More guys are at least bi

There are more guys who are at minimum bisexual than everyone realizes. It's ok to be a man that likes having sex with another man...but being in the closet. No reason for anyone to know your personal business.

I was in the closet for the longest time. I just didn't want to admit that I was sexually attracted to men. I'm a married man and my wife barely wants sex. I have a friend down the street who is gay and I have been having sex with for going on 4 years now. I thoroughly enjoy it too. With the wife it's just same old thing. With my bf, it's more erotic.

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  • I consider myself a " Straight guy " I've never sucked a dick but when I was young one of my friends sucked my cock after losing a bet. But he continued to do it after then for several months. Always was at his suggestion. When I was older and married we got into swinging and swapped wives with other cpls and had lots of 3-somes. Several times guys wanted to suck my cock and I said no. But after my wife begging me to let her see a guy blowing me. I finally agreed but said only them sucking me. She agreed. Soon after we were with a couple and my wife and the other wife were going at it. The husband ask if he could suck my cock? I was just about to say no until my wife gave me a look. So I agreed but told him up front I wouldn,t do him. He was ok with that and soon he was busy going down on me and my wife was really getting off on watching it. After that a lot of guys sucked my dick, including some of my friends I'd have never dreamed of. Lynn would suggest it while we were in a 3-some and in no time they'd be sucking me off. And I must admit some of my best head has came from guys and my hot wife watching is a bonus.

  • I had no interest when I was first sexually aware. I only wanted girls. At some point though I began to get curious about what it is like for them. A girlfriend persuaded me to let her put makeup on me in college. I looked hot. It freaked me out cause it turned me on. I wanted sex with the girl in the mirror, but it was me. It was weird feeling both those things in the same second when I saw myself. She laughed hysterically cause I guess she could sense I was turned on. Sort of a gotcha thing.
    It made me angry, I only did it because of her insistence. But after that I thought about it a lot.
    I finally tried it with a shemale I picked up in Miami. It turned out to be a disaster, long story I won't go into. But the experience itself wasn't bad. And as I have gotten older I find myself fantasizing about sucking dick, getting pegged by a girl, all kinds of kinky stuff.

  • I consider myself a straight /bi curious male. Do to a major cancer surgery a few years back where I lost a few of my major man parts. Which left me unable to perform male sexual function, or even be classified as male. Basically I have my tongue and my mouth left to satisfy my wife of 12 yrs with. After alot of long conversation with my wife on the best ways to satisfy her, I gave in to her wishes of letting her have sex with other men. This was the best move I ever made. No only does my wife get satisfied, I get to watch, and get to join in. I get to suck cock, get fucked in the ass, and eat out my wifes creampie. Everyones happy.

  • You are one very lucky guy.

  • I’m a guy but I’ve had my cock sucked many times in college by a friend who wanted me to fuck his girl. She never would but he used to suck me so good I hated when my girl did.

  • I’m “straight” but it’s a lot easier to find a guy to suck me than a girl. Or to find a dick to suck than a pussy to eat. I prefer pussy but cock is nice if it’s not available.

  • A few years ago I would have disagreed with you but after being sent on a job to a church camp with just another guy I had an experience that changed my thinking. I always thought of myself as 100 percent straight . We were working on the buildings of this church camp ground and had been there two week without another soul around. By this point I was getting pretty horny and was ready to get back to my wife. We get a call saying they adding a few more things to the list of work and were asked to stay another week. One morning I get up early and go to the showers to jerk off , so Im stroking under the hot shower when my co worker walks in. I tried turning away but was busted. He told me not to worry he was horny as fuck too and just started stroking his cock in front of me. So here we are in the shower jerking off next to each other and he asks if I want to stroke him and he will stroke me. It was an odd feeling holding another guys cock but felt good having him jerking me off so I jerked him. He then tells me he will suck me if I will do it for him. At that I was like "I don't know, I don't think I can go that far" His response was there is no one but us around , no one will ever know except us. He then told me he isn't into sucking dick but just really wanted to get off so he offered to suck me first. He then just went to his knees and started sucking me. He was going at it and I felt like I was going to cum so I stopped him. I knew if I came I wouldn't want to suck him so I told him I would give it a try. I sucked him for about five minutes and he told me he was going to cum. I pulled my mouth off him and jerked him off until he shot off. He sucked me dick again getting me to the point off cumming. I warned him but he didn't stop sucking until I was finished cumming. For the next couple nights we exchanged blowjobs. I still love fucking my wife but in a pinch another guy will do.

  • This story is super hot. I came to accept my 20% gay in a similar fashion. Until I was 20 something there was zero interest in men. But it’s definitely there now.

  • No, there are actually very few men who are gay or bisexual. Heterophobes just like to think that most men are closeted gay because it makes them feel better about their own deviant thoughts and behavior.

  • Yeah, l am a gay male and 90% of the cock l suck belongs to "straight" men.

  • Really amazing

  • I’m probably 80/20

  • Sexuality exists across a spectrum. If people were honest, they would all admit that they were bisexual. I prefer women (90+%), but I'd suck dick. Sure. Some guys are hot.

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