Feeling a Slutty

So I have a confession. I'm a 40 year old divorced women with 2 sons in college. I have a good job and live an average life I guess you could say. Well one Friday night a couple weeks ago, I was going to the store to get a bottle of wine. I saw my neighbors 16 year old son outside with a couple of his guy friends. I of course said hi and asked what he was up to. He then asked me very sheepishly if I would buy some alcohol for him and his friends. At first I was like I shouldn't but then I remembered what it was like at that age. I told him I would and then I told them to meet me back in the neighborhood near by to give them their stuff. As I met with them to make the exchange they were very grateful and I asked where they planned to drink it. They stated that they would drink in the alley behind the house. I told them to come in the back yard and to my back door. Yes I know I was doing something wrong.
So I go home and they come to the back yard. I let them in the patio door. I decided to change my shirt I was wearing and came back out in a tank top and jeans showing more than average cleavage. As we drank and laugh I could feel them stare and look at me. Well as we kept drinking we starting some flirting and one of the boys asked me if my tits were real. I blushed and said No they are actually enhanced. I asked if they would even know the difference between a real one and a fake one. They said they have never seen or felt fake boobs. That is when I threw caution to the wind and told them they could take turns feeling them. Soon my shirt and bra was off and I had 3 sets of hands on my tits feeling and squeezing. After that it was clothes flying and naked teen boys everywhere.
As you can imagine it was an amazing night that was repeated last weekend. I feel so dirty but I can live with myself :)


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  • Not much different than " A Trip to the Liquor Store ", your other story. Could you vary them a little more ?

  • Every teemage boy's fantasy come true. where were you when i was 16?

  • Thank you. I am sure I was around

  • Nice but be careful. You could be imprisoned for that.

  • Sounds like all the boys are under age so you will probably eventually end up being caught, do you realise that you are their sex slave now if you try and stop or don't do what they want they can easily go to their parents or the police and your stuffed, stupid woman.
    If I was one of the boys I would make you get your cunt pierced in two places each labia then padlock them so you could not fuck with anyone else till I was there with the keys, also get a tattoo above your cunt reading "the boys bitch" would you like that ?

  • Lucky you!!!

  • God your one hot woman got me hard imaging my wife offering the same to young the lads in the neighbourhood yummy

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