Old, but thinking of first affair

I'm 68 and my husband is 75. We've been married and faithful since 1968. We haven't had sex in 13 years. We've kind of been there and done that, and my husband's health is poor. He had a heart attack in '08. Our desire levels are pretty low. We are both retired.

I meet up with a group of seniors that take painting classes twice a week. Our teacher is cute and friendly: 35 years old and has degrees in art. He has taught even a novice like me how to operate a paint brush to make paintings in the style of Monet. He's smart and attractive.

The odd thing is that he flirts with me. I've gone out for coffee with him after class, and he recently invited me to his apartment. I said "no," because I know that he wants sex. Yet is a turn-on to have someone younger desire me like that, and I'm tempted. I haven't felt wanted like that in decades. He makes me feel like I'm 18 again.

I haven't had sex in so long that it's a memory. He's really handsome. It's just that I'd feel guilty about violating my marriage vows that I've held dear for 51 years. Of course I'd never leave my husband ever, but it is okay to have sex?

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  • Ask yourself if the guilt will be worth the five or ten minutes of sex with a young buck who will probably move on, immediately, to the next needy soul ?

  • Tell your husband that he this young stud has been flirting with you and that it really turns you on. Tell him you would like to fuck him, strictly for physical needs. If he is a good husband, he will give you permission to fuck him, after all, he is not able to service your needs anymore.

  • Just do it you only live once just fuck him you need it to

  • I am a husband and because of medical problems I can't have sex nowadays but my wife is very capable and I will never stop her having sex. Me and my mate went for a walking weekend around Snowdon. At the last minute my wife asked if she could come as well. That first night we were all playing cards with it eventually turning into strip poker which owing to cheating my wife (jen) ended up in just her knickers. She was to lose her knickers the next hand but was agreeable that if she won the next hand she would get dressed again but if she lost not only would she lose her knickers she would have to do a forfeit. Obviously with me and my mate cheating she lost. She asked again for us to let her off but there was no chance, telling her to stand and sexily take the knickers off. Watching my wife standing in front of us taking them off and then the forfeit was lying on the bed playing with herself. Myself and Phil watching but obviously getting very excited with me telling Phil she was all his NEVER even asking jen if she was agreeable. Phil didn't need asking twice. Fortunately jen let Phil take her first of all missionary style and then something she has never done with me before. She told Phil to stop but then pulling his Dick out she started sucking him. Obviously his Dick had all her own juices over it for the first time jen sucked Phil all the way and to watch her actually swallowing was out of this world. Over the weekend she even took Phil anally and again watching them was incredible

  • What’s the worst that could happen. Like realistically speaking

  • It's just sex go for it

  • Cheating is wrong, there’s no getting around that. But given your situation, there’s no one who could blame you for seeing where this goes. I know I’d appreciate updates. There’s a good chance I’ll be in your position before long.

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