My boyfriend once tied me spread eagle and brought his friends in

My boyfriend once tied me spread eagle and naked to a bed , he played with me a little,then blindfolded me,he said I need to get something,ill be right back.
A minute later all I heard was holy fuck,look at her, damm, and so forth.
Im freaking out wondering who these guys are and they are seeing me totally nude,legs spread on display. Then I hear Kenny,my boyfriend,say to me I love you,thanks for my fantasy.I said what,then he says give her a feel,next thing there are hands on my tits,squeezing,some pulling my nipples,some pinching my nipples,some rubbing my pussy,I was in heaven, but kind of pissed. After about 3 or 4 minutes, it all stopped and they all left.
My boyfriend Kenny takes off blindfold and unties me and gave it to me good.
When I asked him during sex who were those guys ? They were just some random geeks at our college ,we didnt know them .. The mystery he says is the turn on .. I think about from time to time and it gets me horny . totally true

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  • You can bet a bunch of smart phone pics were being taken. All of those "random geeks" at your college are beating off to them as I type this. They're also sharing them with buddies and posting them on the internet for anybody to see. Maybe even mom and dad or other family members (yes, sweetie, they enjoy porn and masturbation as much as you do). And if THAT turns you on, you're really twisted.

  • Shit I think I'm gonna do this to my wife. Get her drunk on a bottle of wine, tie her to the bedposts face down, blindfold her, have her ass up in the air propped up by our bed pillows. Then invite some of the neighborhood hubbies to take pics, crop feels, pussy and asshole fingering, ejaculating on her. Wow.

  • So hot

  • My boyfriend also puts headphones on me, so I can’t see or hear. Like sensory deprivation. I get fucked by I don’t know who or how many and I love it.

  • Thats excellent. how many have fucked you ? I might let him do that

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