Paying for repairs

When we were first married, my wife would pay for things by having sex with men. The first time was when we needed work on the car done and didn't have the money to pay for it. She said that she thought that she might get a discount if she had sex with the garage guy and if I wanted her to try. I thought about it and her having sex with him actually excited me. That evening I found out that she had sex with all three guys at the garage. I couldn't wait for her to take a shower and had sex with her sweaty body with their come on and inside her.
We did this for several years and I always enjoyed her when she paid a bill using her body.
She even paid our rent for most of a year by having sex with the old guy that managed our apartment building. I actually watched them several times by hiding in the bedroom closet while he fucked my wife in our bed. Later on I saw him in the hall and he asked me if I liked watching from the closet. I was embarrassed but I told him that I did. He said that I could be on the bed with my wife the next time that he fucked her as long as I didn't touch him.
I laid beside my wife and he told me to guide him into her. I guess that it was fine with him if I touched his dick while putting his cock into my young wife. As he was fucking her I kissed her and told her how much I loved her. After he came in her he told me that it was my turn. As I fucked my wife he stuck his dick in her mouth and she cleaned all of the come off of it. Then I kissed my wife while I was fucking her and quickly came after tasting his come in her mouth.

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  • Did tasting his cum and touching his cock make you want to do more with a man? Would your wife be into you "helping" her pay some bills?

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