I gave in

I am a 22 year old female. I'm thin and blonde, I'm cute, but I wouldn't say hot. I have small boobs, and my butt is ok but nothing special. Just cute. I still live at home. My best friend and me are trying to save up for an apartment. I work at 7-11. I don't make a whole lot, so money is tight. About 3 months ago my car broke down. It was a wheel bearing hub... I think that's what it's called. It was expensive to have done, and put a huge dent in the money to move out. There is this regular customer that always comes in and flirts with me. I don't take him seriously tho. It's just in fun. Or so I thought. He's an older Arabic man, I would guess him to be in his mid, to late 50s. He always stays for a bit drinking his coffee, talking to me and sometimes is a little flirty. I used to think it was cute. The day after I had my car fixed, here was in the store, we were talking. I was telling him about my car, and how it was screwing up my plans to move out. Then he said he can help. I asked what he meant, and like it was no big deal, he said " I'll pay you for sex" I was shocked, and offended. I said "No! You should go now" . He said think about it I'll give you $500. He laid his business card on the counter, and left. I was pissed. It left me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. The next day I got my check, looking at it, I couldn't help but think, I could make more in a night. That night I kept thinking about it. I called him. He gave me his address. I went over there. It was gross. He was so incredibly hairy. His back and chest were like a sweater. He sweated sooooo much! His dick was actually very big and uncircumcised. He was extremely rough. When he was done her gave me the money and told me to get out. I got dressed and left. On the way home, I had to pull over to throw up. I got back in my car, and sat there and cried. I was a prostitute. I got over it. I've been with him a few times since. My money situation is good. My boyfriend, and none of my friends or family know. I'm going to ride this out, and get what I can, while I can get it.

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  • Did you let homeland security know about this guy? could be a (hairy) sleeper cell.

  • Money talks and even though my wife and I enjoy a bit of an open relationship, she was out at a lounge one night and a guy that was staying there at the motel was in there and had been dancing with her. He offered her $100 to go to his room and she took him up on it. Her first time to accept money for sex, so I guess that makes her a prostitute now, don't you agree?

  • Take men for every dime you can, they all pay for it some how so ride it out and ride it hard.

  • I’ll give you $500 too. I’m white, average build with an average cock but I will treat you nice.

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