I have slept with my MIL for, almost, 10yrs now

About two years into my marriage, my mother-in-law planned a visit at the same time my wife was forced on an impromptu business trip. Somehow, things happened and instead of guilt, it became our personal 'game.'
She has been widowed since before I met my wife. She usually visits during the holidays, and for a couple weeks during the summer. I try to avoid it, but this past Christmas was the twentieth time we had sex, and I can not recall how many times we have just 'fooled around.'
She looks pretty good for her age, but is not NEARLY as sexy or attractive as her daughter. Yes, somehow, she gets me going and I always give in.
I tell myself, "that was the last time" but, I always give in. I don't know how to stop; I say 'no' but she always just ignores me. I feel so guity and don't know how to stop it .. I wish it never started.

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  • Would you fuck them both in the same bed?

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