A bit weird.

This past weekend I was 69-ing my girl. I was really going at it and all of sudden my mouth got a little wetter and tastes of coffee. I had to stop and I ruined the moment for her but I couldn't contain my disgust at the time. I believe she peed a squirt in me without realizing it, because she is a coffee drinker and I'm not so this taste was from me. I suppose it's possible, right?

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  • Was it an Espresso or Latte as a Latte is preferable as it's mixed with milk?

  • I use to eat my ex wife out everytime we had sex, right before fucking her. She loved to cum being eaten and loved her clit sucked to orgasm. Everytime she had an orgasm, she would squirt a small amount of her cum straight into my mouth. OMG, I loved it. Then I would fuck her good and hard and loved her wet pussy juice all over my hard cock.

  • U swallowed her side dudes load

  • Thank you all.

  • Female ejaculate is made up of two parts. One part actually derives from the bladder so whatever she drank will be expressed in her ejaculate

  • I drink my girls piss quite often. Tell your girl it's all good and you would like her to do that for you. It may help ease her mind that she disgust you. That might be hard on her and you don't want her to draw back from you.

  • I let my girl piss in my mouth. Anything that is out of the ordinary ill do.

  • Yep you have giving her a complex. I ask my lover to pee on purpose! But I am kinky like that. She drinks apple juice so its nice and sweet. I love my baby!

  • All pee tastes and smells weird when you drink coffee lol if you want her taste a bit nicer then discuss it with her

  • Yeah, she may have pissed in your mouth a little, no big thing if she did. Pee is relatively sterile if she has no bladder or urethral infections. Also, if she drinks lots of coffee, it is very possible that her vaginal secretions may taste of coffee, so it might just have been her pussy juice you tasted. The other possibility is that, if you had recently drank coffee, you could have regurgitated a small amount and tasted that. Either way, I'd say don't worry about it, just bury your face all up in that shit and enjoy.

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