How I met my wife

I wanted to go and get a rub and tug, I had gone to a place some year's before when I was without a girlfriend for a while and now again I was without a girlfriend. It wasn't that far from where I was working and about 40 minutes from where I lived. My thought was I would not see anyone I somehow knew.
When I went in while talking to the girl at the front desk, I saw a girl who is now my wife.
She was heading out to get something to eat as it was her break. She was a nice looking girl who somehow did not in my mind was not a girl who would work in a place like this. I asked the girl at the desk what her name was and if she had any regular hour's. She told me she was part time and worked when she could.
I asked if when she came back if she could find out when she might be working again and let me know when I was done getting my massage, I'll see what I can do.
Once done, I came out and she handed me a piece of paper that told me when she would be working for the next week. During that week I was thinking about when I might be able to go and thinking I was nut's for what I was thinking. I only saw her for about 10 second's and heard her speak to say she was going out to grab a bite.
Somehow, in my head I wanted to ask her out for lunch or something to see what might happen, knowing only what she did for work part time and how she looked and sounded.
I made an appointment to see her, not knowing what or how this would go. After a few minutes of waiting she came out to get me, I decided to keep my boxer's on and see how I might be able to start a conversation where I could find out more about her, somehow I assumed she was single, and soon found that she was.
She was working at a dental office part time, but had no health insurance so this was how she was supplementing her pay to getting some. She had started doing this when she was in college to help pay for school, at first she worked at a store in the town near her home put it, did not pay enough and found out about this place and thought she would give it a try. With tip's as good as they were she got past what she was doing, to make money.

She asked how often I had been to place's like this and I told her twice before, which was true. I started asking her what she liked to do in her free time, and found she loved the outdoor's, and found that we had gone on some day hike's at place's we both had gone to. I think we both thought we had something in common,
While we were talking, she was giving me a nice massage, and me still with my boxer's on. When I thought it was about time for her to ask if I would like any other place rubbed, I decided to ask her if she would like to have lunch someday.
She said that she would like that, but said you realize that's not what other men normally ask her. I told her yes, I realize that.
Since then Cris and I started dating, she still worked at her part time job for a while, I wanted to take my time and just enjoy her company, she was very outgoing and a lot of fun. At some point we started having sex and that was great, I found that while having sex, I would wonder if she had sex with another guy just hour's before and found that I got excited just thinking about that. I knew other men at least had seen her chest because she had asked me on my visit to her, If I would like her to take off her top.
As time went on we found that we really enjoyed being together and she had said she would like to no longer work giving massages to other men.
I told her that she had to decide that, but I too really enjoy our time together. As time went on I found out that she for some customer's would have sex, and on a few occasion's would have sex more than once on a shift.
I only said that most have been a good day, She smiled and said yes, it was a good bit more money and sometime's, She thought they were good looking or just had a cock she felt she had to sample inside her. It wasn't all for the money she said, at first yes but at some point, thought she could get some enjoyment out of it also.

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  • I met an old boyfriend of my wife, at a high school reunion, he was not her first but they dated a while, after meeting him I started thinking of them having sex while she and I were, I like it.

  • She made the extra money she needed and at time's would go in to work just to have sex with one of the good one's as she would say. The age gap was 20 to 52 she said luckily they would call ahead of time, and if she could get there she would.

  • That's the kind of legal prostitution I would back. It's largely up to what she wants.

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