Lynn Neilson

Lynn I want to take you to the top floor of the tower to the plant room, kiss you passionately on the lips and work my way down you neck to your breasts, I’d push you back against the work bench that’s up there and tie your hands above your head. I’d tie rope around your waist and down to the bottom of the table so to didn’t slide up the table from how hard I want to sink my cock into you. I’d also tie your legs from the knee to the top of the table and then I’d set about kissing and licking every inch of you beautiful body. I want to give you pleasure in many ways and I want to make love to you

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  • None of you are the real Lynn. Scotland just outside Glasgow EK

  • Lynn darling you have the best arse I have ever seen

  • Lynn darling do you know who I am ?

  • I’m the real Lynn...and I want to be fucked in the boiler room.

  • How about I just fuck you in the pussy and arse, think you would like that Lynn?

  • Yes. Come up from behind me and do it

  • Well your not going to you jerk stop printing my name on posts like this OR any other I am going to kick you so hard in the balls you clown.
    Might even report you to the manager.

  • Nice try but I know you’re not Lynn

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