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A couple of years ago while I was dating the women who is now my wife the topic of our sexual fantasies came up. She was bold and told me she has fantasied about watching me have sex with another women. I was completely blown away because as I then shared with her I had been fantasizing about her being with another guy. It was an incredible moment of honesty in our relationship. Sharing these deep thooughts made us feel so connected. Over the coming weeks we continued to discuss our fantasies in greater detail. To my disappointment she indicated that she could never actually go through with either of the fantasies. I was bummed. As weeks went by I continued to bring up the topic but she became frustrated with me and I had to drop the subject. Fast forward to a month ago. We are now married and incredibly happy in our relationship. We were in bed and she suggested we play a game of truth or dare. On a prior vacation we had purchased a card truth or dare game so decided to break that out. The dares were pretty lame so we only played the truth cards. About 10 cards in she reads her card which asks me to share my sexiest fantasy. I replied “you know what it is” and I started to read my next card. She stopped me and said “I have a good idea what it is, but I want you too share it with me”. So, I told her that my sexiest fantasy was to watch her with another man. What happen next was completely unexpected. She began asking lots of questions. How often I thought of it? With anyone in particular? Would I just watch or participate? Where would this happen? Younger or older guy? I could tell she was getting extremely turned on. I was too. I asked her if I could pleasure her with one of her vibrators and she said yes. I laid next to her, kissed her passionately and used her favorite vibrator on her. I whispered to her “does his big cock feel good?” “Is he making you feel good baby?” “Do you want him to make you cum?” She was playing right along. Moaning and telling me how incredible he felt inside her. The night ended with us making love and passing out together. We talked for days about how hot that night was. A week ago I decided to step things up a bit. I ran her a hot bath, lit a ton of candles and told her that tonight was spa night. As she drank a glass of wine I bathed her pretending to be a spa worker named Adam. Again, she played right along. The rest of the evening I stayed in character as Adam while she finished her bath, received a massage and ultimately was made love too. During the love making she called me Adam and I told her how lucky her husband was to have her. It was an intense sexual experience for us both. As before we having been chatting about how sexy that night was. So my question to anyone who has an opinion is where to go from here? If you were in my position, how would you proceed?

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    • Speaking from experience, because of going through a similar situation with my wife. You need to let her pick the guy. Infact with my wife the first couple of guys I let her go back to there place to have sex, just so she could get comfortable with having sex with strangers. Which has worked out well for us. Now every couple of months my wife well go out pick up a guy, bring home a stranger and fucks him. However she will never bring the same guy home twice. I'm actually in the same room with them while they are fucking. I have hidden camera's set up in special locations, so I can see everything. Then I watch on my laptop from the other bedroom. Then I go in and the guy leaves and clean the left overs. Infact there was a few gentlemen that left money on her dresser when they left. She says thats a real turn on, makes her feel like a hooker.

    • You should find someone you both like and you should see what she thinks about it then go for it

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