Barefoot Girls

I have a foot fetish for female feet. It’s relentless. I’m in my 60’s and I’ve had it for as far back as Kindergarten. Some of my most intensive orgasms from masturbating involved women in their bare feet. When having sex I usually cum when the woman puts her toes in my mouth, or rubs my cock and balls with her feet. Many times when I’m fucking I simply will grab hold of her feet - just to be touching them - then blow my load.

Some times it’s a blessing other times a curse.

I live in Florida and women wear sandals or flip flops here year round and when I look at a woman my eyes invariably move to her feet sooner than later. It’s been noticed on occasion and it’s hard to deny.

For those women who don’t find my foot fetish creepy, they like using it to tease me. Fortunately not many have found it creepy. They either don’t notice the fact that I’m lusting after their bare feet or they do and they do everything they can to stoke the fetish simply because it turns them on.

Recently on a company bowling outing (one of those “team building things”) a very attractive co-worker who was apparently aware of my affliction made it a point of changing out of her bowling shoes in front of me - wiggling her toes as if to examine her pedicure. It was the perfect scenario - obvious to me what she was doing, but not to anyone else.

But one of the strangest things happened to me recently at a local restaurant.

I was sitting at a table alone when these two girls were seated at the booth across from me. Both were young and attractive - probably early twenties. One was wearing sandals that slipped on an off and the other was wearing flip flops. So for the sake of this story I’ll call one “sandal girl” and the other “flip flop girl”. Both had very pretty pedicured feet. One was wearing a casual style skirt.

When they sat down sandal girl slipped off her sandals and folded her bare feet up under her - what we used to call Indian style (probably not a political correct term these days, sorry). Flip flop girl did the shoe flip thing - you know, she maneuvers the flip flop around so that it almost falls off but holds on to it with her toes.

Anyway I’m sitting there with my cock putting pressure on my zipper region, watching this go down. The restaurant was not very busy and there was virtually no one else in our section of the room.

I couldn’t resist looking at their feet and at one point flip flop girl caught me looking. She kind of smiled and looked at her friend as if to say “we need to have some fun with this perv”.

So over the next several minutes they both teased me with their feet. Flip flip girl took them off completely and played with the table leg with her toes. They didn’t look at me - they just looked at each other. Sandal girl unfolded her legs and grabbed one of her sandals with her toes and played with it.

Then flip flop girl got up - barefoot - and went to the ladies room. She kind gave me a sheepish look as she walked past my table.

The booth the girls were occupying had padded bench seats. When flip flop girl returned from the ladies room she sat down and put her foot up on the padded bench seat with her toes facing me. When she did that the casual skirt she was wearing rode up on her and her legs spread showing me a beautiful shaved pussy with a clit ring. She had obviously gone to the ladies room to take off her panties! Again she never looked at me…just at her friend. She took her finger and rubbed her clit slightly then brought her fingers to her lips to taste her juice.

At this point I’m rubbing my dick. I figured - what the fuck! She obviously knows!

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, sandal girl takes her bare foot and starts playing with her friend’s pussy with her toes! Holy shit!. I couldn’t take this any more - not in a public setting. So I grabbed my check and got up to go to the register. The two girls looked up and said “have a good day!”. I heard them giggling uncontrollably as I walked up to the register.

As I was standing at the register paying my check I notice that the girls had gotten up from the table and left. I thought it was weird because I never saw them order anything.

Anyway, I finished paying, went to the restroom, and headed out to the parking lot.

I get in my car and start it up. As I did a car backed into the space next to me. It was the two girls. Flip flop girl was in the driver seat. She opens her car door. She had taken her skirt completely off and she propped her bare foot up on the car door and spread her legs open wide. She says “there’s something we wanted to show you before you left”. By this time sandal girl had jumped out of the other side of the car and had run around to the drivers side (barefoot for course). Since they had backed into the spot and opened the car door, the door was blocking the view of what was about to happen from anyone else in the parking lot.

So sandal girl proceeds to suck flip flop girl’s toes. I audibly said “oh my God! I gotta go”. The sandal girl says “wait, wait. I’m not done yet” and proceeds to start licking flip flop girl’s pussy. Flip flop girl says “open your fucking door and show us your fucking cock!”.

I was just about to do that when a car drove into the space on the other side of my car. The two girls had to pack it in quickly so as not to be seen. They drive off - waving and giggling.


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