 reasonably thick when with horn but a nice smallish package when slack so he can wear off the rack panties and yes he can go back to that soon I hope, he paints my pussy lips after I shave with my lipstick, I am thinking that you would be tight in my bum but I could get used to it I love anal sex and being so horny now I am going to release slave and have him service me there this morning.
    He is going to be pegged and canned by sis this afternoon I am quite excited and do hope he enjoys it either way he will have to get used to it even if I am sure he has repented and decide to release him I have told her she can control him one weekend every month. xxx my bum is starting to twitch

  • Yes mistress. As you have required I am naked and all 7 1/2 inches of my cock are hard and horny for you. I’m glad it’s size makes you wet and you want it in your ass. I will be thinking about your desires as I masurbate today. Do you enjoy having your breasts played with and your nipples stimulated as well?

    Hopefully your husband enjoys what is coming for him today. If he cums from being pegged would you be happy about that or punish him? And how many orgasms will you make him give you this morning?

    Hopefully you can find a way to satisfy your twitching bum and hopefully it turns you on to know I’m pulling on my cock thinking about pleasuring my mistress anally.

  • This morning I took him into my bed released him so we could have anal sex it was so good because it has been quite a while we both came quickly so we rested and went again.
    I told him about what was to happen today with Mistress Sue and that if he was good I would release him permanently if he agreed to be her slave one weekend a month, he cuddled me and enthusiastically agreed he wants things to be the way they were before he cheated so badly I am certain he has learnt his lesson so this evening he will be moving back to out bed.
    I really feel very horny because even though I have been satisfied sexually by tongue, finger and toy's I really, really need cock

  • Mistress as always I am naked and I have a hard cock for you to fantasize about.

    I’m really glad to hear that things are getting better with your husband and that he has learned his lesson and that you are going to be sleeping together again. How did things go with him and your sister?

    And while you can always fantasize about me pulling on my cock, your husband giving you the real thing will definitely be more satisfying and hopefully you will be getting that a lot more now. I hope your marriage and sex life with your husband continue to get better and that you never fall asleep at night feeling sexually unsatisfied.

  • Thank you, I feel quite horny and will be dripping wet about this afternoon's proceedings Sue sent me a photo of her outfit a full length latex catsuit with black stilleto heels, she has a cane with a heart shaped leather paddle so I suspect slave may have some markings a bit later the strap on is not overly large so that will be good for him being his first time.
    I have been instructing slave in the doggie position and to raise his arse to meet the dildo and move in rhythm with Sue, he is concerned that when on his slave days with Sue she will want him to have sex with her, I have told him he must do exactly as she wishes in every respect I am sure she will want a lot of cock because that has been missing in her life for some time and she has expressed a wish to have his first weekend next weekend being Friday after work till Sunday evening.
    Sue just texted she will be here in about an hour so I will start getting everything ready I am going to video the entire show, his bright gold stained prick and nuts look fantastic while in the doggie position, Sue wants him uncaged so she can have him with horn and cumming for her, she is so nice but I am certain she will be dominating, demanding and strict.
    I would really like that you have a pull in an hour knowing that while watching the show here will make me very hot indeed.

  • Mistress I am naked and hard reading this, but I will refrain from masturbating for an hour as you wish. I am happy to hear that you are horny and your beautiful pussy will be dripping wet. Hopefully you, your sister, and your husband all enjoy the pegging session. I’m sure you will cum very hard and I will too thinking about your pleasure. I will describe my masturbation and orgasm to please my mistress and to make you even hornier. Will you be masturbating while watching the pegging?

  • Not too sure depends on the event, Sue did suggest type of joking that I could go second that it would be nice for me with her I am getting very horny because she will be here soon, slave is prepared and only needs to be placed in position with his cuffs and leg spreader that will be done in 5 minutes then when I hear Sue's car I will give him a suck so he at least has a minor horn to start.
    Sweetie thanks for having a pull when the show is on I wish I could get you a video, may even see me being pegged by Sue I am getting excited xxx

  • Mistress I got naked and got my cock hard over the last hour as you asked. I masturbated to thoughts of you pleasuring yourself while watching your sister dominate your husband, you having an orgasm from the strap on being used on you, and I also fantasized about you ordering me to assume the doggy style position myself and get fucked with the strap on until I cum. My orgasm was incredible and I hope yours will be too. Did the session go well and is your pussy wet?

  • Sweetie we have had such a great afternoon every thing is recorded, sis was just so overly sexy with her Dom dress up and equipment even I was feeling horny she is a great looker with a fantastic body Hubby took his treatment ever so well and has some heart shaped bruises on his bum , I am very proud of him, he took the pegging and canning really well, I also agreed to a pegging after he was sent out to clean our cars, I really enjoyed it Sweetie both vaginal and anally, Sue has advised that she may get a bit more dominant with both of us, I am starting to think thing's are changing
    Wish you were here Sweetie or that I could send a video xxxx

  • Mistress my naked body is completely aroused for you. My cock cannot be any harder and even my nipples are erect. I am so aroused that I can only use one hand to type this response as the other is stroking my hard shaft. I wish I could share a picture with you of just how rigid my cock is right now. Do you have any special instructions for me?

    I’m very glad that the pegging session went well. Did he enjoy it? It’s also incredibly hot that you took the strap on in both your pussy and ass and liked it. While it was inside you did you ever fantasize about it being my cock pleasuring you? Thinking about you taking the strap on will be a major part of my masturbation. If I had been there I would have bent over and been fucked by the strap on too and done anything else my mistress wanted for her pleasure. Does that thought make you horny? Would you ever want to be on the other side and wear the strap on?

  • Sweetie I love being dominant with you and still reply naked and horny But still I require you first reply Mistress not yes mistress or any other shit you are getting a bit better at that but then I need to know the condition of your wonderful cock I am not certain I could take it up my arse first time but like knowing it is very hard and about your last masturbation how it went OK ? It was such a great and so sexy afternoon sis was ever so sexy in her Dom gear I kind of wish you were here or that I could send the video, sis appears to be taking some control of both us I really liked being fucked by another women with strap on, she has promised next time we will have a double dildo one in each cunt that should be nice.
    Slave has a real sorry arse with heart shaped bruises but he will share our bed tonight, he did like being pegged and is looking forward to next weekend with Mistress Sue.
    I still like you a lot sweetie xxx

  • Mistress I am naked and horny for you. My cock grew harder with each word of your latest message I read and is now still fully erect after cumming very hard and spraying all over. As I pulled on my cock this time I thought about pleasuring my mistress anally, stretching and filling your beautiful ass and making you cum while watching your pussy be filled and pleasured by the double ended dildo. Would you enjoy being penetrated in the ass and pussy at the same time like that? And does the thought of my cock filling you up make you wet?

    I’m very glad that everyone enjoyed the pegging session. Its great that both you and your husband found out that you enjoy being fucked with a strap on. I’m also glad to hear he slept in your bed. Are you excited for the next session?

  • "Mistress I am naked and horny for you" does not sound like Mistress then advising the condition of your nice cock and last pull while thinking of me you really need to start getting with the programme OK ?
    It is pretty simple let me give you an example:
    "Mistress your 7.5 inch hard throbing cock has been awaiting your every word with precum seeping it was just pulled thinking of you and gave a nice load, I am containing my cum in a litre milk bottle and will advise when it is full" then you can tell me how naked and horny you are get the picture ?
    I really did love that dildo in both my holes I am sure Sue has handled that before and I can't wait for a double ended a little larger that we both can enjoy, we have both had a few girl relationships mainly in high school.
    Slave is sleeping I left him in the laundry on his dog bed tonight because he had such a big day and his arse was very sore and tender however he will be with me in the morning eager to satisfy I loved seeing his bright gold prick and nuts swinging in rhythm, I have a really great video of the event and would like to get one to you it goes for a very long time including my pegging.
    Now start containing your cum in a milk bottle kept in your fridge and you can attach a cloths peg to each nipple when you attend to my post's xxxx

  • Mistress my cock instantly sprang to attention upon seeing your latest message, all 7 and a half inches ready and awaiting your desires. It feels wonderfully tight and stiff and only gets harder as I read your words. Pre cum drips from the head and my balls are full of cum ready to spray out and fill a container as you demand when I touch myself thinking of you and doing as you demand. I have never tried clothespins on my nipples but since my mistress requires them I will find some and attach them while I sit naked and horny and pull on my cock to thoughts of both your holes being filled and pleasured. Does this please you mistress? What else do you demand?

    It excites me to hear about how you enjoyed all of your holes being filled. What does it feel like to be stretched and filled and pleasured like that? The video sounds incredibly hot and I’m sure it would make me cum gallons. What part made you the most horny? I’m glad you will let your husband satisfy you this morning.

  • Quite a lot better, you are becoming my dominated little slave and I am sure you are appreciating it.
    Little by little you may be given further demand's but currently the cloth's pegs clamped on your nipples and containing your cum in a milk bottle in the fridge will surfice.
    Sue will purchase a larger double ended dildo for us now she knows we both love playing with each other she is one very hot lady I love her dominance, catsuit and heels and think next time after she is naked we have sex I will have her cane me so like slave I can wear her heart shaped marking on my bum, your 7 1/2 cock excites me so I hope the dildo is about that size it would certainly fill me.
    I am about to inspect slaves arse and have him in my bed he has been free of chastity all night and remain so now till he goes to Mistress Sue's I am certain he is very horny so we will have a great session. xxx

  • Mistress my cock is twitching with excitement and will start dripping pre cum any second now. The tight feeling is coming back again and my balls and being pulled in closer to my body in preparing to spray from my cock again. I am pleased that my mistress enjoys the size of my cock and I hope that your dildo is that size so that you can fantasize about me while cumming on it. Does this please you?

    I am about to clamp the clothes pins onto my nipples and masturbate again thinking about my mistress. I masturbated with the clothes pins on my nipples earlier and though it hurt some and made them puffy knowing that it pleases my mistress made me cum very hard into the container as I thought about you being dominated and pleasured. Would you ever wear a catsuit during dominance play? And do you enjoy the idea of having a 7.5 inch cock or dildo in all of your holes?

    I also hope that your husband passes your inspection and you allow him into bed and he satisfies your desires.

    I enjoy our play and my mistress’s instructions. I am naked hard and horny awaiting your next post. As your posts get increasingly hot and I get more horny, do you think you could ever make me cum just from reading your post?

  • You are getting a lot better with your replies and I am happy you carry out my instruction's they make me feel very sexy and wet.
    Hubby and I had a terrific session of sex this morning the best for a very long while.
    Hubby is returning to work tomorrow after his Xmas/ New Year break, Mistress Sue and I start back on Monday, Mistress is going to arrange that we are both on the same shift at the hospital so we can travel together.
    I am feeling so very horny Mistress has advised she will accompany me to the piercing studio tomorrow to have my outer lips pierced in two places each, she is going to place two padlocks on me so only she can use my pussy, Hubby will be able to do me anally and I can also suck him.
    I am so happy that you get to precum reading my posts xxx

  • Mistress my cock now becomes fully erect as soon as I see you have sent another post. The feeling of sexual energy running through my cock and balls and the anticipation of fulfilling your desires makes my cock ache for a tight slick pussy to penetrate and pleasure.

    I have the clothes pins attached to my naked body making my nipples sensitive to get me ready to masturbate to an orgasm worthy of my mistress and to fill the container. I will think about your pretty pussy being pierced and locked away. Will you be allowed to orgasm and masturbate?

    My body is in a state of constant horniness awaiting my mistress’s next instruction.

    I am also glad that your sex life with your husband is improving and I hope it continues to improve.

  • Sweetie you have certainly improved with your replies and following out my instructions that makes me so horny.
    Tonight I will throw myself at my husband and we will have a morning glory tomorrow because after that my lips will be pierced and obviously it will be difficult to have vaginal sex, initially I will have barbells but have to go back for an inspection 7 days later everything being good Mistress Sue should be able to lock me then, Mistress Sue has selected two cute matching gold heart shaped lock's and just for fun two bright silver enlongated locks that will hang down about 4 inches obviously she will determine which and when is locked on, once in place I will not be able to do anything with my pussy that will be her's to do with as she wishes because she will hold the keys, unfortunately I will have to wait a while before we start on the double ended dildo the Adult shop had to order in the one she wanted, but Mistress Sue said she would continue my anal pegging xxx

  • Mistress my cock is so hard that it feels like it has a steel rod inside it and is ready to stretch and fill a pussy. My balls are full and ready to go again with a huge load that aches to be sprayed inside a vagina. And my nipples are puffy and clamped with clothespins as mistress desires. I am glad that my obedience makes you horny. I am horny awaiting your next instructions.

    I am naked and pulling on my cock to thoughts of you taking the strap on in your ass. Do you orgasm from anal stimulation?

    I hope you and your husband have great sex and you get all the cock in your pussy you need to satisfy you before you get pierced. Once the locks are in place will you still be able to masturbate by rubbing your clit or will the locks prevent you from pleasuring yourself? And will the locks be visible through your underwear? Like if you went to the beach in a tight bikini would it be obvious that you were locked up?

  • Thank you sweetie we had just the best sex ever I am not sure how hubby managed to get out of bed and off to work.
    Mistress Sue has commanded that even if I can play with my pussy I will not be allowed after the piercing.
    I think the gold locks will be OK under anything but when locked with the silver ones I feel I will not wear panties, mini dress, light coloured slack's and certainly not swim wear they hang down about four inches and the lock section is much larger than the gold ones.
    How much spunk have you in the milk bottle?, when it is filled I need you to make nice milkshakes every day and drink them with breakfast.
    I want you to stop shaving your pubes for a while I know you will get very itchy but that will constantly remind you of your Mistress, tell me when that happens xxx

  • Mistress my cock sprang to attention upon seeing your latest post and as I continue to read it has extended to its full 7.5 inches and twitches with anticipation.

    As I sit naked and masturbate I think of my mistress with her pussy locked up and her sexual energy building up until she is released and cumming repeatedly. If you cannot pleasure your pussy what will you do for sexual pleasure? My container is nowhere close to full as though I cum a lot it is quite large.

    I will grow out my pubes as you ask. I have grown them out longer before and mine do not get very itchy. What about them growing to be longer pleases you? What do you desire next?

  • That's OK sweetie just keep up filling the bottle, when full start with the milkshakes and don't forget to constantly replenish OK ?
    I needed you to be itchy so you would constantly think of your Mistress sounds like that may not work so let me think of other instruction's you are released from that command.
    Mistress Sue accompanied me to the piercing it was with a female who really loved having a nice play and extended inspection with my pussy advising Mistress that it would be better if I was wet and horny, that was achieved easily, I love my piercing and the barbells are so cute, can't wait for the locks to go on could be as quick as eight days.
    Mistress Sue is currently going to allow hubby to have blow jobs and do me anally I do have nice cums, I am to have anal pegging lesbian sex with her when she requires in the interim and cannot wait for the double dildo I am certain it will give both a full 7 1/2 inches reminding me of your wonderful member incidently how thick are you ?
    Mistress Sue has commanded that if her new male slave or new female slave being me do not perform to expectations he will again have the cock cage attached.
    I really love being in control of you Sweetie xxx

  • Mistress my member is erect and dripping pre cum for you. It is 7.5 long and just under 6 around. It is throbbing and ready to fill up a nice tight pussy.

    I’m masturbating as I type this thinking about your wet pussy being pierced and having the attachements put on. How close did you come to orgasm during the process? I’m also thinking about you being anally penetrated with the strap on. Can you cum from that alone?

    What about itchy pubes would have pleased you? Is it that you want to create a constant sensation on my cock and balls to remind me of you?

  • OH Baby you do have such an impressive cock I can't stop thinking of it I hope you are circumcised they look so much neater Hubby is 5 1/2 and perfect for me I am not sure I could take you in my bum even orally might be a stretch but it would be fun trying.
    I did have a cum prior to being done Mistress Sue and she encouraged me to do so to assist the lubrication.
    I do cum from the pegging and when Hubby gives anal I have always loved that.
    Don't worry about not getting an itchy groin sweetie I will make further demand's of you xxxx

  • Mistress my cock is completely hard and twitching with excitement reading your post. It is ready to cum again. And yes, it is circumcised.

    I’m pulling on my cock thinking about stretching and filling you up with it. Would that make you cum? And how do your new pussy piercings feel?

  • I have been thinking you are pulling yourself off far too often and need to curtail that activity somewhat, when the bottle is full and you start your morning milkshakes you are to advise me, after that time you will need to obtain my permission for a tug, you are to request permission by advising what time and day you last jerked off and await my approval for your next one , do you understand ?
    My piercing are fine Mistress Sue has advised that when we go for my next inspection Bev will finger me to orgasm at least four times and thinks she can get me to squirt I have never done that can't wait for those locks to go on xxxxx

  • Mistress my cock is getting even harder thinking about you getting pegged. I am getting excited to masturbate soon thinking about everything you will be doing.

  • What did they do to him there?

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