Pregnant Photos

My wife and I were both virgins when we started dating in college, I was, she told me that she was, and I believed her. Soon we had sex for the first time, and I was so happy that we lost our virginities with each other. Just before graduating, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes.
We got an apartment together and after we moved in, we picked up some furniture and boxes of stuff at her parents. One day while we were unpacking the boxes, I noticed some envelopes of photos. My fiancée quickly grabbed the envelopes and put them to the side. I didn't think about them until about a week later when she was working late, and I was alone in the apartment. I looked in her closet and found the envelopes of photos.
A couple of envelopes had photos of her and her family on vacations and I was happy that I got to see her in a bikini when she was a young teenager. Then I opened one envelop and in it were pictures of her definitely pregnant. Some were early on when she barely showed, and more were through the months until it looked like the baby was ready to fall out. My fiancée, who told me that she was a virgin, already had been fucked and had gotten pregnant.
When I showed her the photos, she started crying and asked me if our wedding was off. I asked her if she had the baby and she told me that she had, and her cousin and her husband had adopted her. She again asked about the wedding, and I told her that I didn't know. I thought about it and decided that I loved her and it really didn't matter that she wasn't a virgin and had a baby. But what mattered was that she lied to me, and I made her promise to never lie to me again. We got married the next summer and now have two kids of our own.

Jul 19
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    • I'm glad it worked out for you both. People make mistakes. Have you thought of incorporating her child back into your family? Do you think you will ever tell your children they have a have sister?
      I can somewhat relate. I was 16 when I started dating a girl G**a that had transferred to my school. Her family had moved to the area. I met her folks and they were super nice. G**a was also 16 but had a younger brother 2 years old.
      Her parents were cool. I knew G**a was on birth control and they were cool with us hanging out at their place alone because she was always 'babysitting' her brother. We had lots of sex after she'd get her brother to sleep.
      End of Senior year and G**a dropped the news. D*** was her son, she got pregnant by an older guy so her parents moved. Now that she's 18 and getting ready to graduate, D***'s father came back into the picture and wanted to marry G**a. Her parents were pushing this too. The break up was weird. Her parents hugged me and thanked me for letting G**a have a good high school experience.
      That was 20 years ago. I've moved on and have my family. We still message on fb. She's still happily married.

    • Ouch

    • I still love her many years later. But I wish that I had been the guy that had fucked her first. I often think about how her first lover got to take her virginity and got her pregnant. She thinks that she threw the photos away of her being pregnant by him but I had made a copy. When I look at them, I always get an erection.

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