Beat up in front of my girlfriend

I was at a party outside making out with my new girlfriend with her giving me oral a bit away behind a tree, when we decided to get a drink and then go to a room nearby. That evening I was being quite cocky because my gf likes it and I know it. Knowing that, I also tried to wear a tough-looking look, i.e. army-pants (under which I was trying to hide my boner) and a levi's denim jacket.

While she was getting a drink I met her ex whom she had talked about sometimes. She had more than once emphasized his physical abilities while talking about him. She had emphasised how athletic he was and that he had been taking martial arts classes since his childhood. He kind of blocked my path making sort of a joke, at which I tried to push him away/punch him, thinking that my gf was there watching and wanting to impress her. A grin appeared onto his face, as if he was just waiting for that. At which he blocked my arm, and then my other one. Next thing you know I was being thrown around by him not able to do anything and I ended up with him holding by hand behind my back and me begging to be released while he was kind of laghuing.

My gf had seen everything was probably more embarassed than I was. Needless to say that we went to my room but did not do anything that we had planned. I told my gf that I only lost because the denim jacket made my movements harder, but I don't know whether she believed that. Now I try to avoid her ex, although I don't say it openly. I fear my gf has noticed that. To be honest, also in bed I am no longer that confident, and my gf may no longer be that attracted to me. I want to face him again, but I am afraid to get beat up once again.

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  • He basically broke your penis and is now fucking your girlfriend.

  • Ahaha, "the denim jacket made my movements harder", this was hilarious to read!!!

  • He will probably smash you again in front of her, and then fuck her!

  • Sounds hot to me. My girlfriend is a bigger girl, not fat, just pleasingly plump. If her old boyfriend tried to hurt me, she would kick his ass. I only know this because I've watched her kick several guys ass in bars, that have tried to start shit with me.

  • Has he smashed you around again ?

  • I am meeting him again tomorrow, in the meantime I have taken classes in self defense and martial arts.

  • What happened the next meeting? You still with your girl friend?

  • Just sit in the corner and watch as he athletically throws your girlfriend around the bed.

  • Don't worry, it happens. Make your girlfriemd scream in bed, and she'll forget it soon!

  • Sorry to hear that! I think he taught you a lesson for life! I am sure your girlfriend will make you feel better!

  • Hahahah she is probably already dreming to be with him. He is an alpha male, while you got beat up with your dick hard.

  • What's a aloha male

  • Hahahahahahahaha

  • First of all it seems like all 3 of you are always around. Second she seems to still be attracted to get ex they way she talks about him. You getting beat up in front of her is a bad humiliation just on your part. She will go back to her ex. If she is not tight now. This story seems fake

  • He may be stronger, but every time you ride your girlfriend and she is pleased it's like you are defeating him. If you meet him again, just stop and kiss your gf and show him that she is yours. Try to be as confident as possible in bed, and everything will be fine!

  • Did she talk about it

  • Don't worry about it. He may have gotten the best of you then, but your dick is flipping him the middle finger every time you smash your girlfriend's ass reverse cowgirl.

  • That will teach you smart arse

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