Women and underage partners

Curious if any women out there have had sex with underage partners or fantasize about a three way with one, male or female

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  • Not underaged but very young, 18-20. I’m 40. My husband is 49 and cannot keep it up, he has ED. So, he allows me to hook up with young guys only, less likely to steal me is what he says. Guys that age aren’t difficult. My husband will buy cheap beer and one guy will invite three or four friends of his over and each will have a turn with me. My hubs watches, and entertains the guests. These guys don’t last long so it really takes three or four before I’m into it and then they usually have the stamina to go again and again, so that’s good for me. We do this maybe six time per year over the last five years or so. Usually waiters we meet at restaurants.

  • I was bored with my marriage and I started dating other men while my husband was at work. Well i hooked up with this guy on the internet and he got me into bondage. Spanked me whipped me cuffed me gagged me with his dick. Finally he told me we had to do a three way with another women. Back to the dating site i found a women that was willing to have sex with us. I did what my master told me to do. While I was not a big fan of the FMF sex thing I did like serving his needs. I did the FMF thing with him and four other women. Finally his wife caught him cheating on her with another women. That was the end of the bondage gig. I did date several other women just to see how a one on one would work Not all that bad but I prefer dicks to beaver. I am still out their on the dating site my current fetish is interracial. I have been into that the last six years. I found out that when a black man suggested a three some its always another dude or better yet dudes.

  • We've been at Fuerteventura (spanish Island) for holidays. We had a bit too much Sangria and I was quite tipsy. We were in the dunes making out when ther suddenly stood 2 boys only in swimming trunks and looked at us. The growing bulges in the trunks showed they liked what they saw (me in the nude). my husband waved them down to us and had me suck off both boys. they were brothers, on vacation with their parents. and they have been 13 and 15

  • That's hot 🔥.. love the idea of 2 young brothers getting their cocks sucked off an older women x

  • My husband has been making me have a threesome with a very young girl

  • How olds very young x

  • Hope she's young

  • How did all of that come about? How young is the girl?
    You said “making” me. Do you enjoy it?

  • Not really, he says she 18 but she is a very young 18 if she is and there are lots of things they don't make sense

  • Sorry. Thats not cool. Why do you keep going along with it?

  • He like threesome and I wanted to explore my lesbian tendercies, but she just looks so young and I don't believe she is 18 or even 14 for that matter!

  • So you’d be down just not with such a young girl is what you’re saying?
    There’s quite a difference between 18 and 14!

  • I'm down with a woman! But she looks like a little girl!
    I am down with a threesome but it feels more like a twosome!

  • That’s not boring well for the marriage I can imagine

  • Going well for the marriage I meant to say

  • No it's not and I'm not convinced she is 18 at all, he belittles me and so does she

  • That’s too bad. Sorry to hear that.

  • I mean she looks about 11 if I'm honest and when he has sex with her, he is so energetic the things they do, now I just watch and he goes on most the night with her!

  • I once had a girlfriend that was bi. We never messed around with any underage girls but we did a lot of Messing around with other women. Man, those were some good times!

  • He clearly enjoys having sex with her more than me the things he does with her

  • Maybe you should consider revenge sex🤷‍♂️

  • Not really he is my husband and I love him not sure what to do tho as he has said he wants us all to go away for the weekend, I just know this is so he can fuck her all day and night and ridicule me

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