Foot Job at lunch

I have a foot fetish. I love women in their bare feet, sandals, flip flops, etc.

When I first see a woman my eyes naturally get averted to her feet. Since I live in Florida where sandals and flip flops rule the day year round, I have a lot to look at. I try not to be obvious about it - I don’t think I am. But one of my co-workers said something the other day about me noticing her shoes. While in the midst of an unrelated conversation I said something like “I didn’t notice what shoes she was wearing”. My co-worker immediately said “I know you notice what shoes I wear”.

I was a bit taken aback by the comment. She does have lovely feet and wears sandals or flip flops almost every day to work. I guessed that I was more obvious about gawking at her peds than I thought.

This same co-worker later suggested we go to lunch together. I accepted that invitation and much to my surprise, instead of a restaurant, she suggested we just pick up some fast food and head for the city park. I agreed.

She was wearing really sexy flip flops and had a beautiful pedicure. Upon getting into my car she slipped them off and eventually put her bare feet up on the dashboard. That drove me crazy! Turns out it was by design.

We parked in a secluded area of the city park’s parking lot. After we ate she blurts out “so do you like my new pedicure” as she presented her toes to me? “Yes I do. Very nice” I said. “You know what would really feel nice on my feet? Your cum. Would you like to jerk off on my toes”? I was stunned by the question. But before I could answer she took out a small bottle of oil from her purse and started rubbing the oil on her feet. “Need to get them all oiled up for you”.

Without saying a word I pulled down my pants, revealing a totally erect cock. I’m a little bigger than average and totally shaved. “Wow. You’re a big boy!” She said as she repositioned herself in the passenger seat so she could rub my cock with her oiled up bare feet. She proceeded to stroke my cock with her feet. “Cum for me” she would say softly after a while. I was doing everything I could NOT to blow my load prematurely. But she persisted with the request and I eventually released all over her feet and toes. “Oh that feels so good and looks tasty” as she took her fingers and gathered up some cum from her feet and put it in her mouth. “Mmmmm” she said as she licked it from her fingers. “Did you like that?” She asked. “That was great!” I responded.

We drove back to the office and we haven’t yet discussed what happened that day. I’m hoping for a repeat.

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  • Update: We have repeated this multiple times. We did the car thing a couple of times but wound up in a room fucking our brains out. Turns out she loved to be fucked hard! and , of course, her toes are in my mouth most of the time while we're doing it. She says she has had the most intense orgasms of her life with us doing it that way. I know mine have been spectacular!

  • There is a woman that sits just a few desks over from me and she occasionally removes her shoes. She will then sit with one of her feet under her leg but it sticks out to the side and I cannot stop staring at it when she does this with it. I have often pictured her toes rubbing the head of my cock, her feet are sexy as hell!

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