Fantasize About Sister In Law

Several times I have felt the vibe between my sexy sister in law and me. A few times while talking to her at a party I cannot hear anyone but her and day fantasize about stripping her clothes off starting at her shoulders, down her chest, suckling on her nipples, down to her stomach, undoing her pants and panty, giving her mind blowing oral sex until she demands I fuck her, cum inside her even though she is not on the pill.

I even have fantasized about fucking her and then a month later meeting at a hotel where she tells me she is pregnant, we fuck again.

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  • I married my wife 5 years ago.She's the youngest of 3 sisters.The middle one,not a chance but the oldest,she has slut written all over her.She flirted with me from day one.And when we finally did the dirty deed she was saying things like "lets see how little sis likes to take it" and so on.Of course my wife is nothing like her big sis,who I was pounding hard and giving rough sex,pulling her hair and fingering her butt hole while I fucked her and she thinks that's how her sis likes it.If I did any of that to my wife she'd freak out.

  • Yeah they are different are they not? probably the attraction. Mine is the conservative type while her sister is the wild full of energy - body built for sex type.

  • Yeah very different.My wife was terrible at blowjobs until I told her what I liked her to do.

  • Several times I have spoke to her I can feel the sexual energy, I can even see her nipples hardening and she catches me looking at her chest and her panties hoping to see her pussy.

  • Haha, I fucked mine when my wife asked me to pick them up after a night out at the club. Took my wife inside first, then came back out for SIL, she was 45. Her dress was so short her tits were falling out I had a clear view of her panties, so I did what I wanted and just started feeling her up, then we had sex, I got her dressed again, and left her on the couch. She vaguely remembered what happen but knew we did it. I unlocked her phone with her finger and forwarded all her pics and the nude ones. But she did ask me never to say anything. And we haven't done it since

  • Just once would be nice :-) she has some needs that are not being met... there is a sexual vibe when we talk the kind where u feel like u r drawn in and no one else is around. Love to rip off those panties and thrust in her until I cum

  • Nice love sister in laws heaving boobs on my cock

  • Same here wife's older sister great tits and really tight pussy I fucked her for years wife never found out

  • I used to fuck my ex sister in law all the time. Never wanted to knock her up. She had huge tits, I loved to bury my face in them

  • And she probably doesn't even notice you

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