Uncle "S", stop tickling me down there!

I've always had a thing for young girls, even when I was a young teen myself. The purity, the innocence, the smoothness. Years ago my sister and BIL moved in with me while their house was being renovated. My step-niece was young and was such a pretty girl. One Saturday morning I got up super early, I don't even remember why I got up so early. I grabbed breakfast and went into my man cave / den area and flipped on the TV. I was in my usual boxers and a T shirt. My step-niece came wandering in there shortly after, wearing only her little panties, no shirt. She was being very playful and insisted on sitting on my lap, and she was bouncy. You can see where this is going... her in her panties and me in boxers, and her wiggling around a lot... I got hard instantly. I grabbed her by the waist and started rubbing her up and down on me, if ya know what I mean. God, it felt amazing. At some point I blacked out, and the next thing I remember is her saying "Uncle S, stop tickling me down there!" and when I snapped out of it, I realized I had my hands down the back of her panties with a butt cheek in each hand, spreading her ass as far open as it would go and absolutely GRINDING her little pussy on my raging hard cock! I freaked out when I realized what I was doing and pushed her off my lap and onto the couch, which she found fun! She kept trying to climb in my lap and I kept throwing her off...because I knew what I wanted to do to her and I couldn't! Her mom's a cop! Thankfully my BIL had gotten up and came to the den door and told her to come eat breakfast, which unbeknownst to him, saved me from doing something I might regret! I still think about that morning from time to time when I'm jerking it, wondering what it would've been like. She's 19 now, married, and still absolutely fucking gorgeous.

13 days

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    • Friend of mine used to do that on a school bus. Kid thought it was fun - he'd be in her panties with a cheek in each hand....in the dark ride to school. She mentioned it to her mom...who started driving her to school. My bud was sweating bullets!

    • Yuck

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