My boyfriend once tied me spread eagle and brought his friends in

My boyfriend once tied me spread eagle and naked to a bed , he played with me a little,then blindfolded me,he said I need to get something,ill be right back.
A minute later all I heard was holy fuck,look at her, damm, and so forth.
Im freaking out wondering who these guys are and they are seeing me totally nude,legs spread on display. Then I hear Kenny,my boyfriend,say to me I love you,thanks for my fantasy.I said what,then he says give her a feel,next thing there are hands on my tits,squeezing,some pulling my nipples,some pinching my nipples,some rubbing my pussy,I was in heaven, but kind of pissed. After about 3 or 4 minutes, it all stopped and they all left.
My boyfriend Kenny takes off blindfold and unties me and gave it to me good.
When I asked him during sex who were those guys ? They were just some random geeks at our college ,we didnt know them .. The mystery he says is the turn on .. I think about from time to time and it gets me horny . totally true

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  • So hot

  • My boyfriend also puts headphones on me, so I can’t see or hear. Like sensory deprivation. I get fucked by I don’t know who or how many and I love it.

  • Thats excellent. how many have fucked you ? I might let him do that

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