Ladies, do you find it hot or gross to share a kiss with your lover after you’ve gone down on him? I’ve done it with two previous girlfriends and found it very hot. But my current girlfriend says it’s gross and doesn’t know why I’m into it. She thinks it’s weird that I would want to share my cum with her.
What do you think ladies? Hot or not?

Jun 28
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    • My wife used to luv sucking me then when I pre cum kiss me I was not to thrilled about it but went along. But now 25 years later I fucking luv it my pre cum on her lips and kiss her . Sometimes when she milking me if i shoot some on her she has me lick it them kiss.

    • Just a hurdle she needs to get over. I hate the stigma of cum being off limits or nasty. It's part of sex and can be enjoyed by both of you. I asked a buddy once, would you eat your wife after Cummings in her. He was like no way. Then I said, what if you had sex the night before and the next morning she wanted head again. Would you turn her down? He said no! So what's the time-frame after Cummings in her before you ear her again. Same with swallowing or sharing a semen kiss. Do you have a timer, does a bell go off? Nope! So if you're willing, why not continue the fun. Some of my wife's best orgasms are from round 2 or 3 and we always share cum and pussy! Tell her to read this, it's not so bad! Cum tastes so good to me, I can't be the only one! PS, she no longer swallow, I do it all because I love it so much!!!

    • Great advice!!😈🔥👅

    • It’s so hot. I love doing 69 and then having a deep tongue kiss with my husband as we swap cum

    • It is hot isn’t it? If I expect to cum in your mouth why would it gross me out if I got it in my mouth while sharing a sexy kiss?

    • I agree. Maybe she feels dirty. But she needs to get over that. It’s so HOT to have a man wanting to kiss you after a BJ

    • I think it’s hit because it considered “dirty.” Let’s push our boundaries!😈🔥👅

    • Totally agree !

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