My other husband

I'm a woman, currently 48. When I was very young, I married a man from Argentina I was deeply in love with. I moved to his country to live with him, away from my family. We stayed married all these years, even though our love started to fade away. These days we barely give a fuck about each other. He travels a lot because of his job, which he has used as an excuse for never being around. I know he fucks other women. Sometimes I feel him come to bed very late at night, and he's not there when I wake up. Then he doesn't stop by or even call for days. I guess we haven't divorced out of convenience. I also wanted to cheat on him too, he wouldn't have cared. But something stopped me.
My sister asked me to have her son stay at my place, since he came to study abroad. A young, good looking, fit, polite and intelligent 20 year old boy. At first he wanted to find himself a place, but I told him he could stay with me as long as he wanted. He did, because it ended up being more comfortable for him, and I started to enjoy his company. We started to enjoy our mutual company, too much.
Call it my unmet needs or whatever, but I started to feel very attracted to him, I didn't care he was my nephew. I decided to seduce him, and it worked, because he was attracted to me as well. We had this huge house to ourselves all day, every day, and if my husband ever came he didn't ever care to notice him. We just had to behave ourselves.
But you see, our attraction really blossomed into something much more intense. He knew how to make love to me, and also knew how to fuck me. He confessed to being attracted to older women (when this started I was twice his age, he was 20 and I was 40). We soon became addicted to each other, we wouldn't even think of going out with anyone else. Then it turned into love.
This went on for years. He decided to finish his studies here, found himself a job and move in with me. He tells the rest of the family he has his own place, but we live together in my husband's house, actually. To all effects and purposes, we have been living together like a loving married couple. When my friends ask, we just lie and tell we are not even related. People still give us weird looks because of our age difference.
After 8 years of being together, now I'm pregnant. Yes, I'm carrying my nephew's baby, and we would like to keep it, despite everything. Thing is, I don't know what to do about my husband. It still doesn't show I'm pregnant, so I still have time to come up with something.


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  • I'm surprised it took 8 years to get pregnant. Since you want to keep the baby, you need to think of who you are going to tell all your family and friends the father is?

  • Well, we mostly used condoms or did anal, which I love. But after the first time I let him cum inside me unprotected, I was hooked on the sensation. We started doing it more and more.
    I decided to divorce my husband, but I will never tell him or anyone else who the father of my child is. I’ll just say I met a guy after filing for divorce, got pregnant and never heard from hin again. Between me and my nephew we earn enough to make ends meet, so we’ll be fine.

  • Have sex with your husband right away. He'll think he got you pregnant.

  • I'd just tell it to your husband straight: you are pregnant with your nephew's baby. You have been living together long enough that I imagine that your husband already knows that you are fucking each other. Best wishes for the baby.

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